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261 CaptainSparklez V 1 Comment
262 Mike Cernovich
263 ProJared ProJared

I'm sorry but this guy sucks. - Chaotixhero

264 LiquidGenerationTube
265 HooplaKidz

Worst channel ever! Put it on number 1! It's for little kids! I'm too old I'm 11 so I am so too old for this bull

V 1 Comment
266 WiiRikeToPray

I love WiiRikeToPray! Why are they on here?

V 1 Comment
267 TheSchuermanShow

Lazy, dirty, neglectful parents, money hungry awful people. Sam schuerman should be on the list of most annoying for her voice and constant hovering over her children to the point they are delayed for their ages.

268 Seven Awesome Kids

I like the other sacs channles but not this one they are not kids they are 12 11 that's not kids please put some 8 9 7 that's a kid

269 Cobanermani456 V 2 Comments
270 Kyr Sp33dy

He is not funny all he does is counterstrike. His fans are worse than pewdiepie. This is coming from a guy who his first video I have watched of speedy's was MILF HUNTERS 1

271 ItsBraddd
272 WhatTheBuckShow
273 InsideJacobsMind
274 Altered Nostalgic V 2 Comments
275 Huahwi
276 LittleshyFiM
277 Cjstek Gamer

Literally Hitler

278 Scottysire
279 Xxmysteriousmanxx
280 FearlessFighter

He has such a long name and he is such a skydoesminecraft wannabe. He is also a bit of Onision. If you don't like him he'll rage. He is a 9 year old who isn't funnny at ALL. And he uses other channels for his popularity which is only like 23 subs. His videos are boring. He tries to take Sky's, Markiplier's and Pewdiepie's fanbase into this channel. All he does is live on Minecraft,, happy wheels and very unknown boring games that been played in 2014 in a better way. So this 9 year old better get off of YouTube right now. - spodermanfan1000

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