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101 Dakota Hendrix
102 Bart Baker Bart Baker

His parodies just get worse and worse over time. I remember when I saw his "started from the bottom" parody back in 2013 and found it hilarious because of how accurate it was. Now his parodies just compose of mocking celebrities, unfunny irrelevant jokes and cameo appearances from other awful YouTubers for extra views. I wouldn't be surprised if he featured the annoying orange in one his next parodies.

He used to be so much better! His videos used to be very original and entertaining and now they are repetitive. In my opinion, his last decent parody was Fancy.

Men who dress up as women for comedy, its been done to death.

Talentless trash - Conniie

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103 Death Battle

They've been getting worse overtime, the battles are still good I geuss but nowadays it seems like they're trying to force people to follow them by only showing you 1 of the characters that's going to be in the next battle and saying you have to sign up for their website or follow them on social media to find out who the other character is

I really hate it because all of my favourite characters died by stupid characters

Maybe you don't pay much attention to now a day likes and dislikes. Just because your favorite character died by a character you don't like, doesn't mean you should hate them. - Nick-brick8

It's so predictable at this point, the character who's gonna lose always kicks ass until the very end but then somehow ends up losing in the end

It should have been animation rewind or the desk of death battle. Because animation rewind puts the weridest things in his cartoon fight club and he's a ripoff of death battle.Desk of death battle is a annoying,unfunny,tries to hard to be funny woman that's has a annoying voice.

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104 Einshine

Why is he on this list he is actually pretty good

This guys SO weird

Einshine is funny! I love him!

He is so cringey and his tweets are even worse!

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105 thunderf00t

His disgustingly misogynistic ideas only help to enable and condone the Sam Peppers of the world

Looks like we got some butthurt feminists here.

106 Benthelooney

This guy needs to just get off the internet, no questions asked. - xandermartin98

He hates The Wild Thornberrys and Dexter's Lab. enough said. - 445956

107 TyroneMagnus
108 Lion Maker

Isn't that the pedo guy?

This is probably just because of the rape allegations - Picky

109 Comedyshortsgamer
110 RashadTheReactor
111 Zephplayz

Good Zephplayz

112 TheAmazingAtheist

The guy below me probably had to get a thesaurus to find all those words

This neckbeard is probably one of the most hypocritical, self-righteous, misogynistic, e-begging, bull spewing, pseudo intellectual, hateful, sociopathic, pedophilic, asswipe with a tough guy complex on the Internet. It is mind numbing how this tub of lard has as has many subscribers as he does.

He is basically the Fred Phelps of atheism.

The Keemstar of atheism - venomouskillingmachine

Annoying, unfunny scumbag pedophile. he's just as dumb as the christians he makes fun of, and not even for his religious beliefs or lack thereof, but because he's just as preachy and unbearable. he also probably smells bad. - biggchungo

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113 CJisSoCool
114 Track Time!
115 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

He is a mixture between Patrick Warburton and Jim Carrey. That's why I love him so much! - Daviddv0601

Why is Mark even on here? - TheOlderBrother

I love markiplier. Who dosnt.

so cringe

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116 Philogynoir
117 Scarce
118 DSP Gaming
119 Vailskibum94

His channel is terrible. He constantly complains about Teen Titans Go, and is hating on Sanjay and Craig despite it being cancelled, like a year ago.

What did he do? He just makes theories on Gravity Falls.

He has gotten worse over the years, he does not know how ripoffs work, and he's a average cartoon youtuber - MrMonkey

His videos are okay once in awhile, but his outro is so cringey with the way he says "SEE YA GUYS NEXT TIEEEUUUMEEE! " I always skip it lol

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120 BlastphamousHD

This guy is racist towards white people. He stereotypes white people. I can't stand him. I won't lie though, I used to like him in his earlier videos because he was still pretty entertaining and fun to watch but ever since he gained a million subscribers, he turned racist, selfish and just plain mean-spirited. - Daviddv0601

He's awesome

Gay bwackie

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