Worst Yu-Gi-Oh Characters

This is for every character, no matter what spin off they come from. So I will include the original, GX, 5D's, Zexal and Arc-V.

The Top Ten

1 Yuma Tsukumo Yuma Tsukumo

Easily the worst protagonist the series has ever had and it shows how bad he is, when you want his opponent to win more than him. From his constant whining, his obnoxious voice or how he's useless without Astral, Yuma is terrible. - RoseRedFlower

Without Astral he become powerless, can't defeat even normal villain duelist

While I do like that he looses more often he is annoying

2 Zigfried Von Schroeder Zigfried Von Schroeder

From the original Yu-Gi-Oh series. Worst villain in the series. His motivation is confusing. He wants revenge on Kaiba because Kaiba apparently stole Zigfried's idea on creating holographic images for Duel Monsters. One question: What proof do you have? He has none. This whole arc happened because Zigfried is an idiot who can't back up his own claims Easily, the worst part of the original show. - RoseRedFlower

no offense

3 Tori Meadows/Kotori Mizuki Tori Meadows/Kotori Mizuki

I haven't watched Yugioh Zexal yet but when I looked this girl up, I can't help to noticed how over sexualized she is for a 13 year old girl. - Rue

What a disappointment. Akiza was a really great female lead but then we got one hundred steps backwards to Tori. - RoseRedFlower

I never cared for this girl and never will. She's a disappointment of a female lead and very irritating if you think about it. - KonekoAngel


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4 Tea Gardner Tea Gardner

A very dull female lead in the anime. I know she's slightly better in the manga but I wish they gave her more to do than just standing on the sideline cheering. There's only two things I know about her that exclude her friendship with other people. She loves dancing and she works at a burger shop. That's it. Other than that, she never develops a personality and is always there on the sideline. I know people say she defeated Mai or how she won against one of the members of the Big Five. Here's the thing though, Mai gave up the duel. She had a habit of giving up before the duel was over and when she felt she couldn't recover from a heavy blow. If she did keep pursuing, she would have won. Secondly, Serenity won against one of the members of the Big Five after they lost Tristan and she never dueled before. So it really doesn't make her all that special. - RoseRedFlower

Never liked her. I wish Mai replaced her, so we wouldn't see anymore of Tea.

Probably the biggest bench warmer I ever seen. - Rue

She's annoying and her friendships speeches are dumb lmao bye

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5 Alexis Rhodes Alexis Rhodes

She's the biggest Mary Sue in the GX series to me. She's never really developed a personality and her only motivation was finding her brother. But that's resolved half way through the first season. She never really evolves or grows as a character. - RoseRedFlower

I always felt like she was lacking something and you actually put it in words. - Rue

Asuka/Alexis is not a Mary Sue. If she would be one, she'd never lose, and she'd never get kidnapped or persuaded to become a member of Sartorius' band of fools. But you're absolutely right with everything else. The writers obviously didn't know where to go with her character - just like Daichi/Bastion, who might be even more useless after Season 1 onwards!

I don’t think she should really count as a character. She’s more like a role, a check the VA made. Her brother made a deeper impression on me and he was in fewer episodes. Clearly the VA was as bored with her as I was because there’s no character to be found in her voice as well. She’s probably one of the worst cases of “token girl” that I’ve come across.

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6 Dr. Faker Dr. Faker

From Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal comes another idiotic villain. This seems to be a recurring problem with this series. Dr. Faker wants to save his son Hart. Okay but the lengths he takes and choices he makes, make me question how he became a 'doctor'. Aliens from another world tell him they will save Hart if Dr.Faker destroys Astral World. Now several questions arise that are never explored. Why did he blindly believe in these aliens? Why didn't he feel the need to trust his other son Kite about this information? What made him think that doing all this damage would cause any harm? Did the aliens ever give any proof that they could cure Hart? Why did he say the Barians will grant him power and help him conquer the Earth? Wasn't this supposed to be about his son? - RoseRedFlower

He isn't much better in the Zexal manga either. There he dies before being able to cure his son, and Mr. Heartland then uses his death for his own benefit. If that's not the sign of a poor villain, I don't know what is.

Dr.Faker is... GARBAGE!

7 Weevil Underwood Weevil Underwood

First place in the regionals, yet the FIRST to be booted from Duelist Kingdom! I guess he did well in Battle City, but I assume that he cheated to win most of his duels. He is annoying as hell!

Yeah he deserves to be on this list for trashing a pretty sweet card that pissed me off so much when Weevil threw the Exodia Cards in the ocean and some of them got lost

The most annoying character by far.
Can't stand his voice and behaviour.

No words to describe my hatred for weevil.

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8 Paradox Paradox

A very weak villain. He wants to rid the world of Duel Monsters because somehow Duel Monsters destroyed the world. How did a children's card game destroy the world? It was so stupid that even Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged made fun of it for a minute. His design is also very unoriginal. Just a cross between Jack Atlas and Dartz. - RoseRedFlower

Granted, Paradox is awful, but not as awful of a villain as Kyoji Yagumo from the Zexal manga! That guy just wants the world to end, because he never managed to get a life. At least Paradox wants to SAVE the world.

