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161 DogsGameToo

How is this u tuber on the list he is best ever and dosen't deserve
To be on this terrible list of bad gaming u tubers some one has to
Take him off.

162 Joey Graceffa Games

Joey had several good series on his gaming channel but he never continues them. He doesn't evolve his series into bigger things. Kingdom craft could've been awesome. But he has no depth within himself that the series just got boring.

Why is he not #1? He's weird, he never has his shirt on and his voice kills. - danielwotsits

163 JahovasWitniss

Actually a hilarious guy who makes up a lot of his funny jokes on the fly

I completely agree with the other guy who commented.

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164 Hamizmyname V 1 Comment
165 Missesmae
166 Lostinplace
167 TheToxicDoctor
168 Chris Smoove

Boring videos, highly overrated, overused recycled jokes, but very helpful if you need news on the NBA 2K community

169 Mr Sark V 1 Comment
170 Moo Snuckel

Brock deserves more subs. Him and vanoss started pretty much everything with their crew

171 KsiolajidebtHD
172 TheGamingLemon

I feel like he got over excited with the editing, I do respect a good editing channel (and sometimes his jokes are funny), but now he puts the most random noises at the most random of times.

He's a good guy but sometimes he just swears to much and he becomes a biggest thinking he's all special when he isn't

Used to be good when he did Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

He is so funny

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173 SilentDroidd V 1 Comment
174 The8thHawk
175 wr3tched
176 MrZapasant
177 Soclosetotoast
178 yamimash

Yamimash... He was good before he finished Collaborating with Markiplier... But when he started trying things all by himself he just became lack luster... He's a nice guy, and I do say give Aaron some of his videos before 2015 a shot but other than that... His videos just don't sit well anymore...

His quality was never good and he just rubs me the wrong way. He isn't even that good at games when you really sit down and watch him "try" to play something he ends up being a bumbling idiot in the process.

Yamimash just isn't good.

Ow, this is just watching a bumbling idiot playing games
I cringe because he can't even fking play games

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179 MunchingOrange V 3 Comments
180 Myraorn

She's just plain annoying. She says that her channel is not a Minecraft channel, and then every video but two of them are Minecraft. She's to young and immature to even be on YouTube. And her g-rating everything is just ridiculous. She really should be number one here.

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