Top Ten Worst Zelda Bosses

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1 The Imprisoned (Skyward Sword)

On top of having a bland appearance, you have to fight The Imprisoned three times, with it getting increasingly annoying each time. This boss is really just tedious, blatant filler, which Skyward Sword had plenty of already.

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2 Angler Fish (Link's Awakening)

Super obvious weak point. When I fought him, I killed him so quickly that I didn't even know he had any attacks!

So easy they should of made him the first boss and not the annoying moldorm

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3 Moldorm (A Link to the Past)

He's the most annoying boss I have ever faced

He's most likely to knock you in the pit. It took me about 30 min to beat him. So yeah, I hate this guy.

Terrible, anoyaning, and hard boss! You have to fight him too early in the game when he should be near the end because bosses later on in the game are a lot easier!

4 Big Green Chu Chu (The Minish Cap)

It's not really big, your just small. And he appears later again as a mini boss

5 King Dodongo (Ocarina of Time)

Throw, Hit, Shield. No strategy whatsoever.

So easy. I've had more trouble with a smaller dodongo.

6 Gyorg (Majora's Mask)

What kind of messed up name is that? I know majora's mask names are bad, but what the hell is a gyorg? let's call him george. curious gyorg.

7 Jalhalla (Wind Waker)
8 Genie (Link's Awakening)

Looks stupid, talks stupid, and overall a very bland battle. Nothing interesting. Just pick up jar and throw it. Doesn't deserve to be a boss

How dare you insult genie. He is the coolest boss in links awakening and the boss of bottle grotto which is a fun and easy dungeon.

All u do is throw a lamp and sword atttack him

I made this list and its been rearranged so much! WHY? I bet your wondering why the helmeroc king is... I mean was on the list, *ahem* I F***ING HATE HIM. HE IS SO SO SO OVERRATTED! The angler fish is really bad but originally he was number 4 and genie was number 1 and I think moldorm is slightly underrated so I didn't put him on the list.

9 Armogohma (Twilight Princess)

What? Armogohma was fun!

Unfortunately, this boss was very boring and extremely easy. Darknut was way better of a highlight in the temple of time.

10 Fyrus (Twilight Princess)

Woah, look at this giant grotesque firey goron... thing! This is gonna be epic! So how do I do damage to him? Oh... you pull on his chain... and make him trip... then slash him a bunch... rinse and repeat... How exciting...

The Contenders

11 Fraaz (Spirit Tracks)
12 Scaldera (Skyward Sword)
13 Gohdan (Wind Waker)
14 Demise (Skyward Sword)
15 Tentalus (Skyward Sword)
16 Morpheel (Twilight Princess)

In his second stage, all he does is swim in a circle. That's it. - Zeemgeem

17 Queen Gohma (Ocarina of Time)

This battle was for the beginners it's literally the first the bods battle in the game! It took me a long time though to beat her in my first try

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18 Odolwa (Majora's Mask)

He looks stupid but the battles not stupid

He was the stupidest battle I have ever seen.

19 Helmaroc King (Wind Waker)
20 Morpha (Ocarina of Time)

How is this only 28 this should be at least number 10 morpha is a joke

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