Top Ten Wrestlers Who Have Great Action Figures

This list isn't about rare figures or particular lines but instead it's about the wrestlers who made for great action figures and were able to show off there over-the-top personalities perfectly through a piece of plastic.

The Top Ten

1 Hulk Hogan LJN Figure

The Hogan LJN is not only rare but it was one of the first figures to carry a belt. Not great quality like Mattel but still the cream of the crop of its time. - josamaroo

2 Ultimate Warrior Defining Moments Figure

Sporting an awesome coat that sums up his charismatic personality - josamaroo

3 Aj Mattel Elite

AJ will forever be remembered for her carefree attitude and wild choice of ring gear and these figures sum up her personality perfectly - josamaroo

4 Kane Jakks Pacific

When Kane showed up in The WWE back in 1997, there were no characters remotely close to his wicked persona so Jakks Pacific were able to make his figures look impressive with lifelike masks. - josamaroo

5 Undertaker Hasbro

The Hasbro figures were plastic figures that didn't move much except each wrestler did one move like Undertaker figure which had an arm sticking out and if you twisted it, it could do a clothesline. My first wrestling action figure. - josamaroo

6 Rob Van Damn Jakks Pacific

Rob Van Damm Had many colourful singlets throughout his career and Jakks were able to display many of these through there action figures - josamaroo

7 Sting and Nwo WCW Nitro Figures

Not very moveable but the detail was awesome. - josamaroo

8 John Cena Mattel Figures

John Cena has a very colourful personality and shirts so Mattel has been able to show off both with there Elite line. - josamaroo

9 Stone Cold Jakks Pacific

No wrestler had been bigger than Austin so it's no surprise you couldn't turn around in a you aisle in the 90's without seeing Austin - josamaroo

10 Kamala Hasbro Figure

The figure that displayed a moon on his belly is rare and very colorful. Not the greatest line of figures but very detailed - josamaroo

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