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101 Superminecraftkid

Actually terrible, said that Minecraft was the first game ever

You guys realize he's just a troll, right?

He channel is Satire

HORRIBLE Channel - Jrm119andAndroid

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102 PopularMMOs

He is an alright user as far as his old videos were. But the only thing he plays is Minecraft just standalone Minecraft all the time. Why not change in variety just like Markiplier, UberHaxorNova, Jacksepticeye, ChimneySwift11 and VanossGaming. His videos are just the same with every video being a Mod Showcase, a Mob Battle or a Map of some sort. The only problem that I have with him is the Mod Showcases. A lot of times he will focus on just one mod entirely. The Mod that he does a lot is the Lucky Blocks Mod, I mean it's fine just to review the mod 1 2 or maybe 3 times, not 10 times or more. It gets to the point where it gets monotonous very fast. Another thing about PopularMMOs in general is that he is the only gamer to have a girlfriend. His girlfriends name is Jen. Jen is one of the better YouTube gamers out there. Sure all of her videos are basically Minecraft base, but she does it right in a way that it gets fun and exciting. - BadBoiDrummer

I watched him for a long while, but Minecraft simply doesn't hold my interest anymore. At least Pat finished college, but he has a degree in Psychology which he'll never use. The humor of both PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen is on the bridge above the gap between juvenile and childish, with it mainly consisting of them licking each other, yells, stories from their boring lives and awful gimmicky trends such as 'spookay' or drawing things in a chest. Every video is formulated, and every video is boring.

I liked his old mod showcases, but I agree, all he does nowadays is lucky block challenges with his "girlfriend"

So dumb, the little girl voice is annoying and they just do lucky blocks and think its fun.

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103 ViolliumTV

Never finishes games, sucks at gaming, boring, pretends to be transgender for attention. - matthewzguitarz

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104 TheGamingBeaver

Annoying fake laugh

105 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

Who put him on the list?

Who put this magnificent son of a gun here?

106 MasterOv

He only plays.io games, Pokemon or Hungry Shark World, uses his hot girlfriend for views, acts like he's so important, so boring and sounds like a less human, drone version of Vikkstar. My brother watches him ALL THE TIME. - Ducks661

107 Pink Sheep

Pink sheep is sucks he should be number 4

Another stupid Minecraft channel.

He is just rude he thinks he is the best but he says he is mlg and everyone else is a noob he is weird I prefer purple shep more

108 Zakdoesgaming

This kid is so annoying, and still seems to have 1000 SUBSCRIBERS! He is yet another annoying kid who never plays anything but minecraft at like mid settings at 30fps (He presses F3 in one of his videos and it drops under 30.

Why has the stupid British kid got so many subscribers and why did it happen so fast!?!?! What are people doing with their lives?

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109 ZoominGames‎

They can suck balls for what they said about sonic.

Boobs, boobs, boobs, butts. Nothing substantial, in my opinion.

Annoying music and Annoying voices

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110 UhOhBro

More of a troll channel... Don't even think it should be counted as a gaming channel.

I can't believe this guys channel is even up still or more so of the fact that people still watch his videos. This guy is an absolute idiot. He doesn't even have anything to do with gaming. - AUBLES

Wow can never keep him out of anything can we people. He doesn't have anything to do with gaming besides the random rare comments in his videos. I love him he is one of the most real YouTubers out there hints why people don't like him people hate hearing the true. He doesn't lie and say I love you to his fans like every other person.

You know you're terrible when you've brainwashed a legion of teens that worship you and just insult anyone who hates him stating that they "can't handle the truth".

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111 Einshine

This guy has to be the biggest Minecraft fanboy ever.
Not to mention, his music videos are really stupid, with no logic.

112 H2O Delirious

I like his laugh and bevy of content, as he's one of the few in the group he's in that uploads fresh content often, but there are times where he tries way too hard to be funny. He'd use some over exaggerated voice at times, but that doesn't mean he isn't funny, as he's actually pretty decent. - MKBeast

In my opinion. He has the most annoying laugh ever.

H20 Delirious is a good YouTuber. He loves his subscribers.

he is bad

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113 Currieplays

Don't even get me started on this guy. He's a loser who thought being a blatant clone of Pewdiepie would get him famous on YouTube, he's already gotten fairly big by doing everything that Pewdiepie has done and more. Omegle fan reactions, Friday hangout videos, even going so far as to play the same exact games as Pewds. Whatever you do, stay far away from this guy, he doesn't deserve the popularity and should hopefully soon top this list.

114 TheRPGMinx

She's become a general YouTube sellout, like markiplier. Said she'd created a new channel to play RPG games, yet it's becoming increasingly obvious that she had no intention to. Consistently plays garbage one-shot games on her channel in an effort to get "clickbait" views, as is apparent from her video titles resembling buzzfeed articles, and her constant collabs with other "famous" YouTubers done purely to elevate her in the YouTube gaming hierarchy. Generally has only been really caring about people who donate to her on game wisp, and those are really the only people who have any meaningful interaction on her channel and with her.

Comparing her content from when she was still "Mangaminx" shows a noticeable decrease in quality from her past videos than what she currently posts. I hesitate in even referring to her channel as a gaming channel, as money-hungry is a better description.

So... Christ... Minx is probably a big sellout but she did have some good videos when she did keep re-hashing the same things... I left before I got attached and I think it's for the best... I'll probably check out one of her newer videos later but now... I can't think of her as a gamer...

Hating on her just because you dislike her voice is utterly retarded however the whole sellout business is kind of the reason most people are disliking her nowadays.

Too loud and obnoxious

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115 Theduckvoice

This guy just isn't funny to me.

Boring really.

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116 Whoschaos

He does abysmal prank videos

117 Basicallyidowrk

He's a great YouTuber u should watch his channel

He has the worst Gmod avatar out of all his friends, also he's always mad about something and he's a retard

I will cut off your face and wear it on my ballsack if you say anything bad about this man

He Rlly Is the Worst YouTuber and Gamer ever He Should Never had Have a YouTube channel and is betetr acting like a retard in the background of shows.

I used to like him but, now he is a retard please his gmod model sucks.

118 Ikereviews

All he cares about halo and dragonballz he hates including undertale Zelda star wars persona earthbound superman
He said PPG and superman are dbz ripoffs
He said star wars was a halo ripoff
He also hates ocarina of time and inside out witch had generally positive reviews

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119 Cobanermani456

Kinda boring, but not to many problems

Why the hell is he on the list! He should not even be here!

Wait what, I remember whatching this guy in 2012,I kind of forgot about him,he is a great YouTuber,he should not be on this list

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120 Gaijin Goombah

Wow... Where do I begin? Okay, Gaijin Goombah actually talks about some really cool stuff involving video games. I enjoyed learning about ninjas and if certain video game ninjas were accurate to the real ones or not. It was cool seeing how the plot to a certain game kinda connected to real life. You know what uncool thing I didn't enjoy in either of those videos. The gosh darn voice. Holy cow, that voice is awful. He filters it so it's really high-pitched and fits in with his weird Goomba avatar that he hides behind. I know it might sound like it's not that bad, but watch one of his videos and you'll see. The voice is just plain annoying and his real voice isn't that noteworthy, but I actually prefer it. Anyway, it's an okay channel with an awful narrator. Seriously, he talks about some cool and interesting stuff, but I choose to miss out because I don't want that abysmal voice telling me all that.

And one more thing. Ever wanted to see a Goomba with boobs? Sadly, Gaijin Goomba ...more

Can he do a video not talking about racism and Japan. Not a bad YouTuber, but those 2 reasons ruin it.

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