Top Ten Worst The Legend of Zelda Items

The Top Ten Worst The Legend of Zelda Items

1 Telescope

It's not powerful enough to be a real telescope. - LightningStrike

Half of the list entries aren't even items, they're gear that can be accessed via gear screen.

Yeah you only need it to progress the story (much like the gerudo passport or so)

You only need to use it once and if you ever use it again it's probably by accident. - Willimex

2 Tingle Tuner

It's just a green gameboy advance that's only useful for saving tingle. - LightningStrike

Since when does anyone use it and it's from tingle so it's got to be awful. - Willimex

I love the tingle tuner. Makes Wind Waker a multiplayer game.

3 Deku Nut

It also appeared in majoras mask too. All it does is damage enemies. That's it. Not killing but damaging. - LightningStrike

4 Wooden Shield

In twilight princess the ordon sheild is already twice as strong and the wooden sheild burns or breaks in ONE HIT! - Willimex

5 Couple's Mask

Lame side quest+lame looks= couples mask - Willimex

Gets you a heart piece though...

6 Hestu's Gift

NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! WHAT YOU CAN'T DO TO THIS THING IS EVERYTHING! It's just a trophy for collecting all seeds, that's all. - LightningStrike

What kind of idem is this in a Zelda game?

It's actually Hetsu's poop

7 Slingshot

You all have good points, but come on! How many of you wanted your very own slingshot when you were kids?

Use the hero's bow instead.

In OOT you NEED it to progress through the first few dungeons. - aarond9010

Why get it when you can have the bow - Willimex

8 Giant's Knife

Time to finally use this knife in the final battle with Ganon.

I wanted to save it for later, because I was told it was a special weapon.

I don't have my Master Sword so...hyah

"knife breaks"

What the living heck?

I was ripped off!

When I'm done with this adventure, I'm going to kill that giant Goron liar.

Plus you can just get it replaced by one that doesn't break. You spend 200 rupees on an sword that breaks and takes 7 years to complete. When you first get the item, your reaction will probably be,

"Oh cool! A new sword! "

*swing it a couple times at the wall to test it out*


"What the chunk! It breaks! "

This thing breaks as easily as a glowstick

9 Dominion Rod

It only controls the statues. Don't see anything bad about it? Just play the game. - LightningStrike

10 Magic Armor

Costs you 3,598 rupees in all to get. Drains your rupees as you wear it. But it does make you invulnerable...AS LONG AS YOU HAVE RUPEES! Once you get hit, it takes away 12 more rupees. Plus, you just went on a giant "rupee grinding" quest. In my opinion, Twilight princess was the hardest games to get rupees in. (As opposed to oot and mm, where money is NO object.) But it took me 3 WEEKS, to get this armor, and it was the most useless item in all of Zelda. I also did it in probably the quickest way that I could think of; doing the Agitha Bug fetch quest. That was torture enough. Rupees are crap.

Why is this at the bottom of the list! Worst item ever!

It cost me 1,000 rupees in multiple trips to the kakariko village malo mart fundraiser. THEN it gives me another crappy quest, saying that I need 2,000 rupees. I just said "whut da hell"
then after a total of 3,000 rupees because agitha is awesome, I FINALLLY unlocked the malo mart in hyrule castle. then the moonwalking cashier (i am NOT joking when I say the music at hyrule castle malo mart is DA BOMB) says I have to pay 598 rupees. I say "okay" because I got this sexy new wallet from agitha. you da best, agitha. after grinding, or gardening, in hyrule field, I was finally able to afford this metal piece of metal crap. then I put it on. WHAT. THE. LITERAL. HELL.
i was slow as ALL hell. why do you need rupees to wear the armor?! it should just deplete rupees whenever link gets a knee to the groin or something. WHY THE HELL THEY GOTTA DO THAT?!?

The Newcomers

? Royal Guard Gear

Really high attack, but breaks in like two hits.

The Contenders

11 Tree Branch

It's just a tree branch. Very weak, and can break easily. That's it. It's just a stupid branch of a tree, nothing here folks. - LightningStrike

Only a minor means of defence before you get better stuff.

12 Picto Box

You just take pictures for nothing. You can complete the whole game without it, right? - LightningStrike

13 Green Tunic

Nope. I think this one looks cooler. They sorta' just look the same. Just a different color. The other ones are just annoying.

The other tunics actully DO something and look way cooler - Willimex

14 Bait

Use it while fighting enemies in a 2-D game. You'll get the idea. - LightningStrike

15 Wooden Sword

Only a toy sword

16 Pumpkin Seeds

Obsolete early in the game.

17 Red Candle

It just burns bushes and that's it. Not fun. It's a waste of your inventory. - LightningStrike

18 Shovel
19 Phantom Hourglass
20 Cursed Medal

This item in skyward sword will make rupees appear more often, but at the cost, you can't use any pouch items. No shields. No potions. No nothing.

21 Purple Chu Jelly

Anything can happen if you drink this jelly in Twilight Princess...

22 Spinner

I fell in LOVE with this item the minute I saw it. you don't really use it that much, but it's still AWESOME. I loved kicking the crap out of stallord. as long as it's not link's crossbow training stallord. you SHOOT HIS HAND. WHO THE HELL SHOOTS HIS HAND?!

23 Hawkeye

Okay I guess

Nobody really needs it. the hawkeye is a baby toy. I can snipe those weird goblin things from a mile away even without that hawkeye.

24 Bomblings

Who needs bomblings when you have regular bombs? all they do is walk and explode. you can't control the bomblings...

25 Wallet

Link basically has a TARDIS of items in his pockets, so why does he even need the wallet upgrades?!

26 Gust Bellows

The gust bellows really suck.It's the inferior,immoble,and boring version of the gale boomerang.I would prefer that a lot more than the boring gust bellows.'😪😒😡

27 Quake Medallion

It makes earthquakes that don't kill much. It's useful but it's not greatly useful. - LightningStrike

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