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21 Stupid Hoe
22 Making the Bus Monitor Cry

That's rude

23 Baby - Justin Bieber

Piece of trash rather than being bad

24 Zootopia Toys In Jail (DisneyCarToys)

This is the worst DisneyCarToys video ever made...

25 Dad Forces Son to Destroy Xbox Video Game Console
26 Jeffy's Bad Word!
27 Friday V 1 Comment
28 Rant Against The Sonic Fanbase: You All Ruined Sonic
29 Zootopia vs The Human World
30 2 Girls 1 Cup

gross - PeeledBanana

31 What Zootopia Got Wrong - Brain Dump

I'd never thought there would be a Zootopia video worse than Everything Wrong With Zootopia

32 Mario is Not a Hero!
33 Undertale Finger Family Nursery Rhymes for Children 3D Animation

What? - Officialpen

34 Undertale Balloon Finger Family & More Nursery Rhymes for Children 3D Animation
35 Top 10 Worst American Cartoons

Is this from phantomstrider?

36 A Geography Lesson For Racist People

A stupid video where ||Superwoman|| fights discrimination... WITH MORE DISCRIMINATION! She decides to fight fire with more fire... WHICH MAKES THE FLAMES BIGGER! Her fans think there is nothing wrong with the video and think that people like me are racist because we disliked it. She obviously used a stereotype to battle racism. That is pathetic. - D0S

37 Inside Out Best Parody [HD]-Try Not to Laugh

I never laughed at any of these clips one bit.

38 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul

Deserves My Vote - D0S

39 Jenn on Pedophilia
40 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - Time

You meant take this off the list

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