Top 10 Worst Yu-Gi-Oh Shippings

The Top Ten

Wishshipping: Joey x Yugi

Oh no, it's another Friend x Friend shipping. Why am I not shocked? - pokemonrater

EW They're BFFS!

Tabloidshipping: Kaiba x Mokuba

Um brothers...! Oh god why does this even exist


It's creepy

Mokuba: Seto!
Kaiba: Oh, god, what are you looking at?!
Mokuba: How does this exist?!
Kaiba: We're brothers! - pokemonrater

Cardshipping: Gramps x Yugi

Anyone that ships this must be an incestuous pedophile. - pokemonrater


Puzzleshipping: Yugi x Yami

The reason why I hate puzzleshipping because of the community of this ship

Yugi=offspring of Yami (Atem)


Rivalshipping: Kaiba x Yugi

Kaiba and Yugi are rivals, they aren't in love with each other. If I'd say anything, I'd say that they despise each other. - pokemonrater

Puppyshipping: Joey x Kaiba

"I don't wanna be a furry."
- Little Kuriboh's Joey Wheeler

JOEY AND KAIBA HATE EACH OTHER what! - pokemonrater

Nop nop nope

Pervertshipping: Gramps x Tea

The name pretty much says it all, I agree. - Croy987

oh my god just no

Buddyshipping: Joey x Tristan

Joey: You dick! You like my sister!
Tristan: Yea, so what?
This ship says that's not true! - pokemonrater

They're BFFs!

Chaseshipping: Tristan x Duke

Just because they want the same girl, doesn't mean they like each other! - pokemonrater

Fearshipping: Yami Marik x Ishizu

Marik and Ishizu are siblings, and yami marik is technically him. - pokemonrater


The Contenders

Dragonshipping: Joey x Yami

I dunno why, but when I first saw this, I believe I died straight away from laughter. I couldn't do it, it was just to much for me to handle. Just imagine it, you will die to from all the laughs, I promise!


Monarchshipping: Atem x Yami

I don't think I have to explain this one. I mean, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO... THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME PERSON, ONLY WITH THE DIFFERENCE IN MEMORIES AND TIME! I mean come on, I understand that people like ships, but this one is just... I don't have any words for this, I'm done.


Mobiumshipping: Atem x Yami x Yugi

Imagine, you're Yugi. Think about it, you are in love with THE EXACT SAME PERSON, only one is your friend from within the Puzzle, and the other one is him from 5000 years ago, with tan skin.


I just can't do this anymore,

whyy? Why do you want to do that to them? I do have to say, Yugi has than 2 handsome hot guys, but still..

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