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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 million subscribers. more.


Here's the thing: he does good things with his money (e.g. all his charity work), and in his Vlogs he comes across as a genuine and nice person, but the content of normal videos has gone right downhill. He created in them this image of an offensive and arrogant guy who curses every second word, and who knows full well his audience is mainly children. I respect him for the efforts he has put into getting where he is today, but he's bound to have a terrible influence on his viewers and I sincerely don't think he deserves the number of followers he now has.

40 million subs! OH MY GOD! He is bad. Here are the reasons why he is bad.

1. He isn't funny. His jokes aren't funny at all. Commentators should be funny!

2. He screams too much. I mean come on. Just shut up.

3. His annoying high pitched voice. When he's playing happy wheels he's like talking in this stupid pretend voice. It's so dumb and annoying.

4. He plays bad games. Just play good games already Jesus.

I'm guessing pewdiepie is a good person outside of YouTube, but man he's annoying! He can also ruin games for me, like town of Salem. ( it used to be a great game with smart people but now, it's full of pewdiepie ma fans who just come because Pewdiepie played it and doesn't know who to play it.) he has the worst fanbase which basically ruins every game for me.

If their should be a channel for the worse the future king should be #1. Yeah I agree with him that stuff is not going so well but he swears a lot offends me by talking bad stuff about shows I like. The pretentious jerk needs to keep opinions to himself. Anyways back to pewdiepie. Pewdiepie in my opinion is actually a decent YouTuber. I like some of his videos and all but not like die hard fan at all. Pewdiepie is kind of weird though but either than that he is cool with me. Get pewdiepie off of here.

He is super offensive and swears to much. He is disgusting and overrated. I will never subscribe, even if PewDiePie becomes king of the world and demands everyone to sub. I'd rather be in jail.

Pewdiepie is honestly the worst youtuber who ever existed. His Let's Play videos are filled with complete nonsense, and makes dirty and unfunny jokes in his videos in almost all his videos. Not to mention that he has done or said things that are considered anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim. What upsets me the most is that despite all this, Pewdiepie still has so many subscribers. I just don't understand how these people even like him. If every channel on Youtube was an object, Pewdiepie's channel would be a soiled diaper dipped in urine and diarrhea, because it's absolute GARBAGE.

Look I like pewdiepie he is following his dreams he went to university and created a life of his own everyone should stop hating so much and just relax I mean I even like Justin beiber he's just a screwed up kid who sings like a chick

PewDiePie is terrible, way to inappropriate and curses WAY too much. Too much rage. This is how it goes. Hey what's up bros my name is PEWDIEPIE. (Cursing) I mean like WHY!? 9 year olds watch him and they are way to young for this inappropriate person. His channel should be terminated and he takes advantage off being rich. All I have to say

Thank god he is not on number one spot anymore, people who think he is worse then onision are sick in their head, like we are comparing a guy who makes teenage girls send photos of themselves in underwear and rate their 'sexiness' to a gamer with potty mouth. what? Anyways I don't get it why swearing offends people and is a bad influence on kids, I've know all the bad words since I was a kid and all the kids I knew, even today I hear kids swearing. Lets not pretend that kids won't be hearing it if pewdiepie doesn't say it, they're just words and its parents responsibility to educate kids on such words instead of keeping them in ignorance. Anyways Pewdiepie's videos helped me through depression, will always be greatful.

I personally don't have a problem with his content, but his fanboys are the absolute WORST thing about this guy. They can't take opinions or trolls, if you scroll down to the comments here, you should be able to see a wild PewDiePie fan here. And even more may come here because he actually showed this list and his place here in one of his videos.

I remember when PewDiePie was actually funny. I also heard he was deleting his channel. Gotta say, I wasn't that happy about it. Because sometimes he was funny, but after that, it was just him swearing and swearing all the time.

People hate Pewdiepie, more people like him. He is the number one YouTuber and has been for a long time, getting subscribers on a daily basis, people judge him on his videos not who he is as a person which is rather sad considering his personality is what makes allot of people feel happy when they are down and depressed.

I have noticed something on this sight. The people that think negative opinions think there opinions are the best and everyone else is wrong. But the people with positive opinions respect others

You all hate him because he has 59 million subscribers I think you all should appreciate the fact that he is making an honest living unlike all of you

Wow, to people that are saying that has "way too much subs", you guys are just jealous, right? Ok, anyhow, I can take opinions but seriously? Yes, he does swear, but it has calmed down a bit. This isn't everybody's opinion on this list, it's just a few thousands of people, so I shouldn't worry about it too much.

Remember when his video titled "Can this video get 1 million dislikes? " became one of the most hated YouTube videos? That just shows proof that PewDiePie has a lot haters.

I feel like so many YouTubers deserve more subs and really how are Smosh or shane on this list?

But predispose loves his fans and does charity. He raised 1 million dollars for children. He should tone back on the swears though

I mean before he got so obsessed with views and subscribers he was a nice person but now all he does is pick on little youtubers and make offensive jokes and I honestly don't see what everybody sees in this dude. Also he killed memes by his meme review which pisses me off - pewdiepiekilledmemes

Why is this guy number two? He's nowhere near as bad as Sam Pepper or Leafy. In fact, he actually is a good guy in real life. - yungstirjoey666

You see, Pewdiepie is bad due to the fact that he has so many more subscribers and fans that worship him than sam pepper and Ijustine. Plus, wasn't onision that guy who did the banana song? That dude's channel died in 2011. Pewds does lots of offensive things, such as the Nazi deal recently. So don't defend him, you idiots.

How come he's Number 1 on both worst and best YouTubers lists?!

How this white boy surpassed NigaHiga? I'll never know. His comedy borders on screaming and acting like a challenges thespian.

Seriously, HOW does this idiot have so many subscribers? All he does is scream, talk in a stupid voice, and act like a 5 year old

He has way too much subscribers to his channel. He sucks, he's very offensive to people. He also should get the rank in #1 - Horrible_Username