Top Ten Worst Zodiac Signs

What zodiac sign you have found difficult or unfair that you can't stand

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1 Cancer

I'm a cancer I'm caring considerate and smart I admit we do be stupid in love but not stupid towards education Capricorns should be number one they cold they take advantage of innocent people have no feelings and very greedy about money and sneaky

Cancerians can be very manipulative and dramatic. They like to start things and take advantage of your kindness. After doing something they don't like, they hate you for the next 5 billion years! They also keep talking about negative things that happened like 2 years ago! BUT, the good quality about them is they are kind and helpful - doodleperson524

My dads a cancer and is the most caring dad. - JakePlaid

Cancers are not as manipulative, controlling, or jealous as they are often negatively depicted. They are, however, over-sensitive, needy emotional wrecks

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2 Gemini

The only reason geminis are at the top, is because Trump happened to be a gemini, and the reason people see geminis as so horrible is because you're clearly misunderstanding them. The truth is, they actually DO secretly care A LOT about people, they just don't know how to express their emotions since they're automatically more on the logic and intelligence side. And those "two faces" you see, actually represent that geminis can see MULTIPLE perspectives of one thing. They really don't hate anybody, but they are afraid of being hurt by other people, and they already have to deal with their own active mind every single day. They talk a lot because they really want people to understand them, but apparently they can't, which is pretty disappointing to me.

I will come close you, make you emotionally dependent on me, and then will get bored of you.

True two face we are. (Can possibly have more faces, no less)

My father is one. The biggest liar, hypocrite, will never admit to ANYTHING, never apologize, likes to point fingers, likes to push buttons, you can never get through to him, he is in a fight with pretty much everyone in our family, pretends to be a saint but is the biggest devil. And despite all that he critisizes me all the time, how I'm bad. And worst of all, he actually thinks he is right, that he is doing the right things.

I don't get along with them AT ALL.

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3 Leo

I'm a Leo, but I don't want to be better than everyone else in the world. Everyone is different. Also, I'm not very selfish. I don't really want attention at all. I don't want to be perfect. Looks don't matter. My 7 year old brother, who is a Libra, is VERY annoying and bossy, thinking that I'm his servant.-Vestalis

Golden hearted and very hard working.

Feels the need to put on a show constantly but you can't ignore them because a show always needs an audience. Also feels entitled to everyone and everything

Ugh. I've disliked every Leo I've met, except for one, my longtime best friend. I don't know what's up with them, but once you get to know them and are comfortable with them, they are so rude and self-centered. So two-faced.They disgust me. It's crazy how caring they seem at first and then how trashy and awful they are once you get to know them. Makes me cringe every time I think of one. They're always picking fights and don't care, and exaggerate. Think they're always right but rarely are. Dear Leos, YOU AREN'T ROYALTY.

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4 Scorpio

This is one of the signs with most personality and one of my favorite signs, one that I think fits me very well but for some reason I barely have it in my chart apart from the fact that I am Mars dominant and Pluto is conjunct to my sun. Jealous and secretive definitely describes me, I can also easily predict what people think. I can be very moody and dark. As for the people born under this sign, are a mixed bag. Some are very fun people to be around, and other are just rude, they are the opposite of an intense, mysterious person, they are just mean.

I'm a Scorpio. I'm extremely kind to everyone around me and never get jealous. I never get mad at the small things. So this is all a crappy lie

Cures a lot. Also can sAy very rude things and also be fake when nobody is around and can't see when someone is sick or sad likes. To spy on you and laugh when other people are down and not normal recoding to them and also jealous but doesn't show it and you can't see their down falls easy behind door but when around many try's to be perfect and smiles a lot.

I am scorpio, I admit I'm a very jealous person, attention seeker, but in love I always give my 100%. I am honest and loyal. I don't trust easily, I know if a person is good or not. I'm a good friend, you can count on me, but never lie to me because you will never earn my trust again, it means goodbye

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5 Taurus

Of all the people I have ever met Taurus is the worst. So negative about everything and you can't engage in a civil conversation because they won't even listen to your opinion. Bull headed to say the least.

Too opinionated, won't listen to your side. Stubborn and lazy. Pretends like they care but really only care about themselves.

Taurus are stubborn stupid and never open up they have the lowest logic one of the worst I have ever met never argue with them

The Taurus people that I've met are stubborn and often retarded.

