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241 Andrea Santin
242 AbdallahSmash026
243 Pearlshipping TV
244 Windiken

This guy is a dick to everyone and threatens people and he can't take even a tiny bit of critisism. Horrible guy who bullies people - Jackster

245 SirChilis
246 videogames

Their videos are just Call of Duty/Grand Theft Auto trolling videos. They're an utterly useless channel.

(With thumbnail of baby crying)

247 ClipCritics
248 suburbanDerpGamingā€Ž

Ugh I watched one of his videos and got sick of them

249 SuperEnderCreeper
250 JoeyGraceffa

If Miranda Sings see your do this, she will get mad at YOU!

What? I love Joey Graceffa.

Joey is great this list shouldn't have him on it

251 Willyrex
252 Ricard5000

This channel is bull

253 Matt Zigler
254 L for Lee

Isn't this the guy that broke into a women's house and jerked off in her underwear?

Dude, he isn't even a YouTuber in the sense that he doesn't really focus on his own channel. Just because he appears in some other YouTuber's videos, like Stampy's, doesn't mean he should be commentating his own.

She's stampylongheads helper right? But he doesn't post ANY videos he has a YouTube account but doesn't upload thingy mijjigys!

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255 TheMCgamer16
256 SuperMarioLuke1
257 IkeCalibur

All he does is play YuGiOh and if he isn't, he's boring and annoying. He also seems like a sub 4 sub guy with his feed.

258 Speedyw03
259 Superdentbros
260 Lilwaynevevo
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