Top 10 WTF Moments in Arrow Season 2

The Top Ten WTF Moments in Arrow Season 2

Slade reveals himself to Oliver

We new it was coming but from oliver's point of view wow I gess

We all knew this was coming. But we didn't expect it to be this dramatic. It was basically a cheat code for the rest of the season. - Deathstroke

Thea is kidnapped by Slade
Slade finds out Ivo killed his wife Shadow

Oliver was holding on to this secret for to long. We knew Slade would put the puzzle pieces together sooner or later, but on the ship? The only place Slade is aloud to go nuts? "Well, I decapitated the engineer, so". NUTS, I SAY, NUTS! - Deathstroke

Thea finds out the truth
Moira's Death

Watching T.V., I always just lean back and cuddle up in a blanket, but when she died I sat up, paused the show and banged my head against the couch. - AnonymousChick

The Suicide Squad
The Flash
Isabelle's betrayal
Laurel finds out the truth
Slade in costume

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Shrapnel goes boom
Sara Lance is alive
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