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41 Would you rather live on a remote paradise island, just for your friends and family or live with your favourite celebrities, but your never allowed to see your family or friends again?

Family and friends, hands down! I've known my family my whole life, whereas a celebrity is more obscure. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

The former, No one will ever change the love of family. - kontrahinsunu

Live on an island with my friends and family. - FrozenHatingPokefan

I'm sorry, but Halsey means so much to me. The...the second one. WAIT! If I got my friends and family jobs as celebrities...WAIT! It said see! I could have my friends and family come with my Eyes Closed and listen to Eyes Closed by Halsey...WITH HALSEY! - lovefrombadlands

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42 Would you rather kiss a stranger or kiss a total jerk?

Is this a joke? Well...I've kissed a stranger before so imma go wit the stranger. - AlphaQ

I would rather kiss a stranger because he or she could be really nice

What kind of question is this? (Stranger kissed me) (starts beating that stranger's guts up) - kontrahinsunu

I've kissed a stranger 5 times and it felt pretty good... - AlphaQ

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43 Would you rather pee in public or eat spaghetti?

Is this a joke? Obviously eat spaghetti! - AlphaQ

Is it made by a skeleton. That is all. - mattstat716

Eat spaghetti. It's actually nice. - Entranced98

44 Would you rather punch 5 kindergarden students or ruin your most expensive shirt?

Ruin my most expensive shirt. I can just save up some money, buy a new one and move on, whereas I'd never forget the guilt of punching young children. - Entranced98

Ruin a shirt. Honestly, my most expensive short was 34 dollars. I can afford that. - lovefrombadlands

45 Would you rather fight John Cena or The Terminator?

Uh... John Cena won't kill me, will he? - mattstat716


46 Would you rather be caught picking your nose or masturbating?

That's like asking if I want to be shot in the brain and die painlessly or ran over by a train but still live. - mattstat716

47 Would you rather drown or listen to Country music?

Listen to Country music. It's not worth losing my life over. - Entranced98

Drown. Country music is unlistenable. - AlphaQ

They're the same thing! - lovefrombadlands

Drown. I love water and not country. Also, I would do it in deep water. And make someone throw me. HALSEY LYRICS COME TRUE! - lovefrombadlands

48 Would you rather have sex with Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy or Alphys from Undertale?

Why is it always the shy girls - xandermartin98

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