Worst Zoey 101 Characters

Now I grew up with this show and love but some of the characters aren't very likable

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1 Zoey Brooks

I hate Zoey. In the episode where Dustin dates Trisha Kirby, she had Chase do all the work for her when she's DUSTIN'S BROTHER. She acts like a douche to everyone in the show and I personally think: Nicole, Dana, Lola and Quinn shouldn't have had to suffer with her as a roommate. And what's with everyone worshipping her?! THERE ARE WAY BETTER PEOPLE THAN ZOEY! And seeing Zoey's life in the show makes it look like it's easy to do about... ANYTHING. I hate Zoey even if I like the show. Why does she have to be the main character? Lola could have been a better main character or even Chase. Chase 101, Lola 101... I dunno. Just please, no more Zoey. Okay, rant over.

Why is she the worst one she's the best this person who should be number
one is Rebecca because she blackmailed zoey and made her to stop
talking to chase and made her life misable.

Zoey is easily the worst character on the show. Not only is she the most uninteresting character who hogs the limelight and is magically good at everything, but she's actually kind of horrible especially in the later episodes, particularly to Logan. James was essentially a Zoey CC but even more uninteresting.

Her best moments are the times where she's not perfect like when Chase apologizes to her via video chat in the 2nd part of Goodbye Zoey. She's so pissed; it's great. The best acting moment of the whole series (even outside Lola who has these hilarious random scenes) was when Chase's Grandma dies and Zoey comes out in the rain to comfort him. She just asks him if he wants to be alone. He says no, then she walks over sits next to him and embraces him in the rain. That was perfect, it wasn't corny. Director did a great job with that scene.

But, Zoey's worst moment was the whole Angry Logan episode. That was a disaster. The whole episode is so hypocritical because it's ...more - FTWingz

If she were a real person everyone would hate her. I seriously hate Zoey so much. She's such a sensitive little brat and gets so upset when things aren't going her way and she just assumes things always should. Why does everyone in the show like her?!?!?!? She's seriously an awful character. There's not one likeable thing about her. I could go on forever.

2 Coco Wexler

Coco is so annoying but her heart was broken all the time by her boyfriend witch apparently married her mom I'm like really you married his mother anyway coco is annoying when she gets heart broken and crystal to much and she needs to act like a damn adult because the way she acts when someone breaks up with her she acts like a child

She's annoying and disgraceful, all she does is eat and be a bother for everyone in the show.

She is just wow in a bad way

Worst fat crybaby ever

3 Mark Diffigalo

In The Radio episode where he said the radio belonged to Zoey, that decision was so biased. He only chose Zoey because Quinn was on her side. Biased much? Also he is just plain dull and boring and weird that I get annoyed by how Quinn thinks he is good looking and exciting.

Believe me I love the show but some episodes I just wanna be like really why why because if Logan pranked Tory she always go to far with her pranks I mean why can't he get an ass whooping isn't that better than a prank

He's stupid and didn't deserve Quinn the least bit. He has no feeling and the only times he was nice to Quinn was when he told her she didn't look stupid in the pageant when she was 5 and in Miss PCA he said she had beauty. Whatever. Mark was actually funny when he said he wanted to play Annie in the episode The Play, but he's stupid after that.

He was very weird and stupid, but at least he was good comic relief. - ToptenPizza

4 Dana

I never really liked Dana or Nicole. I never really got to know Dana's character on the show. Like Andrea said, the only good thing Dana did was bring Elvis back from the shelter. All I know about Dana's character was that she had was a slob, she got tough with a lot of people and she was good at basketball. I would have liked to have gotten to know her character more. Also like Andrea said, Lola and Quinn are perfect and I also enjoy watching and having Lola and Quinn on the show way more than Dana or Nicole. I did not like Nicole either because she was too preppy and annoying and too obsessed with boys. I didn't like Dana because of the way she acted on the show. To me, neither Dana nor Nicole were that great of characters. I never really bonded with Dana as a character at all, and Nicole was starting to get on my nerves by the time she left. Lola and Quinn are perfect, and I enjoy them being on the show way more than I ever liked Dana or Nicole. Dana's only shining moment for me ...more

Dana is cranky and bossy. I do not like Dana or Logan. Dana acts too bossy for Zoey and Nicole to like her.
Dana - I hate how mean things get between her, Zoey and Nicole during Season 1. It's about as mean as they get on. Farm. Lola is way better, in my opinion. Dana arrives and it is made clear that she and the other two will not be getting along as easily. Zoey and Nicole become friends right away. Then both Zoey and Nicole meet their other roomate Dana who will not be easy to get along with. They head off to their room where we meet a very mean character Dana who is their room mate too. After Dana leaves, Zoey fix's Nicole's shirt then they leave to go explore the campus. I never ever even like Dana Cruz from the start all because of her bad attitude towards her own roommates so it truly shows she was an unwanted roommate. It's just not fair that Nicole and Zoey had to be stuck and suffer sharing a dormitory room with that bossy, bratty, cranky, snobbish, aggressive, dreadful ...more

She entirely has a whole entire bunch of too many rage issues. She needs to control her negative emotions more. She especially needs to control her temper. She mostly needs to control her anger more. Dan just had to make her unlikable and he especially just had to force Dana to have roommates against their will. Stupid Dan! Dana Cruz should've been the one who deserves to have a dormitory room all to herself without any and any other roommates all because she has a lot whole entire bunch of too much and too many anger issues (rage issues) so far.

