Worst Yugioh Zexal Characters

This list highlights the worst characters from the anime Yugioh Zexal.
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1 Yuma Tsukumo

He's even more annoying than Yuya from Arc-V, who actually grew on me. Yuma in the manga is a bit more tolerable, maybe because you can't hear his voice. I've also seen Zexal in its original Japanese version. Somehow Yuma's japanese voice is even more irritating (at least to me). He's constantly yelling and whining. This definitely is the Yugi/Yami dynamic done completely wrong!

Annoying, whining little brat. Can't duel without Astral and then yells at Astral for helping him. He's the sole reason this show is one of the worst in Yugioh history. He could have been written better and I see potential even in the worst of characters but I cannot stand this kid.

Wow, the protagonist at number 1 for worst yugioh zexal characters? It's like a dream come true - Gehenna

(Directly giving Yuma Tsukumo a hateful look): Yugi Muto's more mature than the likes of you.

2 Tori Meadows/Kotori Mizuki

This useless dumbass of a character did NOTHING throughout the whole series. She was annoying and useless to so far of an extent that I wanted to punch my laptop every time she was on screen! But she's cute. I'll give her that.

(Still better of a character then Misty from Pokemon)

Has a crush on Yuma for some reason and little to no personality. She only duel in one episode in the anime and lost all of them. All of her dialogue consists of Yuma and without him, she wouldn't have a reason to be here. I don't see why she likes him and I already dislike Yuma anyways. This makes her look pathetic and it makes me sad. - RoseRedFlower

Tori is stupid, that's the first thing I have to say about her!

1.She has no personality
2. She does absoloutley nothing to help
3. All she does is chew Yuma out and cry about every thing
4. She doesn't even duel she's a stupid cheerleader

Cathy and Rio were sooo much better

One moment she's hard on Yuma for some stupid reason and the next moment she's acting sad and pathetic because she thinks Yuma's going to lose a duel. She never shuts up either. - Thestral13

3 Kite/Kaito Tenjo

What he's not meant to be here

He should not be on the list!

How is Kite on this list!

4 Rio/Rio Kamishiro

I dunno but she just irritates me, trust me Yuma is more tolerable than her
In my opinion

5 Dr. Faker

Weak villain. Probably the weakest in the shows. He says he wants to take over the world and then destroy Astral World. Then, they pull out a weak little ploy that he was doing all of this to save his son. He trusted aliens from another world who gave no actual proof that he could save his son and risked the life of his friends and family for them. What sense does any of this make? His own son Kite calls out on how ridiculous his plan was. Not even the characters were convinced the plan was a good idea. Terribly written and cliche as can be, is Dr. Faker. - RoseRedFlower

6 Flip Turner/Tokunosuke Hyori

Flip is basically like weevil, kalin, and others.he should be #1 on the list.he betrays a number card just to win.who does that!?! and he flips everything.and he uses the betrayed card to his advantage.he gives a card, then uses the card even though its now yuma's card.

7 Mr. Heartland
8 Tombo Tillbitty
9 Bronk Stone/Tetsuo Takeda

Why does everyone hate on him?

Bronk Stone is The worst Character in Yu-gi-oh Zexal ever Whenever I see him The only thing I want to do is turn The T.V. off oh man BRONK I HATE YOU NOTHING IS GOOD ABOUT HIM SERIOUSLY.

10 Caswell Francis/Takashi Todoroki
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11 Haruto Tenjo / Hart
12 Quattro

So hot...(also I'm sorry about his past and father comlex)

13 Striker Crossfit
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