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6 Aries

From my experience Aries women are far worse than Aries men. At least with the men, I can debate a different point of view and even though you can visibly see them sulk and start a tantrum like a child; I haven't had to worry about them trying to undermine and backstab me because their fragile ego was hurt. Well, at least not that I know of.. hmm. Anyway, I read all this stuff about Aries being intelligent and natural born leaders and all that, But honestly every single Aries, I have ever met or know (except one: which leads me to believe she has a bunch of other stuff in her chart to offset the Aries-ness in her) have not been really intelligent. I have constantly heard them spew as "Fact" details that are 100% incorrect. details that can easily be proven wrong, Yet they speak them as if they are so knowledgeable. Natural leaders, not at all. I would be fearful of having an Aries lead a group I am in because of all the incorrect information they believe as fact. Actually I had an ...more

I apologize, I'm just going to go here every time I need to vent about being a Aries. I hate being one. A lot of the ones I see online just brag about how amazing they think they are. To me, this sign feels like a character in a story before they get any development. It feels like they just gave Aries all of the worst traits and just added some good things so that it wasn't terrible. It is my absolute LEAST favorite element, fire. They love fighting and conflict. I HATE both of those things! They are super competitive. I'm the one telling people it is just a game! They are risk takers. I'm super afraid of risks. Also, each of their strengths (besides generosity) can easily be flaws, too. A lot of the famous people born under this with aren't to great. I long to be any other sign. Aries just describes the opposite of me. I was so close to Pisces, too. If only I was born a week earlier. You just can't make me love or even be content with being an Aries.
(Some of this may be off, but ...more

I already commented something like this, but that got deleted so here we go again. This is my zodiac sign, and I will never understand how. I'm not selfish. I HATE fighting and wish for peace. I'm more of a follower. I'm not that energetic. I'm not really courageous. I'm really cautious. I could go on all day with this, so I won't list every trait I don't fit. The element is fire. Fire has always been easily my least favorite element by far. Besides, it doesn't even suit me! I hate the birthstone, Bloodstone, too. Heck, I sort of think Aries sound a little bit like jerks! (Sorry, Aries people that suit the sign.) I even relate to Aries less than any other sign. I won't ever understand how I am possibly an Aries because I'm so different from one.

Ignore this if you'd like too. I'm just rambling about how much I hate my own sun sign again, for like the millionth time.

I think we are by far the worst sign ever. There is barely anything good about us. We are blunt yet lie a lot, selfish, annoying, egotistical, dumb, ugly, and so much more. The good qualities aren't even that good! Most of the Aries I see online are no help. They think that people only hate us because they are jealous that they aren't Aries. They deny that anyone hates them. They think that Aries is the best sign only because it is their sign, I could go on. Even though nobody I know cares about zodiac signs, having such a bad sign is affecting my self esteem. I get upset when I act remotely like one. Most famous Aries don't help either. Just look at most Aries youtubers... Logan Paul...Sam Pepper... not to great. At all. It also doesn't help that being born a week earlier, I could have gotten my favorite sign. Why, of all the ...more

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7 Virgo

That's crap! I'm a Scorpio and my sister is a virgo and we are like two best friends.

Get this off the list NOW.. Place Scorpio on top

This is mean to everyone in the world. I'm a virgo...this makes me feel bad about myself...

Idiots and heartbreakers

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8 Capricorn

As a Capricorn, I'm shocked to see my sign this far low. Well, reason one being that it's safe to say some are quite secretive. I for one am one of those that cloud up their feelings, until I snap at last. Some of my fellow sign people deny depression, but I sometimes or even rarely say I'm a very depressed kiddo. I thought it'd be obvious, which leads to the next reason why I'm shocked to see my sign at 12. Either some or most of my sign are know-it-alls, much like I can be one quite often. I would put Cancer lower and put my sign somewhere in or closer to the top 5 because my mum is like the shiniest type of golden mum when she's awake. She gives me the most uplifting mum-child relationship type ever, and I learned to BEHAVE from her when near her almost all the time. Unfortunately, I'm a complete know-it-all around everyone else and I can be a real needle in the haystack. That makes reason 3, which is that some Capricorns like me can be considered a huge nuisance due to how ...more

I'm a Cap male and these females are almost as bad as Pisces females but different. They aren't gold diggers but can act very masculine-ish sometimes. They can be very feminine looking on the outside and manners but are like dudes trying to fight you especially with them being one of the toughest females in the zodiac. Like Aries for example except that Aries females are much more feminine. These females tend to say some freezingly cold hearted comments too sometimes. They're also no nonsense business class. At the end of the day, they take home their "kill" and feed their whole family.

We are the most loyal sign by far, sure we'd loathe people who opposed us or rejected us, but our loved ones and those who are loyal in return will always be respected.

This zodiac villain should be higher

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9 Libra

Libra people are good liars to be honest they will get a way with lying but to be honest they always going to get caught with lying. They dumb asf when it comes not getting caught. They also think the better than everybody. They good at insulting people that's for sure. They also will try to pretend to be your friend by flirting with you just so they can get drugs.

What's so bad about Libra? I'm a Libra.

