Top 10 Worst YouTube Top 10 Channels

I never though I would make this list oh well. While YouTube has good Top Tenners it also has terrible top tenners that I just hate. Rules: Top 10s must be their main focus and the only thing they do on their channel. So Jinx Reload's out.

The Top Ten

1 Watchmojo

Biased, boring, dull, unfunny a waste of time and irritating all describe Watchmojo!

All of these types of channels are annoying as hell, but this one is easily the worst because they have made so MANY of those stupid "top 10" clickbait videos, it's practically impossible to avoid it without using a channel blocking browser extension!

Yes, I agree. Their lists are crap most of the time.

I agree with everyone they make weird, unfunny, time wasting videos

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2 Bright Side Bright Side

In most, if not all of their riddle videos, the thumbnail is either at ONE OF THE LAST or the LAST RIDDLE in the video. This channel wastes your time because it wants you to watch the video and wait until the very end or the end of the video to finally get what is on the thumbnail.

Riddles don't even make sense half the time

This stupid channel keeps popping up with random stolen videos with so much clickbait and complete nonsense

Yeah bright side sucks some of the thumbnails aren’t even in any of the videos and junk videos

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3 TheRichest

No one wants too see keys that you shouldn't press on the keyboard

Clickbait youtube thumbnails. enough said.

4 Buzzfeed

20 questions blacks have for white, twenty questions women have for men... They just love to make people feel like garbage for being a majority

Greedy top 10's that aren't worth watching.

5 Facts Verse

Click bait and very dull top 10's enough said.

ALWAYS a bunch of crap. A total waste of time. I ALWAYS click off a video if they present it. I used to look to see who supported them to avoid their products. Just not worth the time. 10 minutes to tell a 10 second click bait story? Go away F.V.

Their videos are so annoying slow

Complete clickbait. Earlier videos were decent but now absolute garbage.

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6 Be Amazed

Honestly nothing about this channel is amazing because over like 50 people have already talked about the topics. - qa

I think this channel just sucks because it is so boring

7 Top Most Rare

Nothing rare about any top 10's on this channel.

8 MostAmazingTop10

Not amazing top 10's and top 10's everyone's already done before cliche and redundant if you see this channel avoid it like the plague!

The type who pretending to be smart while actually dumb.

This guy should've in top than 7

9 Pink Sheep
10 MindGeek

Same thing as Fact Verse enough said.

The Contenders

11 ImJayStation

Worst clickbait 3am challenge horror channel. But he has a fanbase of hundreds of thousands of people supporting him.

This will ruined your favorite ritual games then nothing did happened also they're very good at acting anyways...even the ritual games.

HE exploits deaths like mac miller and x

12 5-Minute Crafts

Just a stupid channel

Why are both Troom Troom and 5 Minutes Craft below? Watchmojo is a lot better than these 2 pathetic channels.

13 Ali-A Ali-A

Fortnite click bait is the worst ever

He's biggest gay all of the time

I agree with you bah bah bah bah

14 TopMusicWorld

Another boring Music top 10 channel that focuses on popular songs rather than good songs.

15 TopMusicMafia

Every Top 10 is a already boring popular song 95% garbage 5% good stuff.

I'm tired if this channel

16 Stampylonghead Stampylonghead
17 Top 10s
18 TheGamer

The worst thing is every time you watch a gaming video, YouTube shoves thegamer down your throat. Thegamer also steals videos without even crediting them. What the hell YouTube!

Notorious clickbait, misinformation, lack of research, art stealer for his thumbnails and known for stealing Dorkly's thumbnail from "If Mario And Yoshi Switched Places"! I am sick of it!

19 Troom Troom

Troom Troom should be number one because their YouTube channel is setting a very bad example for their younger viewers. In one of their videos called DIY unicorn food, or whatever it's called, one of the girls had made a "DIY unicorn pills that can cure depression." Kids are far too young to know about pills, a pill is a FKN drug, a drug is both good and/or bad (depending on what you take) and especially this: Troom Troom shouldn't mentioned about pills because it's a kids channel! Why are they promoting or mentioning about pills if their channel is for kids? Are they setting a very bad example by encouraging children to take drugs? It looks they are (maybe).

Weirdly worded scripts that make the whole video strangely uncomfortable

Troom Troom should be much more higher.

Troom Troom is nothing but a pure Russian fraud! They're discusting!

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20 Top Tenners

Boring,dull and tasteless is all I describe this top 10 channel.

21 Matthew Santoro
22 Mad 10
23 mashed
25 7-Second Riddles
26 Alltime10's
27 Loudwire Loudwire
28 Talltanic

Ridiculous thumbnails and “unsolved mystery” videos

29 U2Row

Hungarian autist YouTuber

30 Ewan

He gay

31 Awesome LegoBatman
32 JMX
33 Progamerjay
34 Vox

Absolute, monumental, incredible clickbait

35 Awesome animals

This channel was a major ripoff to National Geographic kidz awesome animals and it sucks so much

36 Dorito's Reaction
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