Top Ten Best Writing Prompt Websites

A collection of the best websites that offers writing prompts that help spark an author's creative juices.

The Top Ten

1 Writersdigest

"Write Better, Get Published" Not only offers prompts, but also is an educational resource. - LiterallarylyMe

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2 PW

This website has a number of resources and contests for writers. There are even paying contests for those bold enough to enter! - LiterallarylyMe

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3 Literative is new but full of promise. Offering free weekly writing prompts, forums for authors, and blog post tips for self-publishing. This is a great place for authors to submit weekly challenges and get promoted when won. - LiterallarylyMe

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4 Dailyteachingtools

With a focus on a teaching resources, don't let the outdated style fool you, these prompts help students think and write. - LiterallarylyMe

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5 Awesomewritingprompts

Though, to date, this list is 6 months behind, the concept is still awesome! I just wish there were a place to submit and get feedback. - LiterallarylyMe

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6 Theteacherscorner

Daily writing prompts always keeps it fresh. It is hard to run out of inspiration there. Exercising with this website will keep you from writer's atrophy. - LiterallarylyMe

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7 Creativewritingprompts

Hover over any of the numbers to get a prompt. I suggest taking two of them and making it more challenging. - LiterallarylyMe

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8 Thinkwritten

Based off concepts, these prompts can be used daily for continual inspiration. - LiterallarylyMe

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9 Thewritepractice

A community that fosters practice. Their "most popular" prompts may be a are ok, but their main mission is to help people know more about getting published. - LiterallarylyMe

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10 Writingforward

This one is more poetry focused. Who doesn't yearn for a bit of inspiration there? - LiterallarylyMe

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The Contenders

11 Reedsy

Tons of short story & writing prompts under the "Tools" section of their blog!

12 ServiceScape
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