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221 Max the Rainbow Sailor

Attacks anyone who hates him and will proceed to make "(name here) is a moron" accounts out of them. Also makes hate communities out of said people. - DLindsley

222 iDubbbztv

He is funny why is he even here

Why is ian on here? it's probably some mad leafy fanboy that got mad at his content cop/deputy video's

Jk don't vote for this guy - trulys_

Wow... his meme is so annoying and needs to stop - TeamRocket747

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223 CollegeHumor

Replace CollegeHumor with Dorkly. - Picky

224 AmandasChronicles

She's just a stupid food theif who never cleans up and always cares about her looks.

Her channel is nothing but PLAIN DISGUSTING GARBAGE!
She makes videos that don't make any common sense, she's always attracted to her looks and certain words, she tries too hard to copy Troye Sivan, but she's a GIRL! She could never be a man.
Even her theme song is stupid, She does NOT have "Good Manners". She has DISGUSTING, FOUL and WORTHLESS "manners".
When I first went on that channel, I couldn't even THINK about going back on it because it's SO STUPID!
Her videos don't deserve viewers or subscriptions.

225 Warren Cook Warren Cook Warren Cook is a YouTuber who is a huge Disney fan . He makes these things called "Fake VHS Openings" which really annoy Goanimate users . Because of this, everyone on Goanimate hates him, and makes fun of him by making these "Grounded Videos" out of him .

Yes, he's a YouTuber. - imacg4

226 Gaskings

Any car with visual mods = rice according to this guy

227 MikeWizard

He is the rudest youtuber ever, PewDiePie may be bad, but PewDiePie has never mistreating someone, however, MikeWizard has mistreating me so much that I WISH that he didn't go in my school. - darthvadern

228 GMD Aurorus
229 Glozell
230 BlackPanthaa

Promoter of paid DLC's, which only serve to force us to pay money to fuel the companies' greed. - SelfDestruct

231 OfficerPoop247

He changed his name to "Gothug247" and says he "isn't cringy anymore"

I think I know why but not saying.

232 FlightReacts

FlightReacts is the worst YouTuber of all time. Ya he has a million subscribers but that's because people find it entertaining to watch how much of an L he is. This man is a 0 ovr. No attributes. He had to play a man with one leg and a 10 year old with no shoes to get the satisfaction of a win. He is a walking L and must be stopped - Walrusdeep

233 runforthecube
234 Behind The Meme

This guy just kills the memes instead of reviewing them.

He's basically a meme-killer. RIP Memestar.

I hate him so much! Memes are not supposed to be explained! That's what makes them memes! If they are explained, then they no longer memes! - Daviddv0601

235 BridgetteWest
236 Nick Johnson
237 Joy Sparkle BS

Racist, lying, manipulative cat lady. - xashex

238 Minnesotaboyy

He is seriously racist. He's made childish and racist videos, including a video on WHY HE HATES WHITE PEOPLE, and he turns off the comments and like/dislike ratios on his videos because he knows everything he says is complete garbage. Dumbass even wanted to start a fight with iDubbz. - Mcgillacuddy

239 Andrea Santin
240 AbdallahSmash026
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