Top Ten Worst YouTubers


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301 h3h3
302 Akasan
303 TheReelRejects
304 DrakeVEVO
305 lfest2001
306 harry bebb vlogs
307 Epicawesomeguy2016
308 GreenTech
309 AnKat
310 Margaret Palermo

This woman is a complete leech. She's responsible for taking down Venus Angelic's channel under false claims and tries to live off of Venus' income.

311 SSumer

1556 subs well at least she got to 1000 and then 556 more

312 İsmail Özocak

ARRGH! That little kid copied my World of Tanks account! I hope he will die or il LIQUFIY HIS ORGANS AND PROCEED TO DRINK HIM( TFS abridged Cell quote) - P-51IsDaBest

314 OriginalBloodAce
315 fnaflover2008 V 1 Comment
316 nikosafer1

His videos are cringe-worthy (e.g. a picture of the baby with the Youtube logo while a baby is heard crying, his "cop" character, etc). His Youtube Poops are so terribly bad. - Theyellowstar

317 XmasLightsGuy

His robot voice is horrible, but his content isn't too bad - 420bleachdrinker69

318 Simply Dad

This guy is a complete jerk. He called me a retard just because I liked a game. In fact, this guy judges people for what they like. so if you like undertale, fnaf, or anything like that, he will insult you. so if he ever says anything bad to you, report and block. - SanicHeghog123

319 Memory Hole
320 SilvaGunner

I only upload high quality video game rips.

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