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1 Would you rather never be able to change your profile picture, or have it change into something unexpected and random, every day?

I would change my profile pic every day. I cringe at it sometimes

I'd keep my forever. The sith Mario symbolizes my reputation and legacy.

I'd never change it. I personally wouldn't want something crude as a pic, and am currently happy with the pulsar.

I'd pick the first option. Having my picture change into something random each day would be strange, and if I picked that, I'd hope it wouldn't change to anything gross such as porn.

2 Would you rather be able to remove items from lists, or be able to change rankings using your mind?

Remove items. I see offensive items on lists sometimes that make me very angry

The former is more important for cleaning up certain lists. Why change an order of a list when it's supposed to be ranked by populary anyways?

Changing rankings with my mind would be fun! I'd use this power to annoy, of course.

Change rankings because I think we already can remove items from lists by asking Admin. And I might forgot to put orders in ranking lists, so changing rankings with my mind would be very useful

3 Would you rather be an admin of TheTopTens, or be an owner of the top ten most popular lists of all time?

I already am an owner of one of the most popular TTT lists (Best Movies of 2019). But it's not like I'm known for that. Being an administrator gives you actual power.

Owner of the top 10 lists of all time. I view this website as a hobby and not as a business opportunity

Be an admin, because you're most likely to make changes if you become one than to just own the most popular lists.

I think I would be an admin. If I were the admin, I would put a chat room, let users delete their lists, bring back the number 1 item having a crown, give users the ability to customize their profile, put the dishonorable mention limit up to 6, have all the items on the remix section (not just the ones that are 500 or above), and unsuspend the users who got suspended for stupid reasons.

4 Would you rather give up messaging, or give up making lists and comments?

Obviously the former considering all of my legacy is thanks to list-making and commenting. I can just message by other means of social media

The whole point of the site is to make lists and post comments, so the site would just become another source of social media. If I was the only one who had to make that decision, I would give up lists and comments, but if my choice applied to everyone, I would keep lists and comments because without them the site would fall apart. But in truth, we do already have many great lists.

This one is tough considering I use to be all for the hard working man, and now I'm leaning towards social activity with others, but that's because I wanna see the site grow with great depth. If it came to this it would be to destroy that for the neverending journey to Everest when it comes down to it.

I rarely message anyway, but still, this is a hard one. With only messaging, TheTopTens would be yet another social networking site, but without messaging, there would be little to no social interaction on the site.

5 Would you rather eat a rock or give up TheTopTens forever?

It all depends on the size of the rock. If it's micro-sized one not going to affect me in any way, I mean sure. A big and/or lethal piece of stone? No thanks, my life is more important.

Hey, you said nothing about what we could do with the rock first!

Eat a rock. I'll just take a rock that's soft because it's almost dissolved to dirt so there won't be too much pain while chewing. Of course, I'll need medicine by my side

Can I just eat rock candy? Without the loopholes, I guess a rock because I could eat a very small one that wouldn't be large enough to cause any problems with digestion.

There are creative ways to ingest a rock, like heating and melting it, mixing it in a very large cylindrical centrifuge with a very large volume of drinkable liquid, now the current container is such that the concentration of rock particles increases as you go down the volume of the liquid. Drink the liquid slowly such that your body gets immune to the small concentration of rock on top and gradually increases its immunity and is eventually able to digest the liquid with higher rock concentration. In our drinking water, we have really cool dangerous levels of lead every day, so this is actually a solution as to how to smartly eat a rock and an insight into how to smartly feed the whole population of a city with lead.

6 Would you rather only be able to comment, or only be able to make lists?

Now that's hard. That's because I'm one of the top commenters on TTT, aiming to reach #1 in most comments, but at the same time, I'm one of the biggest active list makers, still having list ideas wanted to be made. But giving up list making for sure in the end though. I could just voice my opinion on stuff on legit the lists that others do and it's more likely that I'll reach #1 in most comments than lists anyways.

Oh, this is hard. If I can only make lists and not comment, I won't be able to provide infos about the items for the list, but I can't only make comments because making lists are fun too. Maybe only comment

I would rather only be able to make comments because I have to lack my brain to come up with a topic for a top tens list.

Only commenting. I could live without the lists because I can hardly think of any ideas for them! And besides commenting is basically my life!

