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161 AngryJoeShow

I actually disagree with this, he makes HONEST game reviews, and never gives bad ones good review for a quick buck, in my opinion, IGN does not have the best review videos because they would a lot of times give disappointing games a 9 and they gave Call of Duty ghost a 9 and it was one of the worst games I've played, Joe would've reviewed the hell out of the game and gave a 5 or a 6. And IGN gave Call of Duty:AW a 9, they keep giving Call of Duty games 9's angry joe gave it a 6 because he carefully looks through the stuff in the game and I'm pretty sure he would never sell out to give a bad game a good review.

He is a massive social justice warrior, and he only reviews some games, and other times he'll say the he is going to review a game (mad max) and just never do it. And lately he's mostly been doing rage vlogs and movie reviews, and he'll split them up in to like 3 different videos sometimes, for the same movie keep in mind

Major sellout who really only cares about money these days. I used to be a fan but not really anymore. - AlexApathy

He defends women once, gets called an sjw for the rest of his career by crybabies

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162 TheDeluxe4

He's the most annoying person out there

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163 DogsGameToo

How is this u tuber on the list he is best ever and dosen't deserve
To be on this terrible list of bad gaming u tubers some one has to
Take him off.

164 Joey Graceffa Games

Joey had several good series on his gaming channel but he never continues them. He doesn't evolve his series into bigger things. Kingdom craft could've been awesome. But he has no depth within himself that the series just got boring.

Why is he not #1? He's weird, he never has his shirt on and his voice kills. - danielwotsits

165 JahovasWitniss

Actually a hilarious guy who makes up a lot of his funny jokes on the fly

I completely agree with the other guy who commented.

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166 ComedyShortsGamer

By far one of the most annoying people on YouTube. Gained a large portion of his subs from the work his bro did, he just piggybacked for the fame. Now his videos are so dumb and scripted, no creativity 95 % of videos with his dad and then 5% of him just eating things and overreacting for the camera. CSG thanks for destroying YouTube

He is so annoying

Claims that everything is racist even though most of the racism is satire,parody or stereotyping this guy can't take a joke. - lol610

Guys stfu leave Deji alone he deserves a lot more praise

167 Hamizmyname V 1 Comment
168 Missesmae
169 Lostinplace
170 TheToxicDoctor
171 Chris Smoove

Boring videos, highly overrated, overused recycled jokes, but very helpful if you need news on the NBA 2K community

172 Mr Sark V 1 Comment
173 Moo Snuckel

Brock deserves more subs. Him and vanoss started pretty much everything with their crew

174 KsiolajidebtHD
175 TheGamingLemon

I feel like he got over excited with the editing, I do respect a good editing channel (and sometimes his jokes are funny), but now he puts the most random noises at the most random of times.

He's a good guy but sometimes he just swears to much and he becomes a biggest thinking he's all special when he isn't

Used to be good when he did Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

He is so funny

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176 SilentDroidd V 1 Comment
177 The8thHawk
178 wr3tched
179 MrZapasant
180 Boogie2988

I like Boogie, but I'm gonna vote him up since his content & production values have started to slip. He used to generate a lot of entertaining "Francis" videos. Now he's mostly just creating vlogs about gaming news, his life, and everything else he thinks is entertaining. Vlogs are the laziest form of "content creation". It's just a person rambling into a camera. But, it's so easy to crank out that channels cop-out and fall back on it to quickly generate content after they have a following. Die-hard fans will support the person for nostalgia's sake instead of accepting the channel has gotten lazy and move on. Boogie is a good guy, but his content just sucks as of late.

He's a great guy but as someone else pointed out, the content is slipping. Vloging evert once in a while is cool but when it's once a week, every week, it just comes off as lazy and a chore. I went from watching him everyday, to once a week, and now once maybe twice a month. Like I said he's a nice guy but to me the content really went from genuine and entertaining in the beginning to now feeling almost like he's only doing it to show how fantastic his life is.

He sort of stopped vlogging, he mainly does Francis videos and when he gets the spotlight, he brings up very valid points that make a ton of sense

my dad

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