9 Echo Echo
10 Crow Hogan Crow Hogan

The Newcomers

? Astral Astral
? Orbital 7

The Contenders

11 Anubis Anubis

A terrible cliché villain. He wants to destroy the world and he will do so with the Pyramid of Light. First the Pyramid of Light just looks like the millennium puzzle upside down and blue. Second, why does he want to destroy the world? Lastly, he only appears at the very last ten minutes of the movie. I thought Venom from Spider-Man 3 was wasted but Anubis was much worse. - RoseRedFlower

12 Cathy Katherine Cathy Katherine
13 Vellian Crowler Vellian Crowler

Or Doctor Crowler if you prefer. Not only is his appearance kind of cringey but he's all talk and no show. He's lost so many times in this series but still thinks he's the best. He lost to a student who didn't even transfer to his school yet. He was just an annoying character to deal with and I found him just a nuisance to the show. - RoseRedFlower

He's just a mean teacher and that's it.

Crowler is just downright scary, annoying and I hate his Japanese voice. Also he has no backstory whatsoever, how can a character who looks so transgender have no motive or backstory to look like that? It just confuses me and I'm sure other people especially smaller children who watch (ed) GX would be confused as well. He dueled a couple of times but to be honest.. he sucks. He lost to a transfer student who wasn't even in duel academy yet. An yeah I know Judai is the main protagonist so of course he wins but other than that he just sucks.

14 Shark
15 Bronk Stone
16 Sly Sly

Sly is that annoying kid that thinks that he's so cool and pretends not to care. He's also kind of dumb because he wants Yusei's StarDust Dragon and Yusei has helped him in the past but he still resents him. - RoseRedFlower

17 The Fat Bavarian Kid from Arc-V

Nothing more to say about this

18 Kite Tenjo
19 Tristan Taylor Tristan Taylor

"And Tristan. Tristan. You are the single most worthless human being I've ever met." - Kaiba, YGOTAS. - BrawkShady

20 Yuzu Hiragi

YUYA! it's so irritating every time she yells out his name. Also why the hell didn't she speak up for Yuya when Henrietta asked about the attack on Shingo? Sure I understand both Yuya and Yuto look similar, but is she color blind?!?!?!? - ndog

21 Mai Valentine Mai Valentine

She was irritating as hell when she joined Doma! I mean whoever gives a damn for her dreams? And for that only she wants to defeat only one and that's Jonouchi? Stuoid

22 Miho Nosaka (Yu Gi Oh)
23 Rex Raptor Rex Raptor

Apparently was the runner up in the regionals. This means that he had to beat Mako Tusnami. How? He has lost EVERY SINGLE DUEL EVER SHOWED! He is a terrible duelist with like ZERO personality.

Even wost than weevil, Rex raptor has never seen won a sinlge duel, he's only use was to give Joey Wheeler the Red-eyes Black Dragon, also he makes dinosaurs puns

24 Lawton Lawton
25 Jean-Michel Roget

I don't know if I spelled it right. But, he's a terrible villian and a terrible person.

26 Bandit Keith
27 Mokuba Kaiba

But Mokuba's adorable! He adores his big bro and he's very nice.

28 Sayer Sayer

He could have been so much more, but due to behind-the-scenes stuff during production of 5Ds, his role got extremely diminished. Too bad actually, because I liked the idea behind the Arcadia Movement. Would have loved to see the writers' original ideas put to film, but unfortunately it didn't happen.

29 Kyoji Yagumo Kyoji Yagumo

The "main antagonist" from the Zexal manga, so I believe he counts. Another Japanese villain who wants to end the world because the world is bad. That trope needs to die - it creates the most boring and onedimensional villains EVER! Yagumo is no exception. Please read a few chapters with him, if you don't trust my word. in my opinion he might even be worse than Dr. Faker and Paradox combined.

30 Bastion Misawa Bastion Misawa

He had a huge start as Jaden's main rival during the first season, and we can clearly see that the writers had big plans for him - there's even a Fire Dragon in the opening alongside his trademark Water Dragon. But after he was defeated by Tanya, the show almost forgets he even exists. Bastion deserves to be on this list, simply because he's a complete waste of potential! It really annoys me, how little the writers did with him after Season 1.

31 Tragoedia

From the GX Manga. This brilliantly designed monster was sealed by the Pharao's priests 5000 years ago and has worked on its resurrection ever since. So far so good, but here's what makes Tragoedia the worst villain in Yu-Gi-Oh history: Wanna know its motive? Its main reason for wanting to be resurrected? Tragoedia is bored and wants to be entertained by humankind. I'm so not kidding! Neither does it want to take over the world nor revenge, it just wants to see people duel. WORST. VILLAIN. EVER!

32 Jean Claude Magnum
33 Akiza Izinski Akiza Izinski
34 Yuya Sakaki

He is too sexy!

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