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1 Omar Taylor and His Computer
2 I Can Swing My Sword Sparta Remix

Take this off the list!

Testing - 445956

3 Omar Taylor His Stuffed Animals and His Collectibles Singing Party Rock Anthem
4 Omar 4 Stuffed Animals and 4 Collectibles Sing Baby
5 Does Koopa Troopa Have a Girlfriend
6 Koopa Troopa and Rouge the Bat Having Dinner As a Couple
7 Hey Captainsparklez
8 Sodalicious Sparta Remix
9 California Boys
10 I'm Sexy and I Know It

Everyone just shakes their penises and saying how sexy they are. DISGUSTING!

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? I Am Autism (Autism Speaks) I Am Autism (Autism Speaks)

The Contenders

11 Koopa Bros vs TMNT Gruesome Melee
12 Mother forces baby to get tattoo!

This needs to be much higher. - LeRoiDesSapins

13 Feme Free for All

Incorrect spelling you idiot plus I loved this

14 Baby - Justin Bieber

Piece of trash rather than being bad

Yeah, ok, stop - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

15 Racist Mario

What more can I say? People have said numerous times that Halo Party was the worst video Flashgitz ever made, but honestly, that doesn't cross the anger that I have had all my life for Racist Mario. The plot is confused, the gross-out and imagery is unpleasant, Mario is both unlikable and REALLY annoying, and ironically, this video just relies on nothing but shock humor to get so much attention. In fact, this video was so bad I added the Video Blocker to my Google Chrome so I could BLOCK THE VIDEO SO I NEVER HAVE TO WITNESS IT AGAIN! THAT'S HOW MUCH I HATE THIS STUPID VIDEO! This is not only the worst animated video on YouTube, but it's also in my top 5 worst YouTube videos of all time! This is Garbage Pail Kids quality of bad! Hell, it might even be just as bad as Happy Tree Friends! HAPPY TREE FRIENDS!

When you combine Mario kart and happy tree friends you get THIS. Mario is supposed to be racist but he kills EVERYONE! Even Nintendo characters. Also Ash looks like nightmare fuel. Do not kill your childhood by watching this atrocity! The real Mario would get a mega mushroom and TRAMPLE flashgitz for ruining his reputation!

I hate Mario because of this

You guys can’t take a joke? - Not_A_Weeaboo

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16 2 Girls 1 Cup

Should be Number 1!

Not even on YouTube - Not_A_Weeaboo

One of the most disgusting videos alive. - LeRoiDesSapins

Innapropriate, disgusting, torture and porn

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17 Tide Pod Challenge Tide Pod Challenge
18 Minecraft Meets Five Night's at Freddy's
19 Logan Paul's Dead Body Video

This Caused me to HATE logan - XxMontrealxXRBLX

Should automatically be #1 - PerfectImpulseX

Yes! really bad - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

It’s really scary in suicide forest in japan

20 Barbie Girl video
21 The Intelligence Tests
22 Toilet Food Challenge
23 Suicide Forest in Japan

I agree! he made that video and posted it, he made an apology video later on, but he monetized it.
This shows you how sick-minded he's really become.

The absolute worst video in the history of YouTube. It caused controversy and an outrage across the internet and shocked the whole world.
Mr. Logan Paul posted it and showed a dead body, caught it on camera, and said mean things about it assuming it was from suicide, and then he Posted it.
He's such an evil horror machine, and he's ruined his reputation on day 1 of 2018, and it shows us just how dangerous YouTube and its people can be.
People make decisions, and he chose to make the wrong decision.
He should quit. What he did and put up was VERY DISTURBING and WRONG!
He should quit YouTube altogether, or like Zelda says, or else he should DIE!

24 Redstone Active
25 Evil Elmo

There are like 1,000,000 variations of it!

I saw a picture of him holding a knife. - andrewteel

26 Making the Bus Monitor Cry

That's rude

27 Cartoon Network Has Revealed Their Evil Plans

I don't think so Cartoon Network was just an innocent cartoon channel who got blackmailed by that Adolf Hitler-wannabe named Teen Titans GO!

(Note: I never watched this video before but I hope this is'nt really sucks so bad.)

28 Zootopia Toys In Jail (DisneyCarToys)

This is the worst DisneyCarToys video ever made...

Zootopia is my 2nd favorite Disney movie. I hate DisneyToyCars now because of this video! - Gabo147

29 Jeffy's Bad Word!

One of the worst SuperMarioLogan episodes ever made! - ShaunFan04

30 Friday

Evil video! >:(

31 McJuggerNugget's video "Don't Push The Button!"
32 The Ebola Song

This is so offensive to those living in West Africa! An egoist, racist white jerk made this song. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I never heard it before, but it sounds bad.

33 Rant Against The Sonic Fanbase: You All Ruined Sonic
34 Dad Forces Son to Destroy Xbox Video Game Console
35 A Geography Lesson For Racist People

A stupid video where ||Superwoman|| fights discrimination... WITH MORE DISCRIMINATION! She decides to fight fire with more fire... WHICH MAKES THE FLAMES BIGGER! Her fans think there is nothing wrong with the video and think that people like me are racist because we disliked it. She obviously used a stereotype to battle racism. That is pathetic. - D0S

36 Zootopia vs The Human World
37 Mario is Not a Hero!

Guys! This was a JOKE video from Nicobbq! MatPat's "Mario Is Mental" Theory is worse!

38 Top 10 Worst American Cartoons

It was top 6 worst American cartoon

Is this from phantomstrider?

39 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul

Deserves My Vote - D0S

40 BND Has A Sparta Remix
41 Agamemnon Counterpart

I like this video...

42 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius
43 What Zootopia Got Wrong - Brain Dump

I'd never thought there would be a Zootopia video worse than Everything Wrong With Zootopia


Best a.k.a name EVER. - DCfnaf


45 Undertale Finger Family Nursery Rhymes for Children 3D Animation

What? - Officialpen

46 Undertale Balloon Finger Family & More Nursery Rhymes for Children 3D Animation
47 What Happens When You Put A PS4 Game In A PS4?

Are you kidding me? Does the video think we are idiots?! Even a baby should know what happens. - Gehenna

This is literally one of the dumbest game related videos I've seen in a while, next to smash bros 3ds how to unlock master hand by tet52 - VideoGamefan5

48 Inside Out Best Parody [HD]-Try Not to Laugh

I never laughed at any of these clips one bit.

49 Top 10 Hottest Female Sonic Characters

No wonder there were so many suicides in 2010...

50 Jenn on Pedophilia
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