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What, are you serious? Wildcat is the funniest one on this entire list.

Tries way to hard to be funny. Thinks he's funny. Annoying voice etc.

Wildcat is awesome I don't know why people say he's an ass.. He's funny

He is the only one I can not stand in vanoss group, every time he opens his mouth its an annoying pitch of stupidity. He is always mad and seems like he takes the game way to seriously. You can tell everyone (vanoss crew) is there for fun but he goes out of his way to be annoying. He tries way to hard to be funny but when all you say is "dick turd" all the time its in bad taste. At times what he contributes is funny but most it seems like he wants to be an attention hog. I look forward to seeing vanoss, mini ladd and basicallys videos but have to sit through wildcats stupid outbursts.

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62 MessYourself

Sometimes funny, sometimes not. It just depends.

I laugh most of the time at his videos but some games seem boring

63 Low Tier God

How is this guy not higher on this list?

More like Low Tier Fraud.

He's DSP, but black. - lolm2k

This guy make DSP look tame.

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64 gamesmundocanibal
65 Randomguyz2116
66 coisadenerd V 1 Comment

I love this guy so much he shouldn't be on the list

Egotistical, nobody.

I like kos, nothing really wrong with him.

Funny, entertaining, and respectful. Yeah he will go in a Call of Duty lobby and "make fun" or "pick at" people but in reality their identity is covered by a gamertag. meaning nobody actually gets hurt. and most of the time he just picks out the wrong things they say and that leads to a domino effect. Very entertaining along with his side of life with MLG team management.

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68 ethangamerTV

YouTube needs a limit. 16+

Might just be my jealousy speaking but I really REALLY don't like when little annoying kids get more popular

Ugh, only people like my stupid brother watch his annoying videos. I can't stand his voice! He tries too hard to be funny and almost always fails miserably. Why can't he just get a life and leave YouTube? Also...who the heck makes YouTube videos about them eating chocolate and other candies?! What's the point?

I hope this guy's channel gets banned. He's too young to even own a YouTube channel. Plus, he's not funny and he's annoying

Why is this not higher?
To everyone saying "he's just a kid and he's nice shut up" I bet he's just acting nice to brainwash his subs into thinking he's kind. But he's just a spoiled brat.

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69 Jelly

I won't lie... My ears felt like they were bleeding when I saw his videos on the game Ben and Ed... So much screaming for one task that's kind of easy to pull off... Christ all I can say is just avoid this guy... It's for the best...

Over obnoxious, always screaming at the camera like the devil himself was in his room. Him and his friends, use clickbait titles and thumbnails to pull in 8-14 year old kids who don't know right from wrong. Also the cancerous color that he uses in every one of his videos that burn the retina the half second you look at it. all in all, screaming is his way of comedy and it is not funny

I don't much care for his type

Loud, annoying and waaay over the top trying to be funny. Maybe he's going for the whole pewdiepie scream thing except throughout the whole video.

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70 Robbaz

Why is Robbaz even here? His content is actually funny. No fake screams for views or anything.

Why is Robbaz here? His videos are original and funny!

No way! Robbaz is funny unlike most Let's Players

Really even though I am a major fan of Robbaz I can see why he's on the list; Not everyone enjoys his way of humor.

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71 SmoshGames

Other than Ian and Anthony, everyone on this show is a retard, especially that bastard "laser Corn". The only reason this channel is popular is because it bears the name of smosh. This channel is one of the worst, most cancerous channels on YouTube

Get a life the second channel kind of stinks but all of them? I hate that there's hater comments on every item on most annoying or worst lists - FerrariDude64

Ian and Anthony have pretty much been removed from the channel so I have to ask, does anybody really give a crap about this channel anymore?

I feel bad for mari when shes on game bang, she's trying to have fun but constantly has to put up with joven's creeper attitude towards her, it must be hard trying to make a gaming video while being constantly harassed at the same time

It's gotten so bad that Ian and Anthony are hardly even on Gametime with Smosh anymore, the 1 show they had to themselves and those 3 egomaniacs had to come in and steal it

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72 KSIolajideBT

Once, before the fame gone to his head, he was actually funny, his jokes had substance and he had interesting videos. Now, it is just stupid jokes with a lack of substance, a purely annoying personality and he plays like a fish on FIFA. Thank you KSI for destroying the once satisfying FIFA community!

