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IGN IGN is a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of j2 Global and wholly owned by Ziff Davis.

An extremely biased group of people that's for sure. - gazzellthepatient

They're so biased in their reviews such as Halo 4l 9/10 really it should have 7.9/10 as a better score - Hoxton

IGN 10/10 - SunGoku

One. Gave Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness, arguably the best DS game a whopping 6.5 out of 10. When Explorers of Sky came out it manages to get a 4.9 out of 10. But easily their biggest mistake was under faults of Pokémon ORAS "too much water". Need I say more? - Frouze

Mother's Basement

I like him, but I want him to be number 1!

I love his channel but first place is first place

This is the foolish retard we all know and hate he only reviews a portion of an episode OP or scenes, He is such a fanboy, with his Gravity Falls Episode, a video out of place and also Mother's Basement if you're gonna tweet this I'm saying this to you because this ass just snapshots and tweets comments on TheTopTens without censoring the damn username

Hello Twitter and please do a basic retard test on yourself please - Hoxton

Anime America

Anime America needs to go to a mental asylum

Biased and also making Death Thereats to random people including me and @ModernSpongeBobSucks

Zero Punctuation

He invented the damn PC master race thing - Hoxton

PhantomStrider Josh Strider (born February 3, 1989), known as his YouTube channel name PhantomStrider, is a Canadian Youtuber known for his top 10 and 6 coutdowns, Vlogs and movies.

For some reasons, this Australian reviewer might be a great critique when he said something funny and he always inspired to us people for being a job as an animator/cartoonist, but his word like "trash" or "garbage" seems to be very offensive to most creators of bad cartoons and I hope they won't lashed him out when it comes to words.

I can see why but he should go a little higher although not only his reviews are boring but he also put the same rating on beauty and the beast 2017 as Cinderella 2015 even if he litteraly said that the Cinderella one is better and the reason he put for this is not a legitimate excuse
cause even if it's not a 7 or a 5 just put a 6.5/10 ffs

There's nothing wrong with him - Frouze

Whoever voted this should die in a hole

Lambo Rocksstrikesback

He's pretty bad but every once in a while he gives a solid review - earsearsears

makes anyone on the autistic spectrum look horrible

He sucks

The Irate Gamer
Matthew Davis

Finds both himself and his opinions to be superior to others.

He thinks that the way he review and formats his videos should be the same everywhere. Thus would lead every having opinions that are very closely relate. His content is also just simply uninteresting and he can make connections that are simply hard to believe.

Digibro Homicide LLC - Hoxton

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Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

One he will wind up in a mental hospital where he will be strapped to a bed 23 hours a day.

Doug Walker is pretty hit or miss for most people. He knows quite a bit about movies and is personally a great guy in real life. He may not be tech-savvy, and yeah he is biased from time to time, but come on, everyone is biased. And yeah, with the Channel Awesome controversy that has happened recently with their channel, it does not paint the higher ups there (including him) in a positive light for the future for some.

Nonetheless, he is a good reviewer in my opinion who offers a lot of input, comedy and passion. - gazzellthepatient

Used to like him for his older content. His post return stuff has been pretty bad. Now with the behind the scenes drama of channel awesome, I have little repect for him now.

His old reviews are good but the new ones are often extremely mean-spirited, exaggerated for no reason and very hypocritical. And he often reviews recent movies to bash directors and fans who like certain movies.


We know this cynical troll from YouTube Ya Know? The one who put panty shots and a Naked Asuna on a thumbnail - Hoxton

I hate him so much

Your Movie Sucks

He was pretty fun until he decided he was the next Roger Ebert. His hypocrisy and inability to take criticism make everything so much worse. Depending on the Genre he often goes into movies predisposed to not like and will find the flimsiest excuses to say "This ripped me out of the movie and I couldn't enjoy it." He often gets annoyed when characters make emotion based decisions and really seems to be unable to understand. He pretends to be this "film aficionado" while also having never seen most movies since he refuses to watch most movies that came out before the lion king.

This guy is not much of a movie critic as he is someone who likes to point out all the problems with films which he does to almost every film except for the one's he loves while ignoring the same issues he brings up in other films. I would say he is more of a curmudgeon than a movie reviewer and he mostly only likes artsy and underground films but not the good ones because he is very opposed to anything popular. YMS actually accused David Lynch of being pretentious when he is the most pretentious critic on YouTube. His hypocrisy is baffling.

His channel sucks even more



I used to like him, but not anymore - CrypticMemory

He's not even bad

CinemaSins CinemaSins is a movie-related YouTube channel created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. The channel produces the Everything Wrong With...

Listen. CinemaSins is supposed to be a sarcastic parody, they've stated many times that it's not supposed to be taken seriously. If you get triggered easily when you see people dissing your favorite movies, then just don't watch it.

Annoying and Cringe worthy at best

GameSpot GameSpot is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews, downloads, and other information on certain video games.
The Dishonored Wolf

There is this Critic on Youtube call The Dishonored Wolf, who hates so many praised movies. Sure he likes some movies. But his arguments are weak. Like he hates Thor Ragnarok for having a lot of CGI.


His movie reviews are to offensive for fans to watch

During his review on Zootopia, I so wanted to reach into my screen and strangle him

I Hate hotdiggedydemon!

After what he said about zootopia he can go do one


Just because you don't like a movie doesn't mean you can go off attacking the people on the other side of the coin. Tastes are subjective.

An obvious nostalgia critic fanboy

Hey, I love Bobsheaux! He is amazing, really. Watch him.

I think he hates the Gumby Movie. Even though I like the Gumby series.

Jerry Peet

Lily consistently misses the point with the stuff she review and she has this "i'm right and everyone else is wrong" mentality. She should be higher on the list.

Peet literally defends communism.

Misty Chronexia

I've be a little bit forgiving to him because she only does Clickbait crap - Hoxton

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