Worst YouTube Video Trends

You know those annoying series of videos that everyone makes nowadays? Well here's the worst.

The Top Ten

1 Minecraft videos

These annoying ass videos are everywhere on YouTube and the worst part is you pretty much always have to listen to some annoying kid screaming about everything that's happening and trying to be funny

I like the Roosterteeth Minecraft lets plays - KrazzyMadd

This annoying trend is EVERYWHERE now', when will people realize making a video about yourself playing Minecraft is not cool

2 Fail videos

Only pain loving phycos find these entertaining

3 How it should have ended

I like these - KrazzyMadd

THESE ARE...lame.

4 Lip syncing videos

All the other videos are amazing! Fail videos cheer me up! How it should have ended is just weird (in a good way) Song parodies r my life! Or at least my fave thing to look at! And react videos... Just hilarious! Watch Elders react to twerking! But anyone can lip synch! It isn't clever or epic or cool. It's lame!

5 Console unboxing

These videos are just made by attention hungry asss who just like to show off thei stuff

6 Freak out videos
7 Call of Duty videos
8 Song parodies
9 React videos

There is no need for React videos to exist. Only desperate wannabes make these videos. Minecraft is cool and song parodies are awesome, but react videos - just no!

10 Minecraft and Roblox Videos

Both games are crap.

The Contenders

11 Goat screaming
12 (Good User) (Bad User)
13 Vlogs

Nobody cares!

14 MLP videos
15 Nightcore
16 Unboxing
17 Fortnite videos
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