RRF: Crazy Fandom Troubles I've Experienced

RoseRedFlower Just thought I should share some of my craziest fandom troubles that I've personally been apart of. Like when I commented on something I didn't like and rabid fans came after me. Or when there was something I did like but I met someone who was way too obsessed with the same thing. I'm going to use short versions of their real usernames, since I don't think there's any point in harassing these people. So I'm sharing some stories of mine.
Alpha & Omega Experience: For those who don't know, Alpha & Omega is a movie that came out in 2010 and didn't do well with critics and audiences. I was surprised to see the amount of sequels the movie received and watched the second and third one. Once I gave a review on it, I received hate from a certain user we'll call Niko. He sent me death threats and messages about how unfair I was treating this movie. That I shouldn't expect Pixar quality and that it was just a kids movie. Yeah, it was one of those arguments. He used to posts boards on how the Alpha and Omega sequels weren't bad and it was just everyone else who is wrong. While the boards are gone, a Youtuber named Bobsheaux. He too dealt with some bad Alpha & Omega fans himself. One of his videos labeled: Alpha & Omega: Don't Be Hatin' has one of the Niko screenshots he sent to another user who gave a bad review of those movies.
RWBY Experience: On the RWBY wiki was a user that I could not stand. We'll call him Kirito (that's because his username was called that but longer) and he could not stand what happened in Volume 3 of RWBY. When Pyrrha died, he went on a rampage on the wiki. He did all kinds of roleplaying about how he's going to take back Beacon, kill Cinder and how much Pyrrha loves him. When other users thought Pyrrha was dead and didn't want her to come back to life, he lashed out. Pretending to kill people and saying how no one loves you. His behavior became intolerable that he actually changed the Pyrrha page from an official wiki. He said that Pyrrha was captured by Salem and secretly alive when in the show, that was not the case. I once said how sad I felt when I heard the RWBY song 'Cold'. It was a tribute to Monty Oum who created the series. He messaged me saying how I should never forget about Pyrrha and how I should still believe that she's alive no matter what other people said. I told him how I was referring to Monty Oum and that I believed Pyrrha was dead. He went back to roleplaying and said how I fell into Salem's faction. He then proceeded to and I quote "Cut me open until all the stuff inside came out." He finally got in trouble and stopped acting like a crazy fan.
Future Diary Experience: This was at anime expo. I was dressed like Minene Uryuu and my sister was Yuno Gasai, This was my first bad con experience. We wanted to just look around and mostly did cosplay for fun. However, one girl really liked us both....a little too much. The girl started talking nonstop about how Yuno was the Queen of Yandere and how much she worshiped her. My sister was uncomfortable but decided to play it cool. The girl then asked if my sister could kiss her like she does with Yuki. That's when my sister said no and we both walked away. However, this girl just did not leave us alone. We caught her following us all around and I'm pretty sure I saw her take a picture with her phone. That's when my sister got security to escort her out for harassing and stalking us.
Sword Art Online Experience: Well most people know I don't care for SAO but one person I knew in real life did not like my opinion. What's even worse is that he claims to be a true SAO fan and yet he pirated all the SAO episodes. Some 'true fan'. Anyways, this guy was so happy when I turned out to be someone who liked anime. He was a colleague of mine at work. Then that's when things got worse. He believed that I would be the perfect Asuna to his Kirito (his words) and that we should totally hook up. Much to his dismay, I didn't like SAO and I already had a boyfriend. He felt that my boyfriend was the reason I didn't like SAO and yet Erik (my now husband) never saw SAO. He kept bothering me about how I should be with him and not Erik all the time. Saying how Erik is treating me like Sugou from SAO. I can say with certainty that Erik is nothing like Sugou from SAO. It was so stressing and I tried to ignore it. But it finally became too much when he sent me an email about how I should pose as Asuna in this picture for him and gave me his address. The picture was the scene in SAO where Sugou licked Asuna and wasn't wearing any clothes. That's when I told my boss and the man was fired. My older sister (who is hardheaded) also helped me get a restraining order and I blocked his email while changing my email. Never heard from him again.
I've had more bad experiences but I figured this would be a good starting point. Maybe I'll do a part two or not. Leave your own crazy experiences in the comments below.


1- Niko sounds like furry fan.
2- People who roleplay ALL the time are awful.
3- Sorry about your sister's experience.
4- This last one made me sick. Especially if you watched the SAO scene where Sugou licked Asuna. That guy is a total creep! - HoneyClover

I agree with all 4 of your comments. Nicely said, HoneyClover. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Wow, I didn't think these fandom experiences could be THIS bad. Seriously, I really feel sorry that you had to put up with all these disgusting acts.

For Alpha and Omega, that Niko guy was just being plain immature. He does have the right to like Alpha and Omega, but he didn't have to go as far as to personally attack you over it.

For RWBY, well, I feel bad that now Kirito's name is misrepresented by some stupid RWBY fanboy... That line the fanboy said was just downright creepy.

For Future Diary, that Future Diary fangirl just went too far. You and your sister did the right thing to call security on her.

For Sword Art Online, if anything, that guy who was claiming to be a true SAO fan and accusing your boyfriend of being like Sugou was nothing but a perverted hypocrite. In reality, that guy was the one being Sugou. Glad to hear that guy got fired. I wish he would have been arrested and put in jail as well. I'm glad I haven't run across those kinds of SAO fans. The ones I've mostly run into are actually pretty nice people. The only ones I can see as irksome are the rabid ones, but I hardly believe they're as bad as the guy you just mentioned. I like SAO, but I don't act all perverted and vile over it.

Anyways, nice post you made. I'll look forward to you sharing more of your fandom experiences in the near future. I rarely associate with fandoms though, and really, the only ones I've had problems with were hatedoms and anime elitists. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

By the way, I know you may not have personally been a part of this experience, but I'd like you to give your thoughts on the Rick and Morty fandom. Given the whole Szechuan Sauce fiasco, that'd be a pretty good topic to talk about. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

1. Niko, you need to get a life
2. God, I hate these types of fans. 'Kirito' is damn lucky I wasn't there to give him a piece of my mind or he'd be beaten to a bloody pulp. Just send these types of asshats to hell.
3. I've been in a sort of similar situation before. My advice would be to punch her in the teeth
4. Okay, WHAT THE FUDGE is up with this fudging creep. What he did to you was absolutely horrible and he even slandered your innocent husband. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that disgusting *rhymes-with-blunt* and put up with his s*** for so long. Glad to hear he got fired and restrained. The world needs more people like your awesome boss and sister for getting rid of that moron.

Oh, and #4 guy...you gave RRF your address, so I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND I'M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE TO PULL A CROWLEY EUSFORD ON YOU, MWAHAHAA - TwilightKitsune

I think I'll do a post like this too

About #3, what happened to the girl after that? - TwilightKitsune

Honestly, they just dragged her out and that's it. If she was under 18, (which I think she was) she probably would have had her parents come in. But I was just glad they kicked her out. - RoseRedFlower


And what about the #4 guy? I'll do the Crowley Eusford thing on him - TwilightKitsune

He lost the job, still lives with his mother probably (when I was working there, he still lived in his parents home even though he's almost thirty) and hasn't broken the restraining order. Plus I live on an island away from him. So I haven't heard or seen him in years. I don't even want to imagine what he's doing now. - RoseRedFlower