He used to be good. I liked when he he took out some of the swearing but after he stopped it all, it drew in 5 years olds. Why are they even on YouTube? This is how I'd like it: Occasionally Minecraft or the sims, but other games that older people might want like, I don't know, Call of Duty or Halo or something. And he barely does anything in the sims but run around sending them to work and then throwing parties! It's made for more than that! I just can't believe what he turned into.

I hate this guy, he needs to be in the top ten on this list.. disgrace to gaming, what a idiot. most retarded fanbase on YouTube, they're all 9 year old squeakers.

All my cousins love him, and there all under 10. he should be on a little kids channel. though I'm younger than 13, he has a horrible channel, unless he wants to be on Disney Channel. He always talk to his imaginary friends who seem to never speak every time I watch 2 min of the video. He sould be on the top of the list below pewdiepie. He gets annoying and so childish, he should be on Disney Channel. NOT YouTube channels. from a 12 year old side.

Your not the admin, plus he's a visitor. Maybe you're the one who should get out - Gamecubesarecool193

My 6 year old brother watches him for hours on end. At least he's not trying to sell him something every 5 minutes like Disney or any other child entertainment corporation but man every single time I hear that stupid voice of him I cringe. I have constant migraines from listen to that laughter

First of all his fans are 4 year olds. This is because he acts like one. He should go back to when he swore in his videos and made halo and other games. He plays toy story Disney infinity. That means he needs to grow up

His fan base is full of 4 year olds it's obvious that he is faking most of his funny moments and what he finds funny from his age I cringe when I watch his videos

Annoying voice, poorly acted-out videos, and he has other people playing with him, but literally their only purpose is to keep him alive throughout the video while he builds stuff or something. They don't speak (most of the time) or do much else.

This guy is so annoying and his videos are really boring. It's just him with his annoying voice and laugh talking to his friends that don't even say anything, and building baby things in his world. If there was a YouTube for kids under 13 he would be the only channel on it.

I am so happy to see this guy here! This guy is the most annoying person because he acts so happy that it just looks stupid and he needs to grow up. It annoys me so much how he is a grown man posting stupid kiddie content for five year olds. And besides, let's plays like he does are boring as crap. "Oh! Watch me place this block down! So exiting! " So annoying! I also think the same thing for iBallisticSquid.

He's very immature and thinks he's funny. And I mean seriously did he even go to preschool? He's really dumb. He doesn't even know how to make the color orange! Just watch episode 244 of his stupid world if you don't believe me.

Dude he is so annoying his videos are for 2 year olds. He literally acts like he's in a G-rated movie

I got addicted to his Terraria let's plays and some of his Minecraft videos. He's funny over-all, or just sometimes. He turned more into a kids channel and stopped cussing. Not that that's bad, just a bit boring. So I can understand why he's here. - iiKyodaiKickz

If I had one bullet and could kill anybody legally without a doubt that bullet would go straight through his throat.

He stopped swearing because kids were watching. You haters are wasting time just saying bad things about this poor guy. Make fun of donald trump instead

He's not even a very nice person either. Once when my friend still liked him, she sent him this big thing that she made and he replied,"Ehh. Need something more like fan art." I mean seriously how rude is that?

The comments on this post defending this guy truly shows how awful he and his viewers are. say anything awful about this guy and you will be attacked by hundreds of angry children who swear, despite claiming to be 8 years old. His videos are also awful.. Come at me.

Whenever I watch his videos I just wish I could tell him to just SHUT UP!

I can't really say anything, I, mean the guy is obviously for younger kids. Can't bash on him for that, he's a kid friendly channel. Get it (KID) friendly. He can't appease to everyone, get over yourselves. - -WaitWhat-

PLEASE bring this to at least #5 on the list. He's just pandering to the immature YouTube fanbase which is a HORRIBLE IDEA.

He just bosses all of his friends around to build things while he does a fun thing like eating more cake and seriously why isn't he 10000 pounds from all the cake he's eaten? He is very annoying immature and thinks YouTube is for everyone. That's why his fanbase is all kids under 10 who should'nt be on YouTube. He is a pedophile.

His videos are so boring and repetitive and I want to watch them less every time he talks or laughs like some monkey.

Worst person ever. All he does in Minecraft is 1. Start in his room 2. Greet everybody in the video 3. Get his dogs 4. Start building 5. Outro so boring

I'm sitting down to watch YouTube, and I'm clicking on a good video when suddenly I see STAMPYLONGIDIOT there with a stupid video. What has become of society? I am seriously concerned for the world. At least he is gaining subs really slowly. That just shows that he's not as popular anymore I guess, which is good!

His high-pitched voice just makes me die a little inside.. It's Minecraft that looks like a episode of sesame street. If this is what children's entertainment has come to, please kill me. Annoying and immature fanbase, worse than skydoesminecraft.. State your opinion and millions of 8 year old fantards will rage at you and call you stupid, etc. Wow, just wow. Should be higher up on the list. Pewdiepie's fans are much more tolerable, smh

Games games games. That's only one of the reasons why he's so boring. All he builds is games and stores and nothing else. You are never surprised when you hear him say in his obnoxious voice "And today we're going to be building a brand new minigame." Or "And today we're building a brand new shop." I mean seriously will this guy build anything else in his stupid world? Not to mention he thinks he's MLG when he's the biggest noob I've ever seen.