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181 Guptil89
182 Zomgitscriss
183 DanIsNotOnFire

No! I love dan! I can relate to him and I love watching his videos, and Phil's also.

Whoever put Dan on this list: please sit down for a few minutes alone and just rethink this over.

I am pretty sure Dan lives about everything he says just so he can get more views and so people would feel bad for him. Phil is amazing, and that is why phil's channel is called AmazingPhil. Dan treats Phil like crap, and Phil should get a new best friend since Dan treats him like crap.

The emo community will kill you.

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184 Daneboe

He should've just had the annoying orange be one video and scare off the people who were demanding more at that time.

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185 Jakehalimi

One video that's terrible

186 PMRants

I think it's because most people don't agree with some of his videos. But here's the thing, he can take criticisms and he will agree with anyone's opinion no matter what it is.

Don't fret people, 0.1% of the population of this page voted him. He's not bad, he takes criticisms well and doesn't care what people thing about him. This is just his ranting page, he has another channel but I forgot what its called.

Why's he on here? He's hilarious and awesome.

I don't like him because he make bad rants

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187 officialpsy

Gangnam Style - Good.
Gentleman - Bad
The other one - Let's just pretend it doesn't exist...
Also, I'd just like to point out that SmoshGames did not rip off Honest Trailers. It's a collaboration between the two.

188 Erb

Well whoever put this on here obviously doesn't know a great channel when they see it. ERB Rules!

ERB is the best channel of all time!

ERB is good... but I fear it's getting old rather quickly

189 MrRepzion

He hates onision way too much, like seriously he is oblivious to onision's logic and thinking

He is such a hypocrite and get's so "butthurt" when he hears about religion. He can't take criticism and tries too hard to be a good YouTuber.

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190 Da90skidshow
191 Charlotte Redden

He kicked me off YouTube - Jake09

192 VEVO

VEVO is considered one of the main reasons why everyone hates new YouTube.

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193 WatchUsLiveAndStuff

This idiot Kalel is so fake and disrespectful, plus she changes her channel faster than I get dissapointed on a PewDiePie video.

194 thewayofthemaster
195 PointlessBlog

Unoriginal, even his book was unoriginal

196 Joe Weller
197 AustinMahoneVevo
198 Da Bezd Chanl

Not kidding here, he named his channel, the bezxd chanl and can't even spell propely!

199 Glitterforever17 V 1 Comment
200 VenturianTale

Actually, his videos aren't terrible. He is a lot better than he was before.

Whoever put this on this list needs to get a life

Why is this on here?! His videos are actually VERY FUNNY. How dare you.

You clearly don't have a life, if you are watching Venturian tale.

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