Top 10 “Would You Rather” Questions Related to School

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1 Would You Rather Be forced to Go to School in Christmas or no Summer Break?

So do we mean go to school on Christmas day. If that's the case I'll give up summer break. If not then I'm not giving up my 2 months in the Summer for 2-3 weeks in December.

Probably on Christmas, because that's only one day of school versus having no summer break, which is over 2 months.

An extra day is school is nothing so obviously the former

Probably forced to go during Christmas break because it’s only 2 weeks

2 Would You Rather be Forced to sit next to the biggest bully for the rest of the year, or only get Fs for tests and Assignments for the Rest of your Life?

The bully. F's are seriously harmful to the future, and the biggest "bully" in my school is totally chill

The bully, because getting F's are bad for your future and much worse than sitting next to a bad person.

I'll set next to the bully. I got friends that can back me up.

The bully, It can't be that bad right...?

3 Would You Rather Have your Best Friend Leave the School or Favourite Teacher Leave the School?

This is hard. The thing is I might never have my favorite teacher ever again, so I guess I'll keep my friend.

Either works completely fine for me, but I'd choose best friend. A bad teacher makes a subject boring.

Favorite teacher (I don't have one, so no big loss.)

favorite teacher

4 Would You Rather Have Your Favourite Music Artist Perform in Front of the School, or Your Favourite Sports Team Come to the School?

As much as I would love to see Weezer perform at my school, I would love to meet the Fremantle Dockers players and coach. Especially Nat Fyfe and Michael Walters.

I would love to see the Green Bay Packers come to my school.

Music artist as I don't have any favourite sports team

First option, I don't have a favourite sports team.

5 Would You Rather Never Get Anything Lower than A+s, or Date the Hottest Boy/Girl in your Class? (and never break up)

This one is pretty irrelevant because I am gifted and still go to a normal school, and therefore my marks never drop lower than "A". One dream girl, coming right up!

This is obvious! As long as you get C on everything or most subjects, it's nothing to worry about. There's no way I could resist the girl in this situation

I would choose the date the hottest guy option if I went to school with Freddie Mercury, but, since I didn’t, and I don’t have a crush on anyone at school, I’ll go with the A+ option.

Definitely date the dream girl. I make enough A's anyway currently.

6 Would You Rather Get Your Backpack Stolen With No Possible Way of Getting it Back (This contains your phone, money, books and laptop) or Get Trapped in your Locker for 6 straight hours?

This all depends. Is it a big locker with holes for breathing? Or are my valuables in the backpack cheap with no important data? Not answering this one

The locker.

I'll get trapped in a locker I can't fit in 😂.

7 Would You Rather Never do Maths again or get Dismissed at 1 o’clock?

No maths. Yeah it's important but I can always do some at home, and in my own pace. And we have calculators in today's world.

Depends. If the end of my day is full of fun classes, I'll go never do Math again. If my end of day sucks, I'll do the dismiss at 1.

No math, it's not my best subject.

Maths is important, so 1 o’clock dismissals.

8 Would You Rather lose an Assignment You Worked on for Months, or Accidentally ruin your Best Friend’s Science Fair?

Ruin my best friends science fair. For one I've never been in a science. 2nd I feel like I'm a jerk for saying this, but I think it would be funny. 3rd I hate losing assignments I work on for a day. I can't imagine months.

Accidentally ruin my best friend's science fair, because it would be an accident.

Keyword: accidently

I’ll take the selfless option here. Lose an assignment you worked on for Months.

9 Would You Rather Show up to School Nude or Get Beaten up By Bullies Every Single Day?

Nude. Getting beaten up everyday could result in death. And besides, who cares about some status? It's not like it matters that much later in life anyways

Nude. Getting beaten up everyday can cause lifelong problems with the organism!

I would hate to get beaten up every single day though.

Show up nude, because it will only happen once.

10 Would You Rather go to School Saturday and Sunday too or Would You Take Classes at Night?

Night School. Weekends are dedicated to work and rest.

Night class. I had to do it for Dual Enrollment anyway.

Night hands down. I'm more awake at that time.

Night classes

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11 Would You Rather go to a School Without Toilets or You Would Take Classes in a Toilet Seat?

This is a pretty good one, but I’d choose to go to school without toilet seats. I can probably go to school without eating or drinking.

Who uses the restroom at school?

12 Would you rather be hated by everyone else or have no good teachers?
13 Would You Rather Watch your Favourite Movie for English or your Favourite TV Show for English?

TV-Show, because they go on longer than most movies (unless it's SAO Calibur)

Bruh I'll watch Doctor Who. We'll get out for a semester.

favorite movie


14 Would you rather claim your crush's virginity in high school or college?

Hmm. My Mom would kill me either way. I guess whichever girl is more hot.

What. The freak.

15 Would You Rather Prefer to be Spanked by a Teacher or You Prefer to be Spanked by a Bully?


16 Would You Rather Prefer to Repeat Kindergarten or do You Prefer to Repeat First Grade?

Repeat Kindergarten. You can't remember it as much. I actually had to repeat Kindergarten because I was too young and immature.

17 Would you rather: Be lonely and kind. Or be popular and mean?

Lonely and kind

18 Would You Rather eat Pizza Every Day Working as a Cook in the School Canteen or Would You Eat Hamburgers Every Day Mapping the Floors of the School Canteen?

I'll be a chef and eat pizza.

19 Would You Rather Prefer Girls to Wear Short Skirts or do you Prefer Girls to Come Without a Bra?

I'm guessing that this was a boy that made this question. -_-

20 Would you rather: Date the hottest person in the world but is the meanest person in the world. Or date the ugliest person in the world but is the kindest person in the world?
21 Would You Rather Have No Lunch or Have No Recess?
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