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61 PopularMMOS

Why do you guys like PopularMMOS so much? First of all, I hate him because all he does is uses Lucky Block stuff on every map on Minecraft. That's all, there is no other things he can do but Jen, she always goes with him and that's it, Nothing else. - bugger

HOW IS POPULAR EVEN ON THIS LIST?! He makes amazing videos and doesn't even have 2mil subs yet.

I can't stand him, his voice is so annoying, he makes stupid lucky block challenges with his wife jen who is even more annoying

He keeps playing Minecraft, also I'm sick and tired of seeing Jen die all the time.

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62 SammyClassicSonicFan

This is actually funny but it's pretty bad

He's one of those "It's so bad it's funny" channels.

He's a little kid screaming about Sonic.


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63 David Smith
64 BuzzFeed

An incurable cancer spreading at a rapid rate throughout the internet. You can't turn a corner on social media anymore without finding one of their obnoxious clickbait 'articles' in which they simply give stolen gifs and images ten-word, obnoxious captions be shared by some random sod, presumably someone's 45 year old mother with 13 sidebars on her windows XP PC. So naturally, it only makes sense that they infect YouTube as well. Buzzfeed's videos range from being boring, pandering BS to obnoxious race-baiting shows which presumably only gets likes from 400 pound blue-haired women who hyperventilate if you tell them there are only two genders (well, presumably they hyperventilate all the time, but that's besides my point.). The biggest problem with Buzzfeed is that they attempt to appeal to as many audiences as possible with their 22-odd channels by throwing as much at the wall as it humanly possible to with a task-force of a few dozen hipster millenials. However, they end up ...more

All they want is money, MONEY WHORES

65 Machinima

What in the Nether? Why is Machinima on here? He's epic! He's awesome! Delete Machinima off this list and put him on "The Best Youtubers" list... NOW! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

This Network has a Absolutely HORRIBLE contract.

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66 JennaMarbles

She's gross sometimes,And she's always drunk when she makes videos, I don't like her, I suck, and you shallow!


Love you Jenna.I can't believe that she's on the list.:-(You haters suck! >:(

67 Nickiminajvevo

She is a idiot, and makes money off her butt.

Obsessed with her fat ass. And anybody's ass, actually. What else to say? - redhawk766

Her ass is fine

Hate her.

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68 3LameStudios

Cringe worthy animations and is constantly leeching off every video game trend possible to satisfy his god awful fanbase. (usually bad games like FNaF or Tattletail)

69 Collinskey
70 DeanFromYoutube

He a immature idiot who basically started drama with Gamecubedude300 and yet in the end he got away with it by deleting his video involving Gamecubedude300 and now he has more subscribers than Luke because he stop reacting to Sml.

71 Bluesheep

By I can't change the name I mean the name of my TopTens account... - BlueSheepYT

This was my old form, I made this account while I was a cringe PGN, I can't change the name :(
I was just a salty PGN wannabe back then, I went to become BlueBob WeirdoPants. - BlueSheepYT

72 Owen Mckenzie
73 KSIOlajidebt

I'm not the biggest FIFA fan but man can this guy get the best laughs out of me...

Jeez, this guy just annoys me. His videos are pointless, not funny, and overall unremarkable compared to other YouTube Let's-Players.

Ugh he isn't even funny and he is really loud someone tell him to shut up

74 TheMysteriousMrEnter

I like him. I have no idea why so many hate him. - LordOfTheOnionRings

Because he critiques cartoons. That is all he needed to become a hated figure. Because people can't open their eyes and realize that cartoons can't only be for kids. - GraphiteTail

I wonder how many people hate him just because he has bad editing.

He is a boss he is my favorite YouTube reviewer and his videos are so welly made.

No, he states it himself that his videos are not well made "I make my videos in windows movie maker" - Picky

Some offended Teen Titans Go fan put him on the list.

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75 Anti Duncan League V 1 Comment
76 DanYoung
77 SmoshGames

Who said honest game trailers was a ripoff of honest trailers, screen junkies: They're the same person but with a different name. - pickickss

These gaming videos are just pure crap. Plus honest game trailers is a ripoff of honest trailers from screen junkies.

I'll call it a spinoff not a ripoff because they are created by the same people (screen junkies) and it has the same narrator. A ripoff is someone stealing a content without permission. - BM55

78 Camperboylads
79 Benthelooney

This guy needs to just get off the internet, no questions asked. - xandermartin98

He hates The Wild Thornberrys and Dexter's Lab. enough said. - 445956

80 Laci Green

She is a hypocritical ignorant girl who just needs to shut up

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