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1 Brothers of Destruction

Undertaker and kane always domination of what they do I always have ben a big fan of them - benjamin2000extreame

2 DX
3 Hardy Boys

Great tag team great fan of the hardy boys - benjamin2000extreame

4 Edge and Christain

The peep and his best friend edge. edge and christain team extreame - benjamin2000extreame

5 Team H*** No

Daniel bryan and kane NO! This tag team is not the best YES! It was susessful - benjamin2000extreame

6 Rhodes

I love you cody and goldust

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7 The Dudley Boyz
8 Mega Power V 1 Comment
9 Legends of Doom

What a rush hawk and animal the road warriors very famous tag team in the 80s so why wouldn't they be in my list - benjamin2000extreame

10 The S.H.I.E.L.D.

One of the coolest factions ever, especially considering their era. - Havinstroke

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The Contenders

11 Legion of Doom
12 Usos V 1 Comment
13 A.P.A
14 Head Cheese
15 X-Factor
16 Prime Time Players

It's a bad team darren young and titus o neal I'm suprised they got millions of dollars - benjamin2000extreame

17 Nexus
18 Booker T & Goldust
19 Goldust & Stardust
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1. Hardy Boys
2. The Dudley Boyz
3. Edge and Christain
1. Brothers of Destruction
2. DX
3. Team H*** No



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