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301 Cobanermani456 V 2 Comments
302 Kyr Sp33dy

He is not funny all he does is counterstrike. His fans are worse than pewdiepie. This is coming from a guy who his first video I have watched of speedy's was MILF HUNTERS 1

303 ItsBraddd
304 Our Third Life

She cries way too much.

She made that atrocious "the world is flat" video, and she is a delusional psychopath who is the equivalent of a yandere. - Absolite

Punina Sweart is so annoying by saying she hates minions, john cena, or life I hate that girl she should go to rehab

305 WhatTheBuckShow
306 InsideJacobsMind
307 BrittaniLouiseTaylor
308 Altered Nostalgic V 2 Comments
309 Huahwi
310 LittleshyFiM
311 Cjstek Gamer

Literally Hitler

312 Scottysire
313 Xxmysteriousmanxx
314 FearlessFighter

He has such a long name and he is such a skydoesminecraft wannabe. He is also a bit of Onision. If you don't like him he'll rage. He is a 9 year old who isn't funnny at ALL. And he uses other channels for his popularity which is only like 23 subs. His videos are boring. He tries to take Sky's, Markiplier's and Pewdiepie's fanbase into this channel. All he does is live on Minecraft,, happy wheels and very unknown boring games that been played in 2014 in a better way. So this 9 year old better get off of YouTube right now. - spodermanfan1000

315 GravityFallsAndWeBareBearsLover18
316 BDF Network
317 7Elevenfan2003

He's Such a Bully to Harvey Beaks.

V 1 Comment
318 Jumbo V 1 Comment
319 GamingMan Of Game

Sure no one knows about him but he is really annyoing he is 11 years old

V 1 Comment
320 Andyjraliw Bianchi
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