Worst Zombies Weapons In Call of Duty History

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21 PPSh-41

Your joking me. When pack-a-punched this is the best gun in zombies, period. It literally is the best gun.

Id like to speak to the retarded brain dead idiot who put this on the list

How. Obviously whoever put this hasn't used ppsh

Speaking of ppsh, dlc 3 hype, amirite?

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22 Gorgon

This gun is hilarious. Just the perfectly fits the gun. Gorgon- the humongous guy at the gym who only works out his upper body. But he's slow in every category. You move slow you aim slow you reload slow you shoot slow you slowly kill the zombies. I was so excited when I first got it. Your ammo is so tiny you can only kill like 80 zombies. No money made just a waste of time. Kinda like the barf from waw

I would rather that the BAR over this hunk of garbage. At least with the BAR, you could buy it off the wall in most maps except Der Riese in World at War for 1800 points (2500 in Verruckt) And you can make all of your points back with the BAR and it's decent when Pack A Punched. The Gorgon has a fire rate of 327 while the BAR has a fire rate of 375! (545 pack a punched) It also does more damage and reloads quicker than the Gorgon. The Gorgon can cost anywhere from 950 to tens of thousands of points since it's only available from the Mystery box. Your better of with the BAR.

The Gorgon would've been decent if you put a Rapid Fire attachment and get Double Tap 2.0. Still, it shoots so slow.

I hate the gorgon it shoots slow

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23 Sheiva

This thing falls under the same catagory as the smr. It may not be as inaccurate as it but the fire rate is SO SLOW semi auto with a firing cap that kills this thing. Small ammo capacity the SAME RELOAD ANIMATION AS THE SMR that's slow and you do the flip thing. I just expected this thing to be like the m14, we all cut the m14 some slack because it is a wall buy and you don't have to get it. The Sheva is a wall buy and BOX WEAPON it's not even like a money maker on earlier waves it kills them then the damage drops to like NOPE. Horrible terrible, this cancer of a gun is a disgrace to society

Horrid. mediocre accuracy but horrid after maybe round 5. I would rather have the gorgon or Mr. than have this

Actually ok when pack a punched because shieva actually has high damage and I think that its good for heads

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24 Argus

No, this gun is ok non pack a punched then you pack a punch it with 25 ammo in the clip and tons more damage even better than some other shotguns.

I think because it's has bad accuracy.

Ok honestly this thing really is not that bad. I mean it's bad but not that bad especially considering your other shotgun options, the krm might be the best wall but we've ever had the haymaker is op and the berrechi is still pretty good. Argus, not so much

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25 Wunderwaffe DG 2

One of the worst wonder weapons due to the kill cap

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26 Chicom CQB

This is a diamond in the rough for the world of trash weapons. For those of you who don't know, this is a terrible weapon. It's ammo capacity may look great, with 40 rounds in the magazine, but those rounds are virtually roasted marshmallows. Yup. These rounds deal hardly any damage in even round 5-10, and since it is burst fire, it burns through ammo like a wildfire. If that isn't enough, it has terrible iron sights that kick up because of it's awful recoil. Don't do this in the next zombies game, please, Treyarch.

Literally the only good thing about this weapon is its tiny recoil. Its low damage and low range and low ammo.

I never expected much from this gun, at first it did what an smg did I was mobile fired fast made some money then my ammo was like ha sucker. Ran out of ammo almost as fast as the kap-40 but that was a full auto pistol what do u expect

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28 S12

Good for stealing other players kills and points on earlier rounds. Otherwise this gun is common and useless.

This thing is god awful packs punched. You get 15 extra shots in the reserve...

Bo2 or aw? If aw, great gun, if bo2, awful

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29 Olympia

This doesn't deserve this spot. For a 500 point wall weapon packed, it's pretty good.

This thing is actually well worth the measly 500 dollars

The Brolympia is actually a fun gun to use. It may be under powered, but pack a punched with doubletap 2.0, it is one of the best shotguns ever

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30 The Ballista (Iron Sights) (Origins)

This is an awesome early round weapon and it is extremely fun to use. Who cares anyway? You'll forget it after wave 5-6

Okay you would expect this to be great right WELL NEWS FLASH IT SUCKS okay!? I would take the barret 50 cal SCOPE instead of this crap but it's a starter wall weapon can you expect anything more? well done treyarch you have trolled us YET AGAIN

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31 M2 Flamethrower

In my own opinion the worst weapon in WAW. You can take fire damage from it if you shoot it close to you, it does low damage. Also after about ten seconds it overheats and take more time for it to cool. Just a weapon I want to forget.

I thought it was so good on earlier rounds. Then it sucked.

32 Executioner

Actually this thing pack a punched was an op sniper. Could mow down hordes you were mobile and I would choose this over a ray gun. Hilariously bad in multiplayer though

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34 PDW

If this is the aw pdw
Makes sense if the bo2 pdw 50
Then you need to use it on low rounds for points and higher rounds it is a great gun

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36 Ray Gun Mark 2

This is by far better then the ray gun this gun mows compared to others

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37 BAR

Useless and bad. Fired too slow not enough ammo.

The BAR is a rifle/LMG in World at War. This costs 1800 points (2500 points in Verruckt). This thing has the slowest rate of fire in Zombies history. However, the Bipod attachment in Verruckt does nothing. So, it's pointless.

38 M1911

This was a starting pistol doesn't count

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39 SVG-100

This POS from Black Ops III makes the Barrett look desirable. It is bolt-action with a six round mag capacity and a MASSIVE scope. The only thing that make it good is it's one hit kill and the ability to put a red dot sight on it.

I wouldn't go that far. Elo fixes the scope, like you said. at least tou weren't out of ammo before the end of the roynd

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40 Ray Gun Mk3

Who ever put this on here swallows

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