Top 10 Wrestling E-Federations

Find out who are the Best of the Best in the e-wrestling world!

The Top Ten

1 jOlt Wrestling
2 High Octane Wrestling
3 Boardwalk Wrestling

Only open almost 7 months and smokes the competition!


I left fedding long ago. But missed doing posers, I started off just with that, read the shows, joined the ooc. It feels like home, something I missed for a long time after my fed of 12 years closed. Glad to have a home like DEFIANCE!

5 New Alberta Pro Wrestling

Laid back atmosphere with some awesome RPers and matches!

6 United Toughness Alliance

How this got only #6 bewilders me. This is the only fed I've ever been in that EVERY day there is something new. Live events, studio shows, a weekly show, a bi-weekly bigger show. It's INSANE. That and the fact Ben puts so much into the fed. I haven't seen one other fed head do that, especially by themselves like Ben.

This place is simply awesome. The guy who runs this place is not a slouch in any way, and it's all about running a competitive, fun environment. If you're going to check anyone out, this is the place.

Wrestle UTA has been the most fun in my entire e-fed career. I've been active off and on since 1998 and I've got to say, Ben and Wrestle UTA have beaten them all. Hands down.

I'm not in the UTA, but I follow it because it's the best stuff I've seen in a long time. If I ever decide to come out of retirement it will be in the UTA.

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7 Pure Class Wrestling
8 Supreme Championship Wrestling

Best Talent of any company out there and that speaking of a 9 year veteran of the company. Although could be treated better.

9 Sin City Wrestling
10 4 Corners Wrestling

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11 Girl Power Wrestling
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