7 Would you rather see what TheTopTens is like in the past, or the future?

The future isn't very interesting in my opinion. Whatever happens will happen simply. I have though heard a little of the past but really knowing of it would be interesting, so the former.

What TheTopTens was like in the past. I’m a new user on this site and I want to learn its history

Future. I wanna see what happens next to prevent things from happening

The future. I'm always looking forward to what the future will hold. Looking back at the past doesn't do me good, especially knowing some users likely left behind some embarrassing things on this site.

8 Would you rather meet and talk with your favorite TheTopTens user, or see all of TheTopTens users without talking to any?

Many users have already done face reveals on BAND and Discord and it really isn't anything in particular. Actually sitting down and talking with one you like would be an interesting experience though.

Meet with my favorite user of Thetoptens and don't ask who it is because we all know already

Meet and talk with my favorite TTT user. Seeing all users is just too much for me, even though I won't talk to them.

This is the first one I don't have a definite opinion about. I would like to see what all the TopTenners look like, but I also would love to talk with them. But the again, there are messages, so I would choose the second option.

9 Would you rather have a conversation with admin in person, or have he/she post their first list?

A conversation. Yet again, it would be an interesting experience. Of course, it depends on which admin you mean, because multiple people are behind that one account.

Why speak to the higher power if I am mutual than anything. Compromise the relationship would be my biggest regret. In that aspect I would love to look at the Admin's once, and a while list give it awhile.

I would rather have a conversation because I have a lot of questions about the top tens.

He/she post their first list, for me, even if it wasn't interesting, its something the whole community can see.

10 Would you rather have an inappropriate picture as a profile picture, or have a dirty message written in your profile?

Surprisingly considering most choices here, I would much rather choose the former. Having a dirty message on my bio would cause wrong rumours and yes while the same could be said for the former as well, you could just write on your bio something that would excuse it, like that you had no other choice.

Have a dirty message. I don't want an inappropriate picture to "represent" me. Also, it's easier and quicker to get rid of the message than to change your profile pic.

I'd take the second. People can glance at the profile pic, so everyone would see it. To see the message on the bio, you would have to go out of your way to scrutinize someone else's bio, so a lot fewer people would see it. Plus, you could make a really long bio so the message gets lost in it.

I'll take the dirty message only because its not as shameful then to post something vile as an inappropriate picture that you'll probably regret for the rest of you're social life. I'm also referring to a certain person in the community who is famous for this act.

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11 Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake?

Justin Timberlake, he's made good songs, he can act, did I mention he has actually made some good music

Justin Bieber. He is a horrible singer and I meant to say Justin Timberlake. I prefer Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberland cause his songs are fun and stuff. Justin Bieber can get boring.

Ha, Timberlake is a golden masterpiece compared to Bieber.

12 Would you rather always be a little bit too hot, or a little bit too cold

Too cold. I can just wear fall/winter clothes all the time or always be under the covers, and I like doing both.

More hot if you're meaning attractive

A little bit too hot, I hate the cold.

Cold so I have an excuse to wear sweatshirts every day

13 Would you rather drink a bottle of ketchup or a bottle of mustard?

Ketchup. If Spencer from iCarly can do it, then so can I!

You have been my favorite user and you continue to be with posts such as this

Mustard. I think it's better than ketchup depending on the taste.

I hate both but probably mustard

Ketchup. Can I eat it with something? I'm not Sans.

14 Would you rather have the admins hate you, or the users hate you

If I said users, admins are technically users so I rather have just admins than all users Including admins.

Admins. I is a thug who break rules. I like being liked.

Admins I'll call the police and say he's breaking the terms of use, and make a new account every day

Have the admins hate me since they are awful and are wrong in many ways.

15 Would you rather be forced to listen to Tyga or get sunburnt?

Be forced to listen to Tyga. He has a few good songs to be honest.

Ow. I got burned.

Be forced to listen to Tyga, even though I hate him

Get sunburnt, that happens to me a lot.

16 Would you rather drown or listen to Country music?

Wow. I hate country music, but this is too much.

Listen to Country music. It's not worth losing my life over.

Drown. Country music is unlistenable.

Country music. Drowning means dying.

17 Would you rather have a well known account because of hate, or a little known account with no haters

Well I'm not quite yet well known to most of the TopTenners, but I'd say in the next year or so that will change very curious if I I'm going to be hated or respected for what I do.

That comment was made in early 2016, and I wasn't sure if I was that popular until near the end of that year proved to be my big breaking point.

