Top Ten Worst Zelda Dungeons

The absolute worst Zelda dungeons. You know which No. 1 is.

The Top Ten

1 Water Temple - Ocarina of Time

Hate the iron boots hate the water temple

I hate this place. The keys are placed in locations just plain cheap, and if you miss a key, which is very easy to do, you practically have to play the entire dungeon all over again. Not even the Great Bay Temple, which I ironically enjoyed, was that punishing.

Only little kids think it's difficult. It is symmetrical so go explore the rooms, big deal. One person on the internet complained about this and it spread from bandwagoners.

Oh, you saw this one coming.

2 The Temple of the Ocean King - Phantom Hourglass

It's so hard and scary with scattered skeletons all over the place and you do it four times and repeat the previous steps!

A temple where you have to revisit 6 times, sneak past phantoms and a time limit.

You have to come back about five or six times and it gets really repetitive. - Erikelelf

This place for one has invincible! Then there's a time limit! It's a stupid temple!

3 Death Mountain - Adventure of Link

Look, it's the hardest dungeon on probably the hardest Zelda game, why did you expect

Too early on, frustrating and hard to navigate. - Erikelelf

4 Level 4 - Legend of Zelda

This is literally the only Zelda dungeon I can't beat (Also probably all the ones after this one.) The thing that REALLY makes me hate it though is that level three was so gosh dang easy and then it just goes straight into difficultness.

Barely any heart drops, annoying jumping enemies that turn into two bats upon hit and dark rooms with obstacles make this one of the worst dungeons in the game.

I'm currently still stuck on this one...AND I've BEEN AT IT FOR LIKE A WEEK

The Darknuts almost made me ragequit. Hitler made this dungeon (quite literally) - Erikelelf

5 Snowhead Temple - Majora's Mask

The pillar is hard enough

Damn this pillar you have to be a goron in order to do anything I'd rather listen to the sht music

6 Tower of Spirits - Spirit Tracks
7 Death Mountain - Legend of Zelda

This dungeon is the size of Hyrule itself. - Erikelelf

How dare you say that to me.

8 The Sky Temple - Twilight Princess

You call that a city! It looks more like building full of lockers to me.Plus it looks so boring.There is too much white and it make the dungeon look bland.๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜’

9 The Forest Maze - Link to the Past
10 Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly - Ocarina of Time

Sure the water temple was annoying but at least it was visually appealing. This...this is annoying and it looks DISGUSTING. And Ruto...oh god Ruto...the amount of times I either forgot about her and had to backtrack or I screwed up a puzzle and had to backtrack was ridiculous. And the boss? Just like the rest of the dungeon, disgusting and annoying. Not even hard. Just long and irritating.

It's just plain disgusting. Why would I want to walk around something's stomach? The escort mission was also painful.

WORST ZELDA DUGEON its gross, irritating, uncomfortable, and so much more on the bad side gaining the boomerang didn't even make me smirk. boss and mini boss was unpleasant I don't know if I'll ever wake up from this horrible dream

It's disgusting water level and escort mission.

The Contenders

11 Great Bay Temple - Majora's Mask

This is such a tedious and boring temple. Instead of changing the water levels like in OOT, you have to change the currents which is much harder than you would think it is. And the boss is really cheap in my opinion.

I played this awhile ago. I had to travel back in time TWICE

12 Stone Tower - Majora's Mask

It's the last temple plus the music's awesome and the boss fight WAS SO HARD

Are you KIDDING? The is the BEST dungeon ever!

I HATED this temple SO much!

13 Wind Temple - Wind Waker

Not that bad. Still confusing. Makar is awesome though. - Marxcute19

Took me eight hours to beat this dungeon

It's very easy to get lost due to the distinct rooms and many floors. as well it is and escort mission and 1/2 of the dungeon is trying to get back the person that was locked up

Took me 4 months plus the floormasters everywhere, not counting the 30+ rooms

14 Snowpeak Ruins - Twilight Princess
15 Fire Temple - Ocarina of Time
16 Forest Temple - Ocarina of Time

My main problem with this dungeon is I KEPT FALLING DOWN AND HAVING TO REPEAT MY STEPS MORE THAN THE TEMPLE OF THE OCEAN KING! (Side note: I actually loved that dungeon.)

A boring, lackluster experience with an uninspired boss fight at the end. Worst dungeon of all time, next to Water Temple.

Hate this temple. Apart from Water Dungeon, which was jsut boring, this was the worst. - Cats43

17 Lanayru Mining Facility - Skyward Sword

The soundtrack...THE SOUNDTRACK!

Time Consuming, vague and pointless, annoying and creepy music, stupid boss, and useless item

Gust bellows really suck. Moldarach is a terrible boss, the puzzles were boring and the dungeon had too much brown. Too much brown can make things look heavy, clumsy and boring.

What! This one is awesome and very colorful!

18 Ganon's Tower - The Wind Waker
19 Shadow Temple - Ocarina of Time

This temple is vague annoying and just plain boring

20 Spirit Temple - Ocarina of Time: Master Quest

That damn time block puzzle

21 Sand Temple - Spirit Tracks
22 Great Palace - Adventure of Link
23 Water Temple - Ocarina of Time: Master Quest

It's the inverted version of the water temple. Enough said

24 Ghost Ship - Phantom Hourglass
25 Earth Temple - Skyward Sword
26 Level 6 - Legend of Zelda

The single worst thing in the game

27 Eagle's Tower - Link's Awakening
28 Temple Of Time - Twilight Princess
29 Tower of Hera - A Link to the Past

It's the boss, the dungeon is great, but the boss is terrible - Tisme_draGON

30 Skyview Temple - Skyward Sword

It was great that they had a dark dungeon.The only thing I hated about it was that the exterior looked boring and the center of the dungeon looked too bright and bland.๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ก

31 Forsaken Fortress - The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker
32 Forbidden Woods - The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker

It's so boring. the puzzles are bland, the dungeon is long, and the boss sucks

33 Palace of Winds - The Minish Cap
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