Top 10 Worst YouTubers With Over 1 Million Subscribers


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41 Miranda Sings

She's acting plus she's super funny

She so enjoying and she thinks she's all pretty

She is annoying she is not being herself I mean she acts like a totally different person if she was here self then I would watch her but she is not.

She's crap and can't sing

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42 PointlessBlog

Your Amazing Alfie

Unfunniest man on the entire list yet appears on T.V. all the time. - Puga

He's super funny and makes quality videos

43 Alltime10s


44 SomecallmeJohnny

What in the world, why is John on this list. First of he doesn't over a million subs and second he is a great reviewer.

45 Thatcherjoe V 1 Comment
46 AviatorGaming

He used to be funny when he was trying to be, but now all he does is Minecraft Roleplay for the money (Which is exactly how he got his 1M subs.) Also, the the MCRP is kind of interesting but is too serious for what AviatorGaming fans like me are used to. I am used to humor but now it is so serious. Also he is a terrible voice actor. I mean he can sound sad, amused, angry, etc. But seriously, have you ever head him try to make himself panic?

47 Grav3yradgirl

No offense to anyone but I personally don't like her, sorry

She's a beauty person but is better than other ones because she does reviews and bes honest

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48 PrankInvasion

His videos are soft core pornography! They absolutely shatter YouTube's community guidelines!

He needs his channel to be deleted, no question about it

His content breaks pretty much all of youtubes rules yet his channel stays up while smaller channels that do nothing wrong get terminated for "breaking youtube's community guidelines"

Prank invasion made me want to die

49 CrazyRussianHacker

He always copies videos and gives no credit to the owners

When he says easy sience exspirements you would have by a lot of stuff just for one

[Boom intensifies]

50 Fine Brothers Entertainment

Finally! A react channel that actually has more than one person reacting!

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51 PeanutButterGamer

What the hell is pbg doing here

52 Bethany Mota

Annoying not funny beauty vlogger. She has a billion night and morning routine videos. Her Nicki Minaj transformation was so bad.

53 MSJ33
54 Jumbo V 3 Comments

Sooo funny

56 Nicolas Arrieta V 1 Comment
57 TheAmazingAtheist

I haven't even watched this guys videos, but his name says everything I need to know about him.

58 ExplodingTNT

What's he doing here.

I mean he is okay

He isn't okay

59 Sue Sacco
60 EminemVEVO
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