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201 HeyRuka
202 WatchUsLiveAndStuff

This idiot Kalel is so fake and disrespectful, plus she changes her channel faster than I get dissapointed on a PewDiePie video.

203 thewayofthemaster
204 Joe Weller
205 AustinMahoneVevo
206 Da Bezd Chanl

Not kidding here, he named his channel, the bezxd chanl and can't even spell propely!

207 Glitterforever17 V 1 Comment
208 VenturianTale

Actually, his videos aren't terrible. He is a lot better than he was before.

Whoever put this on this list needs to get a life

Why is this on here?! His videos are actually VERY FUNNY. How dare you.

You clearly don't have a life, if you are watching Venturian tale.

V 4 Comments
209 Matthew Davis IGUA

In his the animated life he punched johnny test and made him cry which is bullying and in another episode he shot mr pickles even though he is a demon its still animal abuse

This guy should be higher

He might demand us to like NaLu, Robot & Monster, Call of Duty and Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures.

And He Said that mr pickles kills people for no reason, no he actually kills people who cast sins and I not a fan of mr pickles but I'm just pointing this out

210 Razzbowski

Razz is number one. He's absolutely hilarious and he has his own awesome comedy style. He puts so much energy and fun into every video... I'm entertained for hours. #officerbootyliveralltheway

He Thinks Sex Is Life Like what

To many fnaf theories sere oust no body cares about you when u make 67 Boris where they aren't accomplishing anything

211 Bereghost
212 Blackb0nd
213 Mondomedia
214 HeavyMetalFan1999

All his videos suck and cringeworthy

215 Ihascupquake
216 Pyrocynical

Get him off the list


He's actually OK. - redhawk766

217 Dude Perfect

How can they possible make all those shouts on there first try they must of lied to the people who listen to there videos

He isn't perfect. This guy does the "trick" shots in many takes and only posts the good ones. He is for childish sports star wannabes...

218 AndyWilson92
219 Zoella

She is great, but way too overrated.

No. Just no. Don't get me started.

220 Max the Rainbow Sailor

Attacks anyone who hates him and will proceed to make "(name here) is a moron" accounts out of them. Also makes hate communities out of said people. - DLindsley

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