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61 Nickiminajvevo

She is a idiot, and makes money off her butt.

Obsessed with her fat ass. And anybody's ass, actually. What else to say? - redhawk766

Her ass is fine

Hate her.

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62 3LameStudios

Cringe worthy animations and is constantly leeching off every video game trend possible to satisfy his god awful fanbase. (usually bad games like FNaF or Tattletail)

63 DeanFromYoutube

He a immature idiot who basically started drama with Gamecubedude300 and yet in the end he got away with it by deleting his video involving Gamecubedude300 and now he has more subscribers than Luke because he stop reacting to Sml.

64 Bluesheep

By I can't change the name I mean the name of my TopTens account... - BlueSheepYT

This was my old form, I made this account while I was a cringe PGN, I can't change the name :(
I was just a salty PGN wannabe back then, I went to become BlueBob WeirdoPants. - BlueSheepYT

65 Owen Mckenzie
66 KSIOlajidebt

I'm not the biggest FIFA fan but man can this guy get the best laughs out of me...

Jeez, this guy just annoys me. His videos are pointless, not funny, and overall unremarkable compared to other YouTube Let's-Players.

Ugh he isn't even funny and he is really loud someone tell him to shut up

67 Anti Duncan League V 1 Comment
68 DanYoung
69 SmoshGames

Who said honest game trailers was a ripoff of honest trailers, screen junkies: They're the same person but with a different name. - pickickss

These gaming videos are just pure crap. Plus honest game trailers is a ripoff of honest trailers from screen junkies.

I'll call it a spinoff not a ripoff because they are created by the same people (screen junkies) and it has the same narrator. A ripoff is someone stealing a content without permission. - BM55

70 TheDiamondMinecart

Hey! ! He's awesome

Why is Dan on the list?

His videos are actually pretty GOOD.

His first videos were good but now his commentary seems forced. He also never plays mincraft anymore which is the only reason I watched him.

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71 Camperboylads
72 Benthelooney

This guy needs to just get off the internet, no questions asked. - xandermartin98

He hates The Wild Thornberrys and Dexter's Lab. enough said. - 445956

73 Real Annoying Orange
74 TheFineBros

Can we stop pretending these guys are good. They aren't talented and the reaction are fake

They actually aren't that awful just repetitive but they have a strategy and sticks to it and does other projects as well.

I thought they were decent... Then they started the 'REACT WORLD' project.

They were decent at first, until they tried to trademark the word "react". - ElijahMovieFan

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75 Laci Green

She is a hypocritical ignorant girl who just needs to shut up

76 Bold Guy
77 MTV Decoded
78 FGteev

I don't even need to explain here. Just watch them, and let your brain be transformed to think like those annoying people who play FNAF and skylanders.

The kid is like no no stop and the dad is like run press the a key

Their thumbnails are horrifying

My stupid little sister loves this crap.It nerver ends

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79 Freelee the Banana Girl

How was she not on the list?! I hate her. She is a bully and a dictator. She is a vegan and she feels extremely strongly about it. In one of her videos she said that meat eaters deserve to die. She said in the same video that people should be FORCED to be vegan. She acts like a dictator! In another video she LITERALLY just went right up and said "I am superior to you (meat eaters)". She is such a jerk!

She's a body shamed and a bully. She's portraying the vegan community in a horrible and twisted way

Freelee picks on every one and has said that feeding your child meat is child abuse. She needs to watch what she says and stop bullying her views and learn to express her vegan ideals in a postive way. not harass and harm

80 Smike

He died a long time ago

Milking fnaf to get subs is not considered actual quality YouTube content

FNAF is the worst video game series ever

Hey what is up guys? It is Smilk here, and today I'm going to go over my "Top Ten Facts About FNaF Milking". So let's jump right in!

10. Plushtrap is actually the Puppet in disguise. There is plenty of evidence to back it up.

9. Toy Freddy is actually a fat animatronic. The main evidence we have of this is the physical appearance of Toy Freddy. We aren't sure HOW exactly he got this fat, but we know it definitely has something to do with the restaurant's lore.

8. PewDiePie totally faked his FNaF 4 video. Everyone knows that he was just watching a video of ponies pretending to play FNaF.

7. MatPat's Game Theory videos are TOOOTALLY fact and are NEVER WRONG! He is a FNaF God and you should NEVER ARGUE WITH HIM!

6. If you see someone who doesn't like FNaF, scream at their computer face until they change their mind. It TOTALLY WORKS.

5. If you plan on making gaming videos on YouTube, you are absolutely required to make a video of you ...more - DCfnaf

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