Top Ten Would You Rather Questions to Ask Naruto Fans

The Top Ten

1 Naruto or Sasuke?


Naruto - HollowArrow

I like them both a lot.Naruto is one of my favourite characters in naruto (lol).He always makes me laugh and I find him just overall a nice person.On the other hand sasuke is just such a complex character and I find him very interesting.He could be very annoying sometimes,yes,but I also think that he was very misunderstood and was forced to do stuff he didn't really want to do.He is also a badass .But I still choose naruto 😜

2 Itachi or Sasuke?

Itachi - HollowArrow


3 Ino or Sakura?

Ino. Sakura is insufferable. - Goku02

Sakura - HollowArrow

4 Rasengan or Lightning Blade / Cutter?


5 Sharingan, Byakugan or Rennegan?

Sharingan duh - Goku02

Obviously Sharigan - HollowArrow

6 Akatsuki or Taka/ Hebi

Akatsuki of course! - Goku02

Akatsuki - HollowArrow


7 Gaara or Kakashi

Both great - HollowArrow

Kakashi - Goku02

8 Boruto or Himawari?
9 Danzo or Sakura?

Sakura by along shot he killed Shisui. Itachi best friend and many others - HollowArrow

Danzo - Goku02

10 Shikamaru or Neji?

Shikamaru he's way better - HollowArrow

The Contenders

11 Kushina or Mikoto?

Kushina - Goku02

Kushina - HollowArrow

12 Boruto or Naruto?

Naruto by a mile - Goku02

13 Minato or Fugaku?

Minato is much better - Goku02

Minato - HollowArrow

14 Boruto or Sarada?

Boruto - Goku02

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