Best Wrestlemania Pay Per View Events

There have been many Wrestlemania PPVs. Which one is your favorite?

The Top Ten

1 WrestleMania XXVIII
2 Wrestlemania X-7

wrestlemania 17 was best. everyone know that

In my opinion wrestlemania 28 was the best wrestlemania ever

Wrestlemania 17 is the greatest ( Kane vs raven vs big show: triple threat hardcore match, angle vs Benoit, Shane vs Vince: street fight, TLC match, undertaker vs hhh, stone cold vs rock: no disqualification)

Wrestlemania 19 is close second ( team angle vs los guerreros vs Benoit & rhyno: triple threat tag team,
Hbk vs Jericho, hhh vs booker t, hulk hogan vs Vince McMahon: street fight, stone cold vs the rock,
Lesnar vs angle)

So yeah in my opinion 17 and 19 are by far the 2 greatest wrestlemania's and compared to all the others are in a league of their own.

3 Wrestlemania XIX
4 Wrestlemania III
6 Wrestlemania XIV
7 Wrestlemania X
8 Wrestlemania XXIV
9 Wrestlemania 21
10 Wrestlemania XX

Great main event
Great WWE title match
Four great matches
= great show

The Contenders

11 Wrestlemania 27

you had edge vs alberto del rio for the world heavyweight title(edges last match and albertos first wrestlemania) and the classic rematch from wrestlemania 17 triple h vs undertaker no holds barred and you had the rock as the host - jared5

12 Wrestlemania 2000
13 WrestleMania XV
14 Wrestlemania XXX
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