Best Wretch 32 Songs

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1 Don't Go

One of the best tracks of all time. Best songs from wretch 32 are don't go, traktor, unorthodox.

Hush little baby and blackout deserve to be mentioned on this list.

2 Hush Little Baby

No other Wretch 32 track hits the level that hush little baby reaches, powerful and epic... One of my favourite tracks of all time. Followed on by traktor and don't go.

This is how awesome wretch 32 can get and he is a proper legend.
Nothing can reach no where near hush little baby it is amazing.

3 Traktor

Love it. Nothing can top it.

Must listen to this tune. Wretch 32 full throttle.
Would give this near the top spot on this list.

4 Blackout

No explaining, just amazing.

Has to be the greatest song from wretch 32.
If you don't like it then you have no soul.

Blackout is the greatest and latest.

5 Don't Be Afraid
6 Doing OK

Oh my god, defiantly recommend this. Has to be the best from wretch 32.

Ace rap song.

Just absolutly amazing work.

7 Let Yourself Go

Love it.

1) let yourself go
2) unorthodox
3) traktor
4) don't go
5) hush little baby

Best tunes from wretch 32
Brilliant. Just love it.

8 Unorthodox

Best song. Deserves to be higher on this list.
I'm sorry, unorthodox should be number 4

I've put it in the wrong spot.
At least it is still in this list

It deserves to be in the top ten list.

Best wretch 32 song. Full stop.

9 Forgiveness

Amazing, how can any other song top it.

I'm defiantly voting this as the best song from wretch 32.

10 24 Hours

Best song. Fits into FIFA 14, absolutly amazing.

The Contenders

11 6 Words

Probably one of most beautiful songs I've heard, should be number 1 without a doubt, followed by Unorthodox.

12 Beat It Up Freestyle
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