Top 10 Worst YouTubers With Over 1 Million Subscribers


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61 PatTheNESpunk

Why is Pat The NES Punk on this list. I've been watching him for 6 years.

62 Toys and Me

You ARE definitely Really CRAP

A crap head who makes shopkins crap and is a crap head and she is also a young brat doing this toy crap she is for people who are still in preschool what the frick she is like look I have so Much toys that my family is rich :P that's what Kim Kardasian would doo

63 TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl

Thought EvanTubeHD was awful? Meet the even worse family of five Skylander fans. This is the example of overdoing a phase you'll grow out of by exploiting your kids to do it for you and make a crapload of cash. Even worse, the dad ends up to be worse than the kids. Thankfully, once Skylanders dies down and the kids reach 14, they will too. - Swellow

64 Bart Baker Bart Baker

Bart baker shouldn't be on this list! His song parodies are awesome!

Some good some bad

He's so cool everyone likes him!

He's decent... - Tacocheese

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65 Nigahiga Nigahiga

Nigahiga is awesome! Really creative. - winner333

I love nigahiga!

Nigahiga = best

He is last on the list though. - Tacocheese

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