Well technically I used to be quite infamous in a way during 2017, and currently I am quite hated by the majority of the community, because of my views on rustling so I'd choose the first one

Little Known Account. That's me, but with 1 hater with no account. The people who matter to me, my favorite users, know who I am and that's all I want.

Little known account with no haters. One of my worst fears is having a well known account with a high member score, but being disrespected.

18 Would you rather never eat you favourite food again or eat your favourite food everyday, for the rest of your life?

Never eat my favorite food again. Why?
In a video game titled "Parappa the Rapper 2," Parappa won a 100-years' supply of noodles. Over time, he gets more and more sick of eating noodles every day and ultimately started to dislike noodles.
This is why I chose the first option.

I would lie about what my favorite food is before answering this question, then pick the first option.

Tough question. I'd have to go with eating it everyday. I can't resist not eating fries, pizzas, burgers, etc for the rest of my life!

Eat it every day. My favorite food is pizza, and because they vary largely, I can have a new style of pizza every day.

19 Would you rather win a billion dollars or never have to work again in your life and still earn money?

Win the billion. I'm quite picky when it comes to jobs and I'd only choose one that's appealing enough for me to be happily devoted to for years. Plus, the thoughts of not doing anything to contribute to our society full of passionate and hard-working people ever again are maddening to me.

Depends on what my job is and if I like it. I choose my own jobs and choose what I like so I'll go with a billion dollars.

I'd go with never having to work and still earning a decent amount of money. I'm a simple person

Win that billion dollar lottery, and be set for life despite tax deduction take away.

20 Would you rather become a vampire or a werewolf?

Well my appearance is nothing, but a blood sucking vampire from the streets of Detroit. Yes... I would become an official vampire before you're very eyes.

Werewolf. Vampires can burn in the daylight, while werewolves are like people that can turn into wolves... Monstrous, vicious, man-wolf hybrid, wolves.

It depends on how much garlic and wood there is within 100 yards of my house.

Can't choose! Both or awesome! I guess I'll have to go with vampire

21 Would you rather have all your lists deleted, or entire account deleted

Both of these would ruin the legacy of the user's accomplishments more than anything. Granted I do have some lists I dislike now, but to remove all of them would be shameful, but also to kill off you're account is even worse. Think about this I stand #3 with the greatest amount of content, and If I were to take all that away I pretty much wasted my entire career.

Lists, because I could just make them again. Besides, I regret making certain lists, so a redo would be necessary.

All my lists deleted, because I could at least still make posts.

Either my lists get deleted, or everything but my lists get deleted. I guess my lists.

22 Would you rather teleport or have the ability to be invisible?

Teleporting a human with our current technology would consume the energy of a small galaxy. I'll therefore leave the beautiful cosmos alone and choose invisibility.

Teleport, I'm in France, Now I'm in Disneyland, Now I'm in Ireland, Now I'm in Russia (crowd started running and chase me)

Invisibility, we all know why the boys would want to be sneaking around with no trace. Don't act like you don't know

I hope I don't teleport into a toilet with naked old ladies...

23 Would you rather spend 20 hours watching Vinny or Joel stream video games on Vinesauce?

I've seen maybe 1 or 2 episodes of the channel, and I would say Joel more than Vinny.

Joel is 100% better.

Let’s watch Shane Dawson instead.

Who the heck are these people? Where’s the option to read Sherlock Holmes for 20 hours lol.

24 Would you rather read a post by Danteem or by SelfDestruct?

Danteem. Self's posts are pretty boring/hypersensitive. At least Dante's were supposedly funny

SelfDestruct is boring and Dante em is a naked mole rat so I'll go with SelfDestruct

SelfDestruct is boring but he's not as bad as Danteem who's obsessed with Luigi.

Again. Who? Not all of us know who these people are

25 Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber for one minute, or be the most hated person in the entire world?

Listen to JB for one minute. That was a stupid question. A sane person would choose listening to a song by a disliked singer for 60 seconds over getting constant hate every millisecond.

I'm pretty sure some troll will come here and say they would rather be the most hated person in the entire world. I would just rather listen to Justin Bieber for one minute.

Listen to Justin Bieber for a minute. I've had enough hate for now since I was hated on many sites, but this being the worst.

Listen to Justin Beiber. The Feeling is actually quite good, and not just because Halsey is in it.

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