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1 Tennis Round 3.wmv

It’s horrible. It’s just SAD.

This kid is stupid he is just going duh-duh-duh-duh-duh and speaking to himself about random picture that appear on the screen

This is so bad that it makes Arthur Poop 1 look like the best YouTube Poop ever!

It's made in WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER! Enough said.

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2 Weegee Visits Hyrule

The audio is so bad.

3 Going Poop is Fun

Does he even know what YouTube Poop is?!

4 NO or DIE

It's not only a bunch of spa-dinner crap, but he just put the words in random places and didn't even think about where to put them. Also, he didn't even take out the original background audio.

How NOT to do SpaDinner - imacg4

5 No
6 Pac-Man Dies

He used Hypercam for this!

7 Mr. Krabs Gets an Idea
8 Tyrone and Diana's YouTube Poop
9 Don't make the King mad!
10 Spyro the Pingas

Just watch it yourself. It's self explanatory on why this is one of the worst YouTube Poops. - ReakMayhem

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11 The King Has a New Computer

Thank god a guy made a new, way better version of this ytp

Link: Gee, it sure is boring around here.
King: Mah boi, this... UHHH... GOT A NEW COMPUTER.

This guy uses his own voice because he's too lazy to sentence mix.

12 Baby Einstein - Baby's First Poop

That is not a YTP it's a video of a kid singing random stuff badly

13 Wubbzy's pingas wants Widget some cow pie
15 Voldemort Dubstep
16 Caillou vs. Whey
17 Caillou learns to learn
18 Hank and a hill
19 WalrusGuy And Deepercutt Read description
20 Arthur Poop 1
21 YouTube Poop SpongeBob: Newspaper Gone Wrong
22 Jeopardy
23 Unknown Dinner

It's like Arthur Poop 1 and YTP Jeopardy but with the audio barely being heard and being over 6 minutes long. - ReakMayhem

24 Master Entrance Critiques A Show For 8 Year Olds
25 How About a Game of You Must Die (SpongeBob)
26 The Genitals of Geronimo
27 Green Eggs and Hamburgers

Unfunny south park reffernces and the same ''klonoa'' voice clip over and over agian awiats!...did I forget to mention the ''worst goldfish'' sence?

28 Plankton's worst moments
29 Weegee Forest

Only popular because it's spongebob

30 YTP: Coco loses Mexican idol
31 Sandy Drinks Clorox Bleach
32 Elmo at the Doctor Youtube Poop Time!
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