Good riddance to Dana Cruz. She's so bossy and really aggressive towards other people and Logan Reese is far worse than her. Zoey and Nicole are better off without her now and better off with Lola Martinez. Lola Martinez is better than Dana Cruz because Lola and Nicole always get along better than Dana and Nicole could because of the constant everlasting girl drama issues between Dana and Nicole. It's not fair that Dana and Nicole just had to have the same best friend Zoey. Stupid Dan Schneider.

5 Stacey

She is ugly and has the worst voice and can't even sing and all she wants to talk about is cotton swabs wats so great about those you use to clean out your ears and clean other stuff

She should be #1 on this list

6 James Garret

He's always helping Zooey do mean things to Logan like when he flushed the toilet so that the shower would get boiling hot when really that's not funny that's just being a jerk and like the episode where they tried to get Logsn angry and in this episode Dustin was a brat just because he sent that voicemail doesn't mean they had to turn him into a rainbow pour honey on his motorcycle seat and float away his art project I'm not saying I like Logan he's a jerk but just because he's a jerk doesn't mean you have to be a jerk back!

He's only there just to constantly help Zoey do mean things to Logan and is basically a new Chase because he is constantly helping her be mean, and they both somehow like her. Geez.

He doesn't even do anything but help Zooey do mean things. DIE! - Coolpants

James is not that cute. I don't see how or why everyone likes him so much. The blondes get most of the attention in the show.

7 Dustin Brooks

He used to be adorable but towards the end of the show he was such a brat.

Yo I'm just saying Matthew, Dustin, and Lola shouldn't be on this list. So this is my list... Mark, Dana, Logan, Nicole, Zoey, and surprised no one put Coco on this list.

Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die died ie die! - Coolpants

Eh he's ok

8 Dean Rivers

Worst. Dean. Ever. What more can be said?

9 Nicole

Who put Nicole on here? I loved her character, and I try to enjoy Seasons 3 and 4, but it just isn't the same without her. I guess she did scream a lot, but that was just for the 1st season. She actually seemed to mature a lot in Season 2. Plus, she was hot!

It's just not fair that Zoey and Nicole has to suffer with Dana Cruz as a roommate because of the boarding school assigned dormitory rooms.

She is so annoying all she did was scream.

Blame Dan Schneider for deciding to make Dana Cruz and Nicole Bristow sharing the same room with each other by forcing them to be roommates. It's Dan Schneider's problem for deciding to put Dana Cruz and Nicole Bristow in the same dormitory room at Pacific Coast Academy. It's entirely all Dan Schneider's fault. The vitriolic friendship girl drama would've never ever even happened if Dan Schneider hadn't chose to force Dana and Nicole to be roommates and have Dana Cruz and Nicole Bristow having to share the same dormitory room at Pacific Coast Academy. I rather prefer Dana Cruz and Nicole Bristow being in different dormitory rooms in Pacific Coast Academy so they could be far better off without each other and also stay far away from each other as possible. Dan Schneider could've let Dana have the dormitory room to herself meaning without having to share a dormitory room with any unwanted, annoying roommates so Dana deserve peace and quiet like sleeping, studying and any other stuff ...more

She needs more self control. We should've seen her in all girls boarding school back then before.

10 Lola Martinez

What kind of name is Lola?

A character that shouldn't be on the list. She is better than Dana because she's nicer.

I can't believe she believed Logan about what he said about zoey. Zoey was being nice by making both of their dresses. Lola started the whole mud fight too in the miss pca episode, she really was so mean to zoey.she should have trusted zoey, she shouldn't believe logan. After all logan isn't really nice either, so I don't know why lola believed him over zoey.

Obvious annoying replacement for Dana.

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11 Logan Reese

I only like Logan because he's the only person in the ENTIRE show that doesn't like or listen to the princess every word he's still a jerk though... - Coolpants

Do you people realize that he is the reason "the princess" is still at PCA? Then he stands up for her after she got beaten I'm wrestling, then tutored her in chemistry. Then she still calls him dumb and a jerk. She is the one that is dumb and a jerk.

He is such a sexist jerk and isn't even that good looking.

I'm just joking he isn't from my hometown and he didn't go to my school. I was just kidding. I'm the one that wrote that comment saying that I did.

12 Chase Matthews

There are tons of good girls at that beach party I mean school, and you pick that?

Agreed, chase was such a white knight to Zoey, no wonder Zoey had 2 boyfriend before him... He was a beta...

Chase is like zooey he will not tell her he love her because he thinks it will wreck their friendship in zoey 101 spring breack up

13 Maurice

Screw Maurice

14 Jeremiah Trottman
15 Mira
16 Quinn Pensky

Okay she does not belong on this list take her off now!

She is so annoying and makes everything a big deal out of nothing

What a total nerd and a science whiz

She is such a bad actress, her laugh is SO fake!

17 Michael Barret
18 Lisa
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