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141 Vaatividya

A lisping, annoying, self-righteous plagiarist backed by a horde of ignorant gamefaqs slaves and drooling idiot fangirls. He shamelessly steals people's content to make a living off it, begs for money at every opportunity, and when he's actually invited to show his knowledge of lore on things like radio shows, he's really not that good. This is because 99% of his 'theories' are really just compilations of common-knowledge things and widely-renowned theories created by people on various message boards. He's been found guilty several times of stealing other people's theories and is only in it for the money.

I like vaati he is my favorite YouTuber he should at least say where he got his theories he actually plagiarised Redgrave's Paleblood Hunt for his Bloodborne lore. But I like vaati he is pretty cool.

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142 ThatGuyBarney

When I first started watching him he was okay. He's voice was a little annoying but nothing I couldn't handle. But then there was the whole thing where he pretty much told us that his "voice" was fake and he really didn't talk like that. He was trying to be funnier. But in my opinion I'd prefer his normal voice. And now he's switching voices so much it's making me dizzy. Figure out who you want to be and act like ONE PERSON!

He's just the most annoying person ever his voice is annoying and just everything else about him is annoying

He is amazing. He just comes from another country. His accent is not fake

His voice and the way he looks man my GOSH

143 Gronkh Gronkh
144 KO Gaming

This channel is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by DSPGaming to get more money

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145 thecreaturehub

I remember first stumbling across them back in 2011. I remember every day, coming home from high school, I would get on YouTube and start watching these guys fooling around. They had provided so much joy and entertainment for me. I think they could have had the potential to become one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube, maybe even matching that of Rooster Teeth, but countless bad decisions really weighed them down, and contributed to what is now a sinking ship. It makes me sad seeing this once vibrant, thriving channel spiral downward to the point where it's essentially on life support. For me, their decline started when Jordan and Dan decided to kick Max out in 2012 all because of some differences between each other. Things only got worse when they started treating The Creatures as more of a business than a friendship. I think the group took yet another huge blow when Sly left The Creatures to take care of his family. Fast-forwarding to 2015, we saw sp00n and Ze, who hadn't ...more

Edit: I think I was being a bit too harsh on Dan in my last comment. After watching his video about The Creatures ending and taking a look at his perspective, I can't help but feel really bad for the poor guy. You could tell he was really trying his hardest to keep the group afloat after all the hits they took time after time. Really made me sad watching him tear up. Most of the blame I think is to be pinned on Jordan. While Dan was devastated over what had happened to The Creatures, Jordan didn't seem to have a care in the world. Jordan is a snake. He has single-handedly caused The Creatures' ruin. His greed, sheer incompetence, and lack of professionalism (i.e., dating Stef while under a contract stating specifically that no members can be in a relationship with one another). Any bit of sympathy and respect I had towards Jordan, after hearing what had been happening, is now lost. I admire Dan's dedication to trying to keep The Creatures alive, and it's saddening seeing that Jordan ...more

I remember back then The Creatures were great. But now, the group has been reduced to a shadow of its former self.

Ah, yes. And just thumb my comment down why don't you. Dumbass 12-year olds can't handle the truth

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146 Canoopsy

Intro is unenthusiastic and makes me want to kill myself, the rest of the content is just reading specifications off of a sheet (which are wrong a lot of the time), boring as hell, doesn't even try.

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148 Whoisthisgit
149 CashNastyGaming V 1 Comment
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151 XboxAddictionz V 2 Comments
152 BlackPanthaa

At one point this gaming Youtuber said "I want paid DLC." Isn't that enough reason to get him to number 1? I mean who would promote paying for content that was already supposed to be in the game (other than him? ) - SelfDestruct

153 AdvancedUAV
154 maxiesnax

Poor video quality, incredibly inconsistent with uploads.

155 Chrisandthemike

Woah woah woah! Is this guy on this list? Who ever put this guy on this list are noobs.

156 EvanWalden
157 Elpresador

I know some of you might disagree, but I honestly can't stand his guy. A majority of his videos are just him failing and raging at Call of Duty. Like DSP, he acts like nothing is ever his fault. Every time he plays poorly (which is most of the time), he blames it on either lag or says someone was camping, never considering that some of his deaths might be because he's running out in the wide open. I find it ironic that he calls other people degenerates, yet he's wishing real life death on people all because they killed him in a video game. Also, whenever he plays any other game, especially ones he's new at, he'll just say that the games suck if he performs poorly on them the first time.

158 Moonstar
159 CoCoDoesGaminh
160 TheDeluxe4

He's the most annoying person out there

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