Top 10 Wrestling E-Federations

Find out who are the Best of the Best in the e-wrestling world!

The Top Ten

1 jOlt Wrestling
2 High Octane Wrestling
3 Boardwalk Wrestling

Only open almost 7 months and smokes the competition!


I left fedding long ago. But missed doing posers, I started off just with that, read the shows, joined the ooc. It feels like home, something I missed for a long time after my fed of 12 years closed. Glad to have a home like DEFIANCE!

5 New Alberta Pro Wrestling

Laid back atmosphere with some awesome RPers and matches!

6 United Toughness Alliance

How this got only #6 bewilders me. This is the only fed I've ever been in that EVERY day there is something new. Live events, studio shows, a weekly show, a bi-weekly bigger show. It's INSANE. That and the fact Ben puts so much into the fed. I haven't seen one other fed head do that, especially by themselves like Ben.

This place is simply awesome. The guy who runs this place is not a slouch in any way, and it's all about running a competitive, fun environment. If you're going to check anyone out, this is the place.

Wrestle UTA has been the most fun in my entire e-fed career. I've been active off and on since 1998 and I've got to say, Ben and Wrestle UTA have beaten them all. Hands down.

UTA is the #1 e fed I've ever seen. Ben does an incredible job!

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7 Pure Class Wrestling
8 Supreme Championship Wrestling

Best Talent of any company out there and that speaking of a 9 year veteran of the company. Although could be treated better.

9 Sin City Wrestling
10 4 Corners Wrestling

The Contenders

11 Girl Power Wrestling
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