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361 Superdentbros
362 Lilwaynevevo
363 DutRank

I really really really really really really really really REALLY HATE IT! Because he hates skylanders and loves disney infinity
I'm done making this list I'm callum woodward and dutrank SUCKS

364 Supagogoman

I really hate it because he loves making dumb videos

365 EarthyKiller127 V 1 Comment
366 Catman Revenge

I really hate it because he hates power rangers

367 WukeyWukey

I really hate it because he make angry German kid parades look bad like angry German kid vs yoshi and also angry German kid meets Justin Bieber

368 Junsumoto

I really hate it because he hates Pokemon

369 WJclassics

He's stuck in denial. He keeps saying why this person sucks and then says why he or she rules if he hates him or her. If he hates WWE because its pg, why did he made a 10 reasons why is it better than the attitude era!

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370 OneilGameTube
371 TatsTopsVideos

I really hate it because he can't upload videos and takes forever to upload it

372 Sinan Herberg

He dost suck her my brother

373 MarcusButlerTV
374 Niomi Smart
375 KittiesMama

She doest do makeup tutorials as much...

376 Jedward Vevo

Irish band that I used to like look um up your self

377 Our Third Life

Punina Sweart is so annoying by saying she hates minions, john cena, or life I hate that girl she should go to rehab

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378 BrittaniLouiseTaylor
379 Mairusu
380 DashieGames DashieGames
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