This can be put very simply. Fame has corrupted him.

Used to be funny but now so annoying.

Why r people hating ksi so bad he is famous because he worked hard and to be honest deserves to be famous and rich but the only problem is that he does need to upload more

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73 Nintendocaprisun

Best let's player around shouldn't be on this list

Shouldn't be on here.

Awesome guy. Shouldn't be on this list.

Tim is one of my personal favorites

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74 TmarTn

Not a single ounce of sincerity in his "apology" video.

Cancer to Call of Duty

Surprised that this sint higher up. The most annoying guy I have ever seen on youtube. He is also a moron.

He not honest, and only care about money from his viewer
need to be burn in hell forever

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75 MiniLadd

Probably the most annoying member of their whole little group, he tries so hard to be funny, he's obnoxious and he sucks at most of the games they play. His whole YouTube personality is so cringy it hurts. I get it that people change over the course of years but he used to be actually funny, now he's just irritating.

At first I liked him and his videos, but now he tries a little too hard to be funny, he's really loud, and he is acting more like a douche.

Gotta love him. RIGHT LADS?

best ever

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76 Terroriser

I think he's pretty cool

My favorite from Vanoss's "crew"

He is too full of himself, and tries to hard, instead of having fun with his friends while providing entertainment to viewers. I feel pity for people who watch his livestreams, with hardly any commentary or content but him sweating to win. in a way he seems to be the crews punching bag, because of his attitude and how it affects him and triggers him. he ain't a bad person, but very honestly all others tubers he plays with are much funnier interactive and less tryhard. like vanoss gaming for example he doesn't give a crap about winning just about making funny content.

77 Maximilian Dood

He's a failed tournament player, never won a single tournament, beaten early on every time. Decided to quit and just become a commentator.

78 Tonypizzaguy
79 IIjeriichoii

Like how Jericho is actually grateful for YouTube and twitch.

His voice is giving me cancer is my nuts

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80 TheRadBrad

Okay... So I knew TheRadBrad for his "The Last of Us" play through and... I had mixed feelings... He's okay but he sucks at the same time... Now I'm gonna use examples from my very first time playing that game. So when I first played it I was ALWAYS listening out for noises. I was scared of ANY ear roaring sounds it'll give (When I say ear roaring, just close your eyes as hard as you can and that's the noise you'll hear in game) to tell you you're about to be seen or you're caught. TheRadBrad however didn't seem to notice the sounds and got caught more than half the time and killed for it. And I'm one to say since I've played and beat the game on 3 of the 4 difficulties. But just avoid some of his videos or watch them. I personally stopped because he was becoming kind of bland in humor. But he is a loving guy so don't think he's an idiot all that much.

He cares about his fans so I don't see how he only cares about money yea okay he don't know much about games at least he has the balls to show it in front of a so many people he's my number one favorite. YouTuber he does not do it for money he does it just for fun and he loves his subscribers with out us he woukdnt get paid so yeah ok he loves getting that money but we all love money but he loves his subs. And even if someone makes videos for money who cares does it matter? As long as there content is great then I'm all good with them we all do things differently so stop bashing on people for being different and doing things there own way cause if he sucked they wouldn't send him games to play or test just saying! - Soybean98761

The only reason he is idiotic while playing the games is he always does blind let's plays.

I've watched Brad for over half a decade and I'm not joking. I first discovered him way back in 2008-2010, somewhere around that period, it's been that long.

I see some on here accusing him of only caring about money but I'm struggling to find where that's justified. For one, he hasn't changed his style of videos, he's not going to put himself on facecam to cringe and act overly freaked out just to "entertain" his viewers. What you see is what you get. Also, while he probably makes a good amount of money, I have never heard him e-begging like other youtube/twitch personalities.

He can easily twitch stream regularly and make even more money but he doesn't do that. Guy doesn't even have a patron for god sakes. He's not a very good gamer but he is one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of listening to. He has never been embroiled in any sagas from what I can tell, he's never been disrespectful to his fans from what I have seen of his videos. I enjoy his videos because ...more - EdF4

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