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61 Would you rather buy a plane or a flying car

A flying car. It would be very cool to have one. - cosmo

Flying car. It would be awesome - Neonco31

A flying car, of course. Since the time I saw Weasleys' car, I want one - littlerunaway

Flying car - PeeledBanana

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62 Would you rather get an A+ on science or get an A+ on math

That's a hard one. I have an A+ on both. - cosmo

I'd rather have an A+ in math. I suck at math. - Pegasister12

Depends on what Science subject. If it's Physics, then Science. If it's othe than Physics, then Math (Physics and Math are the subjects I suck at the most) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Math - PeeledBanana

63 Would you rather be Batman or be Spider-Man

Spiderman (woman in this case, because I'm a girl) because I love spiders more than bats. And spiderman got better abilities - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Spider-man. Because I would love to climb walls, swing, and be strong. Plus he's my favorite super hero. - nintendofan126

Batman, he doesn't fly or shoot webs, but he can punch like a boss. - CasinLetsGoBowling

Spiderman - PeeledBanana

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64 Would you rather poop bricks or pee super cold water

Pee cold water. Cause pooping bricks might hurt. - nintendofan126

I agree with you 2. I would rather pee cold water. - cosmo

Pee cold water - Neonco31

Pee cold water - PeeledBanana

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65 Would you rather drown or suffocate

These questions sound familiar. Aren't these from the Unfriended case on ABC News? - JaysTop10List

It's better to drown. Its less painless. - cosmo

Drowning is suffocating underwater... What's the difference?

Drown - PeeledBanana

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66 Cook or eat wood?

What's bad about cooking wood?

Cook wood - Neonco31

Cook - PeeledBanana

67 Be a sportsman or a celebrity?
68 Be popular or be a loner?

Popular - Neonco31

Popular - PeeledBanana

69 Would you rather eat raw beef or fried worms?
70 Would you rather have teleporting or telekinesis?

Telekinesis. Nothing's better than controlling anything with your mind - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Telekinesis - Neonco31

Telekinesis - FireWasp2004

71 Would you rather swim with 15 great white sharks or swim with a megalodon?
72 Would you rather be a cat for 24 hours or be a dog for 24 hours?

Cat. I love cats better thsn dogs - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Cat - FireWasp2004

73 Would you rather be the king/queen of the world or have 9 lives?
74 Would you rather fight 25 zombies with a pistol or wake up and find a serial killer but you also found a machine gun and a dagger next to you?

Serial killer with a machine gun on my hand - Neonco31

75 Would you rather do something embarrassing in front of a friend or parents?
76 Would you rather be blind but have super hearing or be deaf but have super sight?
77 Would you rather be sexually, uncontrollably attracted to cantaloupes or have a violent orgasm everytime you hear the word "popcorn"?

what - PeeledBanana

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