Libra is an interesting character. I really think this is the nicest sign by far, not just by how the traits seem, but all the Libras I met are sweet people and none of them are rude.

Screw this libra does not suck

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10 Sagittarius

Mutability is fiery with this one. When you're in their group of friends, they act like bullies trying to attack you from within the group. When you're not with them, they admit that they missed you all the time. WHAT THE HECK? I'm a Cap. and the only similarity is that they honestly like technology and so do I.

Every comment under this sign is completely wrong. Two members of my family are Sags as well as my best friend and they're all very generous, down-to-earth, adventurous, optimistic and super kind. They also tend to be emotional but they can hide it like pros cause they don't want others to notice. However, I get the Virgo's reference cause Virgos and Sags simply can't get along and in addition Sags are truly impatient. Also, let's not overgeneralize things.Sure there might be Sags full of flaws but that occurs to every other zodiac sign as well.

Talk about you behind your back fake ass

Sagittarius is one of the best sign lol, all these comments are so wrong. As a Sag I'm friendly, down to earth and honest. I'm always there for my friends. Talk behind people's back? Maybe you're a bitch and that's why we do it lol. We have very good judge of character and it's never wrong, so if Sagittarius is on your bad side there's a reason why honey

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11 Aquarius

Aquarius wants this, then wants that, then gives up on everything and starts again. Not reliable at all. They simply don't care and won't do anything for you if you are in trouble or need help. Cold-hearted, selfish, doesn't appreciate support at all because they take everything for granted. A splitted sign. I know many, many Aquarius-people and tolerate a single one of them - but this person is simply a genius.

Can anybody tell me how it is possible that it seems like almost nobody has a problem with dealing with Aquarius people? I mean it's IMPOSSIBLE to cooperate with them because you'll always end up being the stupid one who trusted them when they were saying they would stick to the rules. Love, friendship, work,... the whole life is an act of cooperation and they are simply incapable of it. I've never made any good experience with trusting them. They always left and gave me the feel that all the effort I put in our friendship was worthless. virgo, f

There seems to always be somebody saying that Aquarius' are cold hearted, but in reality the people that say that must be pretty small minded if they're gonna call Aquarius' names and call THEM cold hearted I want proof that all the people on this list are bad, because in reality the only bad people on this page are the people that stereotype others just for the date they were born. This coming from an Aquarius.

Uncommon savant (nerdy) also a potentially trouble solver at some point, op! they're suck at relationship? genuinely

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12 Pisces

! Pisces should be first on the list, I had a friend once and she made an idea up about how we shouldn't talk behind our backs about the group, we were from different countries and it was really unfair for me because there was only another person that could speak Vietnamese but she hasn't learn everything yet and plus she can also speak Chinese like my other friends and I'm the odd one out, so back to what I was explaining. She wanted everyone in the group to night speak behind other peoples backs, I know that's not good but sometimes friends also get frustrated about this stuff, So I disagree with that point of view. Then she said have you ever thought about her feelings well I have another way of thinking it woman, I don't want that for a reason and I have feelings too so have you thought about my feelings first, think before you say. Then she started crying because of that one thing, plus aren't we friends, we can nicely slap each other a bit for fun, we can't do that? What friends ...more

Sure, they're nice people and all. But, they complain about seemingly insignificant things, like say someone's profile pic, or a smear on their phone. They act like EVERYONE should know about every single one of their problems, and that everyone should love and care about them. They also whine and cry about no one caring about them. However, when you DO comfort them, they say, "You don't understand me. Go away," and cry about everything. Sensitive, whiny, and always making mountains out of mole hills.

I also don't understand why they manipulate people into loving them. They act sweet, shy, affectionate, luring people in with their lies. Then they cry about their problems. Usually they'll act like they'll die over their little issues. The person, now sympathetic for the Pisces, comforts them, not realizing that they only want attention. Why do they have to be so dang dramatic, when they could just outright say their problems?

Here is something else about them: ...more

I'm sorry, I really dislike Pisces. Honestly, I don't know where all that "Pisces are empathetic and understanding" thing came from. I have not been directly hurt by any Pisces (if I don't count verbal abuse and manipulation), but I really know a lot of them, so I quite have experience. I'm talking from my point of view, but I feel like Pisces' fakeness is well underrated. That's not even the worst part for me, because if they were just fake people around them could just ignore them and that would be it. Every Pisces I've met feels in the position to make hateful comments about others, give destructive criticism and, in general, hurt other people feelings without even realizing they are doing it (what is quite worrying, by the way). I'm pretty sure I've never heard a Pisces making a joke that doesn't involve mocking other people or just being unnecesearily filled with hatred. But then, when it comes to them, you can become the monster they want you to be so they can victimize ...more


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