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321 Todd In the Shadows

His content has gone downhill since 2014. His song reviews are very superficial and he comes off as more angry than "funny".

322 AlphaOmegaSin

Ranting manchild basement dwelling wannabe Amazing Atheist. Kill me.

323 Blacktaildefense

A idiot who make failure videos about tanks that ate used and great. And how in dare to compare M1A2 looses to Tiger 2 by stats. Noob who make videos about something he doesn't know about

A retard who doesent know nothing about tanks. How is T-62 failure? And how M1A2 looses to arjun by stats? Noob channel

324 Sedona Pecucci
325 Lisbug

She was good until she broke up with Shane.
Her channel now is nothing but crappy videos.

326 Thepwnr287

Horrendous videos, super inactive, gosh this channel is terrible.

327 Harvey Butterfield

There are 3 channels that's named Harvey Butterfield, which one is it

I'm talking about the guy in the forest hitting something

328 Cado
329 Danger Speedy

Danger Speedy says bad words, and I can't find his channel. He's a horrible YouTuber.

330 Limraym V 1 Comment
331 Lily Peet

She's really opinionated and unlikable.

332 ViolliumTV

Annoying and doesn't keep up with it's schedule. - matthewzguitarz

333 BullyWiiPlaza

His fanbase are the worst.

334 h3h3
335 Akasan
336 TheReelRejects
337 DrakeVEVO
338 lfest2001
339 harry bebb vlogs
340 I Hate Everything

Still hasn't made I HATE MARS BARS yet. What a shame.

Hey, I like his channel. He has a unique sense of humor and actually proves a point in his videos. - ElijahMovieFan

He hates it because of Super Minecraft Kid

The mars bars thing is just obnoxious at this point. It was funny at first, but then it got driven into the ground and it’s as u funny as it can possibly be now. - CostcoHotDogs

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