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1 Bathroom Scene - Dipper Goes To Taco Bell (Gravity Falls)

What? I would be laughing hysterically. - Catacorn

I laughed and was disgusted to be honest

2 Alphys Willingly Having Sex With The Amalgamates - Alphamalg (Undertale)
3 Giantess Toriel X Underaged Asriel - Giantess Toriel X Asriel (Undertale)
4 Torture Scene - Cupcakes (My Little Pony)

Poor Rainbow Dash

5 Alphys X Francis Smut - I See Alphys, I See Francis (Undertale)
6 Undyne Meets Sleeping Giantess Alphys - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)

In the words of Jontron: I DON'T LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING - xandermartin98

7 Alphys Being Violently Tortured To Death From The Inside - Giantess Alphys X Flowey: Vengeful Torment (Undertale)
8 Dr. Andonuts' Homosexuality Attacks! - Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
9 Snap and Loopin "Masticating" to Ebony's Naked Body - My Immortal (Harry Potter)
10 Harry Ripping Dobby's Stomach Open And Then Shoving The Poor Thing's Decapitated Head Inside - Thirty H's (Harry Potter)

Brutal as heck.

That's Just Wrong In So Many Ways


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11 Voldemort Reciting The Infamous Rapping Segment From Weird Al's "Hardware Store" - Thirty More H's (Harry Potter)

What the...

12 Asriel F***ing Toriel's Brain - Motherly F-ery (Undertale)
13 Parappa having sex with Lammy's brain - Giantess Lammy X Parappa (Parappa The Rapper)
14 "Invasion of Dr. Hutchison's brain via ear canal" sequence - Filburt's Postmodern Wife (Rocko's Modern Life)
15 No John, You Are The Demons...And Then John Was A Zombie - Repercussions Of Evil (DOOM)
16 Dumbledore Kicking A Planet In Half - Thirty H's (Harry Potter)

What? - Cyri

17 Ridley Gets Samus "Praegnent" - Metroid High School (Metroid)
18 The Brain Scenes - The Iron Mettagiant (Undertale)
19 Alphys/LemonBread Vore - Lemon Fed (Undertale)
20 Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way - My Immortal (Harry Potter)
21 Lucius Drinking A Smoothie Made Of Unborn Children And Animals - Thirty More H's (Harry Potter)
22 Gordon Freeman Frontflips Out Of The Sky - Full Life Consequences (Half Life)
23 Vampire Cavemen On Mars - Thirty H's (Harry Potter)
24 The Amalgamate - Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
25 The Desire Dog - Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
26 A Ghost Poots On Varik - Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
27 Reverse Pervert - Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
28 Tails Screams Like A Woman - Sonic.exe (Sonic The Hedgehog)
29 Tails' and Knuckles' Heads On Bloody Pikes - Sonic.exe (Sonic The Hedgehog)
30 I AM GOD - Sonic.exe (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Why too edgy...

WAY too edgy.

31 Jack Goes On A Hot Gay Date With The Doctor - Quote's Bad Hair Day (Cave Story)
32 Alphys' Modern Life - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
33 Undyne Squishes Her Toes Into The Wrinkly Spongy Surface Of Alphys' Brain - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
34 Undyne Goes Inside Alphys' Brain And Publicly Humiliates Her Against Her Will For Gratification And Amusement - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
35 Undyne Makes A Candle Out Of Alphys' Earwax - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
36 Undyne Recieves A Phone Call From Alphys While Literally Inside Of Her Ear Canal - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
37 Alphys and Undyne Worshipping Each Other's Feet In Public - Alphys' Adventures (Undertale)
38 Alphys Goes Suicidal - Lemon Fed (Undertale)
39 Undyne Worshipping Alphys' Brain - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
40 Undyne Worshipping Giantess Alphys' Feet, Sliding Down Their Saliva-Drenched Surfaces And Then Eating Her Toe Jam For Dessert - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
41 Undyne Uses Alphys' Brain To Download Over 30 Gigabytes Of P*rn Onto Her Laptop - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
42 Alphys Dancing To Mew Mee Kissy Cutie - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
43 The Password To Alphys' Brain Is Literally "mewmewkissycutie" - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
44 Alphys French-Kisses Francis From Super Paper Mario - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
45 The Doctor Forces Jack Into Worshipping His Feet - Quote's Bad Hair Day (Cave Story)
46 Quote Literally Twists Balrog's Tongue Right Off - Quote's Bad Hair Day (Cave Story)
47 Giant Mech Battle Between Jack and Mahin - Cavernous Storybook (Cave Story)
48 Undyne Picks Alphys' Earwax Off The Bottom Of Her Boot And Eats It - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
49 Undyne Crawls Inside Alphys' V***** And Sleeps In There - Alphys VS Undyne (Undertale)
50 Alphys Breastfeeding Snowdrake's Mother - An Alphamalg Sleepover (Undertale)
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1. Giantess Toriel X Underaged Asriel - Giantess Toriel X Asriel (Undertale)
2. Bathroom Scene - Dipper Goes To Taco Bell (Gravity Falls)
3. Alphys Willingly Having Sex With The Amalgamates - Alphamalg (Undertale)


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