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341 Typical Savage
342 Bearcats 65
343 1animators
344 Nick Johnson
345 Boldly
346 Joby Dimms

You may not know him much but here he is. A person who always give death threats to bronies (some rumors on twitter stated he was going to a pony con to kill someone), hates autistic people (which is wrong), kind of like a fanatical Christian, a troll, an idiot, a DC fanatic, dang I have no more words to describe him, that's all. - Neonco31

347 Sierra Schafer
348 Queerkidstuff
349 Beardedredsheep
350 Alltime10s
351 Hotdiggedydemon Hotdiggedydemon
352 Andrea Santin
353 Q-Man 420

A flat earther. - JakePlaid

354 Matt Zigler
355 L for Lee

Isn't this the guy that broke into a women's house and jerked off in her underwear?

Dude, he isn't even a YouTuber in the sense that he doesn't really focus on his own channel. Just because he appears in some other YouTuber's videos, like Stampy's, doesn't mean he should be commentating his own.

She's stampylongheads helper right? But he doesn't post ANY videos he has a YouTube account but doesn't upload thingy mijjigys!

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356 SuperMarioLuke1
357 IkeCalibur

All he does is play YuGiOh and if he isn't, he's boring and annoying. He also seems like a sub 4 sub guy with his feed.

358 Speedyw03
359 Superdentbros
360 Lilwaynevevo
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