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121 Slogoman V 1 Comment
122 TheGamingBeaver

Annoying fake laugh

123 PeanutButterGamer

He is a funny guy so SHUT UP ALL OF YOU

He's great

124 Rags
125 ShadowBeatzInc
126 MrTechnicalDifficult

He used to make pretty good Call of Duty and GTA5 trolling videos but now all he makes are vlogs and Skype pranks, it's a shame to see his decline in quality considering how good he used to be

Used to be good but his vlogs and skype pranks and omegle are not very good. Miss his old trolling videos

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127 fourzer0seven
128 Maxmoefoegames

Still one of my favorite people on YouTube still very funny and entertaining.

This guy and HowToBasic are the worst things about FilthyFrank and Idubbbz, their videos are just revolting

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129 Dexter Manning

I think he's pretty funny and brings a lot to the Creatures.

130 Cobanermani456

Kinda boring, but not to many problems

Why the hell is he on the list! He should not even be here!

Wait what, I remember whatching this guy in 2012,I kind of forgot about him,he is a great YouTuber,he should not be on this list

V 2 Comments

Boring play-by-play commentary over a Pokemon match against some kid who has hacked in some competitive Pokemon but has no idea how to play, the fan interaction and chance to have their team on the next video must be the only thing keeping it running

I liked his series, then he started not being good at ALL

132 WiiRikeToPray

That had better be a black guy running the show.

133 Lextube

1 he stopped making videos for a year before that he was good
He started turning into DanTDM and just flipped his contend from AWESOME to TERRIBLE now he just is horrible and I hate to say he is one of the worst now

134 GoldGloveTV
135 NoahJ456

I don't hate Noah, but he has too many hour long videos - spiderskull98

His YouTube videos are just ripped straight from twitch. Boring, unmotivated, uninspired, lazy, Call of Duty point buying doushetard.

Live streams are terrible, I feel like their just too lazy to edit, but he is a *very* small bit better than Typicalgamer.

136 ImmortalHD

His content isn't necessarily bad, it's just the lack of variety of said content that's I don't like. Nowadays, most of what he uploads is just CS:GO and Tales from the Borderlands videos.

This guy is so funny! Well in his older videos!

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137 GudjonDaniel

Leeching dickhead with an exaggerated accent who piggybacked off of ksi's fame, good thing he already quit YouTube though.

138 sp00nerism

Not gonna lie... I watched a few of his videos, I thought they were good, but when I saw what he looked like years ago, I wanted to be honest with him and I said it in a pretty bad way... I was 10 at the time and I didn't know back then... But I said he looked like a hobo, and don't get me wrong he had very messy hair and a long beard that was also messy... He looked really bad then, I'm not sure now, but other than his looks... His videos were sub-par at least for my tastes, he can be good but after he blocked me for no real reason, I couldn't care about him afterwards. Him in collab videos however are alright... Just wish he wouldn't always get the spotlight on Vanoss's videos when he's on there...

139 OfficialNerdCubed

My only criticism is that he clearly has a leaning towards more childish games that let you mess around or break physics, that's not bad, but it really shows when he has a take on games like dark souls

Just remove him from this list. I admit. It's just become Grand Theft Auto V mods. And the only thing I watch is his old videos with a bad mic.

He can't post an interesting video

He use to be funny

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140 Vaatividya

A lisping, annoying, self-righteous plagiarist backed by a horde of ignorant gamefaqs slaves and drooling idiot fangirls. He shamelessly steals people's content to make a living off it, begs for money at every opportunity, and when he's actually invited to show his knowledge of lore on things like radio shows, he's really not that good. This is because 99% of his 'theories' are really just compilations of common-knowledge things and widely-renowned theories created by people on various message boards. He's been found guilty several times of stealing other people's theories and is only in it for the money.

I like vaati he is my favorite YouTuber he should at least say where he got his theories he actually plagiarised Redgrave's Paleblood Hunt for his Bloodborne lore. But I like vaati he is pretty cool.

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