Top Ten Worst YouTubers of 2017

Youtubers are just a-holes talking to a camera, and some youtubers are legit scumbags, some of the youtubers on this list can either be very controversial, make repetitive content or just be plain bad.These youtubers have either gained publicity in 2017 or just became worse, or in some cases, a controversial event boosted the viewer numbers.

The Top Ten

1 Jake Paul Jake Paul

I finally found someone who hates this egotistical idiot

This guy is legit scum - TwilightKitsune

Jake is a wonderful guy he is so nice at he tells the truth

NAUSEATING! No talent, clickbait, EGOTISTICAL, autotunes, and constantly boasts about his net worth. HIS NET WORTH IS ONLY 4 MILLION! NOT THAT MUCH ACTUALLY! - errrr

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2 Blaze The Movie Fan

I want to rip his voice box out.

Mentally-disturbed man-child whose voice is just as ear-raping as his cringeworthy commentaries.

God, he makes Chris Chan look manly.

I couldn't take this guy seriously if he's moaning like a damn crybaby all the time.

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3 DaddyOFive

I want to send Daddy to to the fiery pits if hell. I have no tolerance for child abusers. - TwilightKitsune

I don't understand why the parents aren't in jail yet... - Zplatter360

Daddy makes videos about abusing his kids, most of the time its Cody, the youngest, who gets the most abuse. He makes repetitive, infuriating content which includes 'pranks' (destroying prized possessions) and just the dad being a d*ck. Him and the mom's reign of terror stopped -at least for now- when the two youngest kids Cody and Emma were taken away. So now they make manipulative videos about talking to the 'loyal fans'. - DapperPickle

4 Onision Onision

He should be up higher. He is just an all-out terrible person. At least Jake Paul didn't insult the victims of the Manchester bombing attack. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Onision is still a cuck, big surprise.You've heard all about this guy already, most of his videos consist him of browsing the internet and he just goes over the line with his content, like the twitter comments he made about the terrorist concert attack, which may not be on youtube, but it's still a youtuber commenting, right? - DapperPickle

5 Logan Paul Logan Paul

Annoying, loud who makes stupid vlogs with the crew-i mean Team 10. He makes bland, generic content and his popularity is the cherry on top. - DapperPickle

Another ex-Viner trying to gain star status on another social media site. He got views because of his looks, so he's not afraid to use them again to become a top YouTuber. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Durv

How he got to 1 million I'll never know. - IronSabbathPriest

Durv got banned. - PeeledBanana

Makes half-*ssed videos about calling the most relevant person, be it fictional or non fictional.Not to mention the fact that he makes clickbait titles.He also has a lot of 6 year old fangirls, and he has over a million subs. - DapperPickle

At least his channel is deleted, unlike Morgs, who is very similar.
- A little kid (probably the same age, maybe Durv is younger)
- From the same country (Maybe the same area)
- Clickbaits his content on every video
- Spams "Leave a like" or "subscribe if you are new" just like most pointless YouTubers
- His videos are plain boring

Morgs channel need to be deleted next...

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7 Tana Mongeau

She's such a liar also

Idubbbz destroyed her in the content cop video, so watch that if you want more info.
Tana Mongeau is your usual annoying female vlogger, and is judgemental of anyone who says the 'n' word...despite saying it - DapperPickle

Say Nigeeer! - will_herren

8 RiceGum
9 Lance Stewart Lance Stewart

Also Clickbait Cancer - will_herren

10 Team 10

The 10 Stands For Their IQ - will_herren

The Newcomers

? Rob Dyke
? woahhvicky

She made a racist disstrack that sounded REALLY bad. She's just crazy and most of the people who watch her videos make fun of her. - IceSnake

The Contenders

11 CowbellyTV

Repetitive meme videos which displays other people's content.He just puts them together and edits, he can't be original! - DapperPickle

12 Game Theory

What Is Wrong With Game Theory? - will_herren

Garbage channel. Can't stand these bastards, especially MatPat - DCfnaf

MatPat is still an idiot.He still makes the same, simple, pandering videos about stuff like Team 10 and popular games like Kintergarden or Bendy to get the most views.The amount of views this gets makes me want to wish everybody went against him back when the TF2 VS Overwatch video was relevant. - DapperPickle

13 Clay Claymore
14 Faze Clan

Clickbait Cancer - will_herren

15 KSI
16 Toy Monster

These types of channels are trash. - Cartoonfan202

I could've put any other kids youtube channel similar to this here and this comment would stay unchanged.This group of youtubers spam out weird, inappropriate and downright nasty content for children.You have seen these at least at one point. - DapperPickle

17 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma . Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

He's no 18

18 ComedyShortsGamer
19 SuperMarioLogan

Thank you to the person who added this...this channel was the one channel I forgot to put in. - DapperPickle

He sucks now. RIP supermariologan.

20 Reaction Time

I hate this channel, he is so cringeworthy and his content legit makes me feel sick. He seems okay, but this is a bad line of biz for him! - EliHbk

I needed filler so I put in a garabge channel who is making millions of views and monies, he is probably the most popular react channel, other than Fine Bros. - DapperPickle

Boo, I like this channel - PeeledBanana

I used to watch his videos (I still do, occasionally) but he is 1,000x better than Jake Paul or Onision. Tal is very respectful